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I've been a bit preoccupied with the unglamorous tasks of moving house. Just taking a break to say hi here on Instagram and thinking about the happier times of wandering around the city in the rain....

What's your favourite castle? Edinburgh Castle? Windsor? Tower of London? Let me know below! Well, how about I tickle your fancy with the 700-year old Dunstanburgh Castle, as expertly photographed by @cleeve_04_ this very morning! Doesn't get fresher than that.
Built on the most magnificent scale, Dunstanburgh Castle stands on a remote headland in Northumberland, which is the most northern county in England. In fact, if you keep going north and you'll be in Scotland playing bagpipes. That's why Hadrian's Wall was built there, to keep the blighters out. In actual fact, the Romans never successfully conquered Scotland, so they just thought - sod it, we're not going up there! Build a wall, put the kettle on and we'll make the buggers come to us.

Anyway, this castle was built at a time when relations between King Edward II and his most powerful baron, Earl Thomas of Lancaster, had become openly hostile.

Lancaster began the fortress in 1313AD, and the latest archaeological research indicates that he built it on a far grander scale than was originally recognised, perhaps more as a symbol of his opposition to the King than as a military stronghold.

Views of the castle across the sweep of the coastline to the north and south are stunning, a fact that painter JMW Turner certainly appreciated, as the famed landscape artist painted Dunstanburgh on several occasions. And what beauty, with those sheer cliffs on the seaward side and crumbling, ruinous towers creating ragged silhouettes on the skyline. Its a stunning location, with the sound of the waves and seabirds calling creating an atmospheric background noise. The occasional wailing of a photographer* as they drop their expensive camera filters in the water also adds to the rich sound tapestry (*me)
Fancy a visit? Let me know - I'm putting together a itinerary of Northern England places to visit... I can fit three in my Mini and I'll provide a complimentary bag of fish and chips with every tour! Lovely shot from this morning, expertly taken by @cleeve_04_ 🇬🇧 Want your Photos of Britain to be featured? Follow us and tag us in the picture too! We feature the very best of England, Scotland, Wales

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend 💕

[NEW POST] New on the A Lady in London blog: how to spend a day in England's most beautiful under-the-radar city. Link in my profile, @aladyinlondon 💙

Seven geese a-strolling...There are many reasons for being late in the countryside: stuck behind a tractor, sandwiched between a herd of cows crossing from one field to the next or, like this morning, just waiting for geese to waddle on by. And they were taking their time too.

🚂 В прокат вышел прекрасный фильм про Королеву Великобритании,Ирландии,а позже и императрицу Индии....Викторию...восхищаюсь величием женщин того времени😍💎
Сегодня поезд....и моя романтичная душа откликается на каждую картинку за окном,на стук колёс и на каждого человека в вагоне 🤗
Я чувствую себя полноценно довольной всем происходящим в жизни и уверенно назову сложные ситуации прошлого-одними из самых интересных уроков,что привели меня туда,где я есть сегодня....✍🏻
Да здравствуют Выходные!🐾 🚂 Wonderful movie about the Queen of Great Britain, Ireland, and later the Empress of India was released ... Victoria ... I admire the greatness of women of that time😍💎
Today I am in the train .... and my romantic soul responds to every picture outside the window, to the knock of the wheels and to every person in the car 🤗
I feel fully content with everything happening in life and confidently call the difficult situations of the past, one of the most interesting lessons that led me to where I am today .... ✍🏻
Long live the Weekend! 🐾

A classic #falmouth scene and one that I’ve shot tons of times before, mostly at sunrise or during the day! This is just after sunset, with the boats staying just still enough for an 8 second exposure! I think this might just be my new favourite!? #cornwall

Pembroke College is looking mighty fine this Autumn! Never tired of this facade!!
First day of the season and it was lovely and warm. Maybe Autumn is trying to hold off a bit 😊
A sleepover kind of weekend. Three teens and making sure the 8-years-old doesn't try to join in on everything. Taking the girlies to Cambridge, a taco 🌮 dinner and who knows what else. Then hopefully a slow Sunday.
What are your weekend plans?
#cambridge #cambridgeuniversity #iamatraveler #guardiantravelsnaps #bbctravel #living_europe #theprettycities #lovegreatbritain

Sunset from the top of Cat Bells, Keswick by @jay.mayne // There are 214 fells (hills and mountains) described in A. Wainwright's seven-volume Pictorial Guide to the Lakeland Fells (1955–66)... and Cat Bells is an excellent way to get your first taste of what's to come! Have you been? // Want to be featured...simply follow us and tag us in your photos - we'll feature the very best! 🍁🍂🍁


"I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand. It's when you know you're licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and see it through no matter what."
- Atticus Finch

To me, Stow-on-the-wold seemed the quintessential English village (right down to the name). Whether or not this is really true, it was sure photogenic. #cotswolds #stowonthewold #visitcotswolds #visitengland #visitbritain #visitgreatbritain #loveengland #lovegreatbritain #greatbritain #uk #village #architecturephotography

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