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Live for the moments you can't put into words 🌟🌟 📸: WHI's dannyrozenblit #WHIHeart #beachlife #besties

Foto oleh @cornelaanandaa 📷 @wildan_mushofa

Jangan lupa kalau dolan malem-malem bawa kemul yaa. Nek kademen yo kemulan 😄😄😄 Pinus Pengger, Dlingo, Bantul

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jeans or sweatpants? -@litputazs

The awesome power of nature is evident when a single descending trail of water flows over the course of what seems like a hundred waterfalls and cascades!
@marleesadventures_ sits perched at the top of one of the lower falls from the Cascades Walk at Macquarie Pass. Every waterfall we passed was present with such beauty that we had to stop and appreciate.
One of the group took his drone out to explore the area up ahead, and to our amazement, through realtime playback, a never ending course of waterfalls, cascades and waterholes could be seen, each being fed by it's predecessor.
Oh, Macquarie Pass, you still have a lot to be explored!
Location: Cascades Walk, Macquarie Pass National Park, NSW (Off Illawarra Highway)
Directions: Head towards Macquarie Pass National Park via Robertson or the east through Albion Park or Jamberoo and the carpark for the Cascades Walk can be found on the east side of the road near the foot of the ascent up Macquarie Pass. For people travelling down from the top via Robertson, the carpark will be on the left side soon after clearing the dense rainforest.
The walk itself starts with a 15 minute leisurely walk to Cascade Falls, at which point there is waterfall after waterfall and it is up to the hiker's discretion how high they wish to scramble up to discover endless waterfalls. The trails to the first three sectiona are generally well marked out.
Highlights: With access to Clover Hill, Jump Rock and the Cascade Falls tracks and more, Macquarie Pass NP is a no brainer for anyone looking for a pursuit of waterfalls!
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does anyone else have an unhealthy addiction to tv shows and can't be stopped?

Во времена популярности ̶Б̶р̶и̶т̶н̶и̶ ̶С̶п̶и̶р̶с̶ ̶ альтернативных рок-групп, я, вдруг, решила, что пирсинг как нельзя лучше выражает мой внутренний протест и проколола пупок. Во времена популярности вегетарианства, контент-планов для Инстаграм и пальто с кроссовками, я поняла, что проколотый пупок выражает лишь мою удаленность от МКАДа и вытащила серёжку. Теперь на моем животе ютится семья пупков, от которых ушёл отец. Грустно смотреть, ей-Богу. Кто-нибудь знает, как избавиться от ненужной дырки на теле? Имейте ввиду, она со мной около 15-ти лет.


Where am I, fam?

Happy #nationalwineday 🍷🍷🍷cause there's no better way to start the day than with a glass { or 2 😉 } of Chardonnay! Shop by today or tomorrow before we close for the three day holiday! #themonogrammerchant

as much as I love coffee, i'm always up for a cup of tea. especially if it's brewing for health like this @officialteh63 's Java Oolong here. 📷: @itwasivn

40.7k | i have way too many accounts and want a app to pre post with captions for me on a timer that i've already done so i don't have to worry about it 🤔😂

i am happy and sad and every emotion in between

💗 this shot of our #EclipseTasselCollar in the newest issue of @sstylemag ✨ Styling: @truchnguyen | cc @bananahales | #BIKOjewelry


Shoutout to Google Translate for overcoming language barriers #arigato

Skrrt, skrrt.

Grattis på födelsedagen min fina mamma! ❤️🎉 Nu blir det tårta och champagne för hela slanten! 🎂🍾 #birthday

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