Jarak antara kita



Things were easier when phone numbers didn’t need area codes. #nostalgia

The Less I Know the Better.

Beauty Within Chaos

"When in Kyoto"

Ooo that dirty water.

The most instagrammed lookout spot in Wanaka. 👌🏼

Hi guys! I will go back to Minneapolis soon, so DM me for more details and rates if you want an individual/couple/friends/family/collab photoshoot ✨


Don’t Nobody Wanna Deal With Bad Ass Kids...

Feeling nostalgic for hk junk days... :( and my post-Kohsa ‘15 tan 🛥🇭🇰

Sequoia sempervirens (coast redwood); thinking about framing this one up 🤷🏻‍♂️

New lens, new look. Not bad for $2.50

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