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Just after @laurenhorne and I thought we saw a jellyfish and swam back to shore in a panic, but it was actually just my bandana 🤦🏽‍♀️ Shot by @jasebatey_ with my edit

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i love this drive

First time climbing a mountain and I have to say it was a challenge and an uplifting experience. There’s something about nature that really makes you feel connected to yourself. Side Note: DESTROYED these ASICS 😂

hey y’all 👋 I’m Molly /giwlo. Figured I’d casually introduce myself w some pics of me in front of the camera this time. Fun facts: my username is my last name backwards, I’m a writing major, I’m learning French, I’m from St. Louis but live now in New Orleans aaaand i can’t really see out of my right eye LOL

loved @houndstoothcoffee new location on east side, except they don’t have any plug ins to charge your laptop 😑 they must’ve done this on purpose. #coffeeshopvibes #coffeetable

Don't crash, don't crash, you're moving too fast now

Today’s mantra: change your thoughts, change your life. Spent my evening at a free outdoor yoga session at @thestationwpb with @happyhealthy.me 🙏🏻 it’s funny how only two years ago, I would never have believe you if you told me I’d be happy and thriving down here in #soflo - but I love life here more and more every day. I’m not sure when my mindset shifted, but a change in outlook really can change your life #yogaeverydamnday #ilovewpb

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