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Aujourd’hui on veut vous partager une photo, car elle nous a particulièrement plu
On se retrouve cette fois ci à Venise en Italie vu sur les bateaux ——- Quelle est votre dernière destination. Dite le nous dans les commentaires 😉 ✈️🌎
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Hi friends! I wanted to pop on here for a little Friday introductions! So here are some things you might not know about me! 1️⃣ Along with being a photographer I am a painter! I specialize in abstract fluid paintings and you can check out my work over at @theschmidtsstudio! 2️⃣ One of my favorite ways to relax is curling up on my couch with some good ol’ chick lit, the cheesier the better! 3️⃣ Living in Arizona I pretty much only drink iced coffee, I don’t even remember the last time I had hot coffee. The era of cold brew is a wonderful thing. 4️⃣ This photo was taken at park Güell in Barcelona! I am pretty much obsessed with Europe and dream of having a summer home in Italy someday! Jump in the comments and introduce yourself and tell me your favorite place you have traveled to! Happy Friday!! 💕✨🌿


Who loves a nice beach day?
We have had a very long heatwave in the UK this year no rain where I live for 3 weeks with temperatures averaging 25-30 degrees it been pretty bliss. I much prefer this time of year it doesn't get dark until 9:30pm so much more time in the day. It not just that the vibe is so much better in the summer when I go to London covent garden and see people sitting outside having a great time it is lovely to see. *-----------*
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This castle looks like Disney! 😍
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