A Burning Mind

A slight adjustment here and there, and we're ready to go. // 📷: @nealsantos⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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Rain rain go away.....

Furniture is going in at the Guest House and we can’t wait to open up the reservation books so soon! The Guest House now has it’s own home @narberthguesthouse and we’d love it if you come follow us for a look back at renovation highlights and all the good things that are to come! 🗝🔨

today’s office 🌴✨ #workview #poolside #losangeles

another day, another doorway.

Squishy wishbone ya just wanna give him a squeeze!

Ares is the sweetest boy I have ever met ❤️

Alfie always misses the rain storms by minutes! He’s the luckiest of ducks....er I mean dogs 🐶

Jerry looking like the fresh prince of Philadelphia!

What’s one of your favorite ways to reduce stress? For us it’s getting outside for some fresh air ☀️ We can’t beat these views from the South Street Bridge, either! 🙌🏼🏙 Melissa is fortunate enough to walk past this every morning on her way to work from the train.

Just a few minutes outside can instantly boost your mood and productivity. We see a huge difference on the days we step away from our desk vs the days we don’t. It’s important to remember that mental and physical health go hand in hand, so on this #wellnesswednesday we encourage you to get outside or do the things that make you the happiest!

EXCITED FOR THIS 🔥 Tune in to GLORYSOUND via @instawaxx (waxx.fm) @ 8pm tonight. All grooves provided by @deejaysylo & yours truly. Let us show you the #Spectrum 👀. #MatthewLaw #DJSYLO

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