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Couldn't think of a perfect enough caption for this place..

Салям 👋🏽
Если среди вас есть трезвенники и язвенники, то проходите мимо этот пост будет вам мало полезен.🙅🏼‍♀️
А те к то на отдыхе любят расслабиться пригубив вкусный коктейль 🍹должны знать, что в Египте алкоголь ну мягко говоря так себе.🤢 Нет, конечно когда прижимает мы и его пьём 😂Но все же, лучше заглянуть в дьюти фри.

Несколькими такими яркими и дурманящими мозг 🧠торговыми местами может похвалиться и египетский город Хургада.☀️ Да-да, именно несколько дьютиков смогут одновременно порадовать вас. 🍾
Они находятся:
✅ в торговом центре Сензо
✅на прогулочной улице Мамша
✅ и на улице Шератон

В течении двух ⏰суток вы можете смело зайти и прикупить бутылочку,🍾 другую , прихватив с собой паспорт.
Что касаемо цен, то моя рекомендация , пока вы летите через Турцию приобрести продукцию именно там. Стоит признать, что цены Турецкого дьюти-фри и Хургадинского значительно отличаются и тут не в пользу Хургады.

Но помните алкоголь вредит вашему здоровью, но безусловно поднимает настроение. 🤪Сказала Оля откупорив бутылочку мартини, ну что отличное начало дня чего и вам желаю.😘

P.s Кстати в субботу мы идём в Карибиан бар и я вам покажу живой 💃🏼 концерт. Кто ждёт?

Have you visited the many hidden beauties in Sharm el Sheikh?
The #RoyalSavoyHotel is just one of them. The hotel is a truly serene location with magnificent views of the Red Sea. The hotel offers luxury accommodation, fine dining, a beautiful beach with water activities that will keep you busy for days 🇪🇬😎🏝🚤🏊🏄🎣
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If you want a taste of the good old days, take a Hantoor ride!

Some ancient methods of transportation are still being used in Egypt 🇪🇬The Hantoor rides or Horse 🐴 & Carriage rides 🎠 can be seen making their way down modern streets in Egypt, particularly in places like Luxor & Aswan. The Hantoor is fully decorated with colored threads as they transport their customers 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 from one part of the city to another, or take foreign visitors 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 on a tour of the cities 🏙 most famous sights.

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Scarab Pectoral necklace of Titankhamum!

#Egypt #KingTut #visitEgypt

Let's hang out.... Stanley bridge in Alexandria was the first bridge in Egypt 🇪🇬 to be officially constructed into the sea 🌊 This 400m long architectural marvel is one of the favourite hang out spots in the city 🌃
If you decide to walk 🚶🏻along the corniche, you will see old men 👨🏽 playing backgammon & youngsters 👱🏼 enjoying the night 🌒 skyline 🌃 from the nearby café ☕️ You can see the harbour 🛥 & Stanley Beach 🏖 down below The best time to visit is on a summer ☀️ evening. In summer ☀️ the sky is clear and the sunset is more inspiring than ever. A perfect point to take great pictures 📸 of the Alexandrian seafront.

Visit Alexandria with us and walk the famous bridge!

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Karnak is an ancient Egyptian temple precinct located on the east bank of the Nile River in Thebes (modern-day Luxor). ▫
It covers more than 100 hectares, an area larger than some ancient cities.
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Did you know.... The bandages of just one mummy, unwrapped, run as long as 1.6 km! 😳

Mummification was a complicated and lengthy process which lasted up to 70 days.
The priest in charge would wear the mask of a jackal 🐺representing the god Anubis:

The body was firstly washed and purified. Then the organs were removed. Only the heart ❤️ remained. Following the Embalming process the body was placed in a stone coffin ⚰️ called a sarcophagus.
The mummy was now ready for its journey to the afterlife.

#Egypt #Mummy #Afterlife #Purification #InsideEgypt #VisitEgypt

There's nothing nicer than freshly caught fish 🐟🐡 or seafood 🦐🦀🦑 Part of the enjoyment is to go to the fish 🐟 market & select your own!
Fish markets can be found all over Egypt 🇪🇬 as the country borders both the Mediterranean & Red Sea 🌊 You will smell the fish 🐟 before you see it. At a fish market you see all varieties of fish 🐟 and shrimps 🦐 Some fish mongers sell clean and filleted fish while others offer the catch as it is 😁

#Egypt #FishMarket #Alexandria #InsideEgypt #VisitEgypt

This is Holiness. The story of devotion.... Mount Sinai is both the name of a collection of peaks 🌄 sometimes referred to as the Holy Mountains and the biblical 🙏🏼 name of the peak on which Moses received The Ten Commandments.
This peak has religious significance to Islam 🕌 as the place where Mohammad's horse 🐴 called Al-Boraq, ascended to heaven. The 7,497 foot mountain has 3,750 steps hewn out of stone by the monks of St. Catherine's Monastery
St Catherine’s Monastery is believed to enshrine the burning 🔥 bush 🍃 from which God first revealed himself to Moses. The Lord spoke to Moses in this place, saying 'I am the God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob, I am who I am'. St Catherine’s, an Orthodox establishment, is one of the oldest Christian ⛪️monasteries in the world 🌎 and has been the centre of monastic life the southern Sinai.

#Egypt #Religion #History #Sinai #VisitEgypt #InsideEgypt

A natural aquarium... Known as Bahr al-Ahmar in Arabic, the Red Sea 🌊 has impressed travellers 💼for years with its amazing marine environment, which is home to colourful corals and rich marine life 🐠🦑🐡🐬🐙🐢🦈🦀 and is surrounded by beautiful beaches 🏖 and shady palms 🌴

The Red Sea is one of the saltiest seas you will find and it provides recreational facilities e.g. Diving, snorkelling & swimming 🏊 and supports an essential fishing 🎣 industry for both Egyptians 🇪🇬 and tourists 👙

For ship 🚢 captains, the Red Sea 🌊 is known for its violent storms 🌪 as well as reefs and submerged islands, which can make it treacherous to navigate.
But is it really red?
No, the sea 🌊 becomes filled with blooms 💐 of cyanobacteria algae, called trichodesmium erythraeum, which, when it dies, turns the usually blue-green water 💦 reddish-brown.
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When in #Egypt cruising the #Nile one must dress for the occasion 👌🏾 channeling #Isis (goddess of creation; fertility and motherhood who resurrected her husband god #Osiris (The Lord of Love, King of the Living, and Eternal Lord, Lord of the Underworld/Judge of the dead) after his brother Set murdered him. Not even death could keep them apart #eternallove 🖤 #tbt #FancyfiedCertified 🙌🏾

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