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↟ morning mood ↟
by @kassemhijazi 🌏 #folkgreen
Climate Tip: Buy locally grown and produced foods. The average meal in the United States travels 1,200 miles from the farm to your plate. Buying locally will save fuel and keep money in your community. 💚 globalwarming-facts.info
#climatechange #environment
#trångsund #stockholm #sweden

Sunset drives on the 🇫🇴 island of Vágar towards the tiny village Gásadalur. The village was actually only connected to the public infrastructure in 2004, after being reachable solely through a multiple-hour hike across the island for decades before.
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Portable home. ❤ Would you live like this? Follow: @globaloutdoorsurvivalclub
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By: @fursty @campchasers .

Northern Italy never fails to impress with all its mountain ranges and colorful lakes like these 🚣🏼
Glad I had my new backpack from @venque with me - always good to have some apparel prepared that works great on photos. #advertisement
Photo by @dannyemcgee 🤙🏼

I will be taking advantage of this winter's hostile nature to come down from this adventure, settle in, and digest the events that are thrusting me toward a new lifestyle. This summer had more singing, dancing, swimming, nudity, old friends, new friends, and overall joy than I can remember having in a long time. For every blind leap I've taken, someone or something has been there to catch me. I might be an old horse but I've still got a lot of rides left in me.


Griffith + plants ✨😍🌿


girl in a field, circa 1979

Why does being alone sting
like bees when you pull out their wings?
When does loneliness start to fade
into a more peaceful serenade?
What if I wasn't as strong as I pretend to be
could I still swim in my own vulnerability?
Who will I ultimately become
after the pain dissipates and turns numb?
How long will it take to seal my fate
in a vacuum bag with no expiry date?

forest rework series v3
🎧 : the yawning grave - lord huron

Such a beautiful spot 🌿🥂🌿


Reflections from the room.

Mixed emotions

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