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It's a great day for a farm tour! We're on an agritourism tour of Western North Carolina. #VisitNCFarms #ncana #ncagritourism

Behind the scenes at @wlos_13 for a morning segment. #ncwine @stradaasheville and @avlwinefoodfest #avl #828isgreat #visitNCfarms

Friday #VisitNCFarms Roundup! From @hickorynutgap on a super rainy day to @old_suthern_soul_farm for a big chat about the benefits of welcoming visitors and how to get started to @applehillfarmnc just in time for the 2 pm fiber and farm animal tour to @steppshillcrestorchard in the heart of Hendersonville and apple country to assisting farmers with their marketing needs @ncfarmschool to outreach with a booth at the Mountain State Fair, what a whirlwind western North Carolina tour! Thanks farmers and for all who support farmers!!

We are having fun at the NC Watermelon Convention! What a great job our 2016-2017 NC Watermelon Queen has done this year! #ncwatermelon #supportlocalfarmers #visitncfarms

Thanks to NCDA and the Tobacco Trust Fund we finally got a sign that isn't hand written on an old piece of fence! #ncda #visitncfarms #englishfarmsteadcheese

Breakfast with Santa begins today. Sold out for this morning, but two more dates are available at www.raisedinabarnfarm.com. #makememories #riabf #visitncfarms #followmetothefarm

A @cltfromclt sunflower shot.🌻 Procut Bicolor. I have seeds available at Renfrow Hardware if you want to grow some yourself - these are especially perfect sown in July and August for autumn blooms!β €


Fun visit with Lily @linvillefallswinery. Enjoy visiting and #winetasting #ncwines.

Hint of #fall colors to come in #avl Come visit us this weekend and enjoy #ncwine.

#VisitNCFarms Friday Sunrise to Sunset Round Up! From Moore to Polk Counties this week, met with farmers and friends of farms, spreading the good news about the benefits of Agritourism. It's about having specific business goals and knowing your audience. The results? Welcoming visitors to the farm adds new revenue streams for the farm, sustains and creates new jobs, and contributes to the economic vitality, resilience and sustainability of rural communities. Shout out to Laura Younts and Monica Bigford of Flint Rock Farm in Cameron/Moore County. Special thanks to Dawn Jordan of Ag Economic Development in Mill Spring/Polk County for the invitation to speak. #sunrise #sunset #gottobenc #ncagriculture

Morning fog slowly lifting over the #vineyard #ncwine #avl #828isgreat #visitNCfarms #gottobenc

This fiery plumed celosia is one of my favorites this year. I can't even remember if I planted it or if this was a "volunteer" - I have sooo many great celosia volunteers, though most are pink or green. πŸ“·:@amarisphoto β €

Head over to @sobesavvy for details how to win a #FamilyFun day at @hubbscornmaze ~ Celebrating #10yearsofhubbs
#SobeSavvyGiveaway πŸ†•
Good Luck ! 🌾πŸ‘ͺ🌽
#visitNCfarms #cornmaze #fallfestival #familytime #fun #funforall #fallfun #hubbsfarm

The only nice bit about equipment issues: a moment to enjoy the #view #ncwine #visitNCfarms #gottobenc #avl #828isgreat

Field repair when the filter takes a direct hit. #farmlife #ncwine #avl #visitNCfarms #gottobenc #828isgreat

#vitalita our first #sangiovese only #ncwine Label approval came in tonight at 2200! #avl #828isgreat #gottobenc #visitNCfarms #drinklocal

100% Renfrow Farms flowers beautifully captured by @amarisphoto. βœ¨πŸ’•πŸ’
I love seeing photographers' interpretations of my floral designs. I love the new perspectives that come from fresh eyes!

Autumn is an ideal time to start a wildlflower meadow and broadcast our Southeastern wildflower seed mix in a "natural area" in your backyard. In nature, wildflowers drop seeds at the end of their season. These seeds either germinate in the fall and are small, cold-hardy plants that grow and bloom in late spring and early summer, or the seeds sit in the ground all winter before germinating in springtime when the ground warms to their ideal temperature. Sowing seeds in the autumn mimics these natural conditions better than a spring sowing!
Prepare a nice seedbed with loosely cultivated soil and minimal leaves/debris so that your seeds have great soil contact. Broadcast your mixture (or plant rows, if desired) so that seeds fall a couple inches apart. β €

In addition to the Southeastern Native Mixture, we have mixes for cut flowers, partial shade, beneficial insects, and more at #RenfrowHardware.β €πŸŒ±πŸŒΌπŸŒΈ

Mum season is coming! I bought new cuttings this year but anticipated that last year's plants would winter over pretty well...well, for some reason they didn't (too much neglect?!) and I have only a few plants that are the same from last year! Whoops! β €

So I can hardly wait to see this new batch in full bloom. Does anyone have tips on how to overwinter these heirloom mums in the field more successfully? I found that my single varieties shared with me by a friend multiplied rigorously, but the fun ones like these didn't fare so well..β €

What do you do when the can house roof leaks? You replace the #rooftop Just another part of #farmlife in #avl #ncwine #gottobenc #visitNCfarms #828isgreat

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