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http://www.wbaltv.com/article/11-tv-hill-celebrates-maryland-black-women-who-made-history/8952234 #HarrietTubman #VisitorCenter #interview

Opening tomorrow of the #pearlingpath #exhibition at the #nationalmuseumbahrain at 8:30 pm. In front #valerioolgiati design for the #visitorcenter.

And then there were 9 🍷A great first day @jacobscreekwine #visitorcenter Thank you for the warm welcome, amazing wine and food pairing and delicious #ourtable lunch 👌🏻

My first day of volunteering for the California State Parks...a fun way to help educate myself and other folks about the incredible beauty of Marin County. Not a bad perch up on Tam's East Peak! #volunteeringissexy #mttamalpais #eastpeak #visitorcenter

Amazing place, amazing people, amazing mission.
It was good to be back and see many dear friends and important people :)
#templesquare #visitorcenter #lds #goodvibes


Wrightsville Elementary School 4th graders learn about the history and environment of the Susquehanna River with National Park Service Ranger Josh Montanari at the Zimmerman Center, our visitor contact station for the Captain John Smith Chesapeake National. Historic Trail #FindYourChesapeake

We planted these Ohia Trees as part of our reforestation program to help protect our watersheds, especially on the farm because of our high elevation where we have more rainfall. Our Ohia Trees are now over 20 feet tall & it’s gorgeous to see the Lehua flowers in bloom with our Kona Coffee trees!
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Have you visited our Catskill Interpretive Center in Mount Tremper? It's the visitor center for the Catskill Park and open daily from 9:30 to 4:30!
#catskillmountains #catskillpark #catskills #visitorcenter #tourismservices #mdhcic #iloveny #catskilltourism #catskillcenter

Our bird feeders have been emptied and put away from the season to keep the bears away. Did you take yours down? Learn more about bears in the Catskills at our Black Bear presentation on June 15 at 7pm at the CIC!
#tourism #interpretivecenter #visitorcenter #mdhcic #catskillcenter #catskills #catskillpark #bears #blackbears @catskillforest

I think it's time to share something really special for me. Remember guys when I shared some @wemyssmalts whiskies ? I bought them from the shop of a new distillery, named 👑 KINGSBARNS 👑 .
First time I heard about KINGSBARNS it was after reading an article online about the boom of new distilleries in Scotland. I went on every websites looking on what's next in the whisky market ! And then I found them ! .
The story behind this new distillery was so interesting: Douglas Clement, caddie at the golf nearby an old and neglected barn in the Fife County had the idea to transform this ruin into a distillery. Hearing golfers always saying that there weren't enough whisky in the area (is there any place on earth with too much whiskies ?🤔😂) was an helpful reminder !
But ideas without money are quite useless. Hopefully the Wemyss family came by and said "that's the occasion we were looking for to secure our interest in Scotch whisky ! Here's some money !" (it was probably a bit more professional than that! 😇). But this wasn't only about the money, it was also about trust ! Making whisky is a long shot and having a Scottish family like the Wemyss by your side is a chance to grow and take time to make good whisky ! .
But the money came also by another way ! And here's why I'm so dedicated to this young distillery. They were looking for new "investors" to put some money in order to produce first batches, in exchange, these founders will receive once a year for 5 years a bottle of their first Whisky + a welcome kit with a bottle of the new spirit. And I am proudly one of them. A member of the Kingsbarns Founders Club. .
There's still places in the founders club so go check their website or instagram @kingsbarns_distillery if you're interested ! The "investment" worth it for me as I truly believe in this (re)new era of Scotch single malt ! The proof is that every distilleries I visited for now are expending and only in Fife County three distilleries are opening !

So, come on, join me, join us and let's enjoy what Scotland make the best: Whisky ! (also Haggis and kindness are pretty good here)
Thanks for your attention and Sláinte

Fargo ND visitor center. They're super into the Fargo movie #fargo #northdakota #visitorcenter

Here are some apparently normal pictures of a distillery ! But don't be fooled ! This was our quite unique chance to get photos so close of the distilling process ! .
In fact, quite all the distilleries here in Scotland don't allow us to take pictures in the millroom, the mash tun and washbacks or the stillroom ! The reason is for safety ! Apparently there is some risks of explosion 💥 with the spark of a flash or with the ring tone of a cellphone !
Even if the probability of an accident is 1:1000000000 I think 😅. Safety first ! .
So, enjoy these pictures of stills at work and the spirit safe, splitting the low wines, the head and the tails from the good new make spirit ! and thank @glenfarclasdistillery for that ! .
#WITL #whiskyisthelimit #whisky #glenfarclas #distillery #whiskytour #visitorcenter #Scotch #Scotland # familycask #stills #spiritsafe #Highlands #speyside #millroom #mashtun

Hey @joshuatreenps , your #visitorcenter to this place explained to me that the #mormons decided that the trees looked like "Joshua" from the #bible . It also challenged me with the question, "So what do they look like to you?" Here is my answer to them:
In #joshuatree it's like something out of #drsuess .
Where the #joshuatrees grow #ontheloose .

In the photo there
are the ones for whom I care
To have #adventures #insuchplaces !

A big #shoutout to the #troops :

L to R @michaelwilt @omgvinita @heidibuech @seymourmundi
#❤️💛💚💙💜 you guys !

And that's what it #looksliketome

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