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Between all the jumping pics and standing on high ledges in character, had a few friends recently ask me how many times I've actually been injured. I figured I'd use the Vitruvian man to help with the layout. Now to be fair, none of these happened while in costume..and this is only the top 10! 1. Broken hand/surgery. 2. Broken wrist. 3. Concussions two of em. 4. Bit part of my lower lip off, 16 stitches to reattach. 5. Broken fingers on left. 6. Torn tricep. 7. Broken ribs. 8. Herniated L4 disc in back. 9. Broken ankle on right. 10. Broke two toes on left. #deadpool #launchpadmcquack #healingfactor #leftcoastavenger #wadewilson #vitruvianmutant #injuries #top10 #brokenbones #cosplay

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