TGIF—It’s going to be a beautiful day! Why not hop on one of our complimentary bikes and check out the Avila Beach Farmers Market from 4-8!?

You’ve never experienced a #kayakingadventure like this before! #avilabeach

Maybe it’s the heat getting to me. Maybe it’s the waning crescent moon. But either way, I’m in a complete state of gratitude and that gets me a litttttle emotional. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ •
My journey of being a photographer didn’t come with a silver spoon. I have spent a gazillion hours trying to get to where I am today. I have had to start over completely from scratch after I had already tasted a small slice of success. I have cried gallons of tears and I’ve totally thought about giving up. But thanks to my amazing tribe who would remind me of my WHY. Including my supportive loving husband, my life mentor✨ @thepilatesmama, my talented networking girlfriends @asiacrosonphotography @bellizzimobeauty @myhealthyca @slotownstudios @taylorreaphotography and my bestest friend @aimeemulliner who crushes goals ON THE DAILY like I Love Lucy crushed grapes(you know the episode)🤣

It didn’t happen overnight. But I persevered. I put in the work. And I never threw in the towel. And the number one most important thing...I BELIEVED IN MYSELF! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Every time I’m in studio, I thank God. Every time I deliver images like this one here, I thank God. And every time my client gushes about my services, I thank God. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ •
This is living my best life. ✨

Happy Independence Day! We hope you all have a fun and safe holiday! | 📷 credit @luketyreephotography

Enjoy this lovely picture of these carnitas tacos from Taco Shack that I had while sitting on our patio at @avilalighthouse. These were so delicious and as you can tell they didn't skimp out on the ingredients.
I'm way too busy packing up for our trip that we will be leaving for in about a couple of hours 😯. Excited to be spending some quality time with our big girl. I hope you all have a fantastic Holiday 🇺🇲

family beach day with my sisters, mama, and our gang of kids and I’m more exhausted today than traveling around Europe with a baby 😆 #familycampingtrip

You guys know I'm a huge fan of Farmer's Markets. And ones by the ocean are even better! Avila Beach has a Friday night Farmer's Market and it's the best ever. Food vendors, fresh fruits and veggies, craft and retail vendors, and live music. (Feel free to take a look at my saved stories under Avila Beach Vacay) .
I took this photo of a vendor who seriously had the best spot at the Market. On the pier deck, away from the crowd, and beautiful blue background. Yes, we did end up buying trinkets for the kiddos from this vendor. Although I'm missing being at Avila, I'm excited for a fun weekend ahead! Have the best Friday friends ❤️

I love a good wrap. If I could choose between having a wrap or a sandwich, I'm one of the crazies that would choose a wrap. Yep, blasphemous, I know. Anyway, I especially love wraps that has seared ahi tuna in it like @kravabowl in Avila Beach has on their menu. This was soooo tasty and fresh with avocado, cucumbers, tomatoes, and greens all packed in with the ahi. The sweet potato fries were the perfect side. Hope you're all having a lovely Thursday ❤️

Avila Beach California. On April 30, 1908, President Teddy Roosevelt sent the navy’s “Great White Fleet” on a worldwide diplomatic mission of peace. They anchored off the coast of Avila Beach on route to San Francisco from San Diego. Thousands of locals converged on Avila Beach causing schools and businesses to close up and down the central coast. #avilabeach #greatwhitefleet #slohistory #slo #avila #visitavilabeach #sanluisobispo #portsanluis #portharford

For anyone who knows me well, they know I hate going into open water! It creeps me the eff out! If I can't see what's in the water I am not going in! I mean have you seen Blue Planet?!!
However, as you see here in this picture, it looks like I'm jumping for joy. And guess what? I really am. It's been so long since I've gone that far into the ocean. No joke.
Yet, my big girl wanted her momma to go into the water with her. So, I grabbed her outstretched arms and bravely walked in. That sly little lady with a huge smile on her face, full of laughter and excitement, inched me further and further out into the water. And what do you know? There I was, one hand holding on to my daughter's hand, and the other raised high above my head as we were jumping the waves! For a full half hour (hey, it's a start), my big girl helped me let go of that fear for a bit and just be in the moment with her at one of her most favorite places to be. The ocean. ❤️

Happy morning lovelies! One of the many things I love about Summer are the abundance of cherries. I'm not particular to any kind because they are all so yummy to me. Any of you have a particular type you enjoy? Needless to say when I saw this stand at Avila Valley Barn I was super ecstatic. I hope you all have a sweeeeeet Tuesday ❤️🍒

It's no lie that the first day back at work after vacation is THE WORST. [However, I am thankful to have a job that provides me with the opportunity to go on vacation] It doesn't help that I didn't get much sleep last night either. So, to help with my vacation withdrawals I'll be posting pictures from our trip for the week. This one seems the most appropriate for this morning. Hope your Monday is off to an energizing (or at least getting there) start ❤️
Avila Valley Barn is the cutest spot with a market, ice cream and candy shop, corn stand, and the cutest goats and baby goats (that you can feed) ever all on site!! If you ever get to Avila make sure to stop by!

Its official Summer, what better place than to be at #avilabeach #summertime #beachdays #froyo #visitavilabeach #centralcoast

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