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At the end of the day all things die. All things come to an end. No matter how hard you fight, death will always come for what is due him.
All you are left with is how you lived your life.
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Happy birthday to this striking gentleman who likes to refer to himself by the moniker @purewaterboy. He's a friend a go to guy and all round Mr nice guy. Happy birthday bro and enjoy the day.
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Happy new year everyone
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So it's easter Monday. In case you didn't know. Now all the people who decided to go back to their roots(and by that I mean All the people who went to kwahu and are not even from there) it's time to return. We didn't miss you much and we enjoyed the less traffic. Anyways for those of you who didn't go to their "roots" and want to enjoy the day here's a suggestion. Go to the beach. Now bear with me I know what you thinking. Accras beaches will be packed. Yes granted but why not go off the beaten track. Get out of accra. I know there are several beaches that are literally an hour or an hour and a half away that would most probably be deserted.
So take my advice go off the beaten track. I guarantee you won't regret it cos trust me there's nothing like the feeling of owning a whole beach to just yourself, friends and family.
I took this photo at pram pram Beach at the end of a day of just pure fun with loved ones. And yes with me being the only exception all the people on the beach that day are in the photo.
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Hi fellow photo enthusiasts I have a question. Ever tried shooting an animal and in your haste to find the perfect angle to shoot you make eye contact with your subject and it appears to be looking directly at you like "urrrmmmmm what's this fool doing? Yo fellas check out this dude right here!! Oh goodness humans. Bunch of photocrazy idiots. Anyways is this pose good for you?" Now none of this actually happened if it did then I actually discovered talking birds or the voices in my head were particularly loud. Either ways. It posed. I posed. I got the shot. We both left the scene unharmed.
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Now for this picture focus for a minute on the fella in the foreground. You know, Mr "Jackie Cant". Anyways by his form and stance, one could assume he's rubbish at the martial arts. And you would be wrong. He was not rubbish at all.... He was damn right atrocious. After watching him for a few mins I couldn't tell what art he was "practicing" or what freaking movie even influenced him.
In summery he is that guy who shows up does like a million moves and quickly gets shot for his troubles.
Now I know what you asking yourself. Why didn't I just focus on Jet L-i-cant-kick-for-damn? Well if I did that how would Chuck No-wrists get his movie poster out. SETTING SUN IDIOT KICKER!
Happy Friday guys. Lol 😂
Oh yes and forget the other guy. Photobombing guy evidently fears not the Van Can't - Kick - a - Dam. He's probably used to him.
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[• 📸 by @visualoctopi •]
The mind can sometimes be a place of endless possibilities or a prison in which your deepest darkest fears and thoughts hold you hostage in a place of your own making.
A place from which you have no escape for it is place most dear to you. A vast ocean of never ending torment and despair.
To the outside world all may seem well but in your deepest darkest moments when all your protection is stripped bare, there you lay drift to the tides and currents of the ocean.
A fate from which there is no escape + #ghana #akwaaba #trip

So sometime back. Am standing in a hotel lobby when this lil fella walks up to me and in his little voice asks me where the loo was. I pointed him down the steps. As I quietly observed like I always do, he stares down into the unknown for a few seconds and quickly makes a decision. (At the same time his father who had also been quietly watching from afar like fathers do quickly identified that junior needs help and quickly puts on his cape and arrives to the rescue)
Just when junior turns to call for help, daddy arrives. They hold hands and quickly descend down the stairs and disappear round the corner.
I took this photo not because the play of light and shadow seemed interesting. I took this photo because I noticed that junior didn't even use the railings on the side of the stairs. All the security and protection he needed was in daddy's grip. With this moment I say #happyfather'sday #visualoctopi #moments #fatherandson #details #daddylove #cute

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