Sometimes you gotta pick 2 cards ✨✨✨ #denver we have received so many responses to participate in our sessions! we will surely come back! Thank you all for the magic 💞 #astrotattoosessions #astrology #handpoke #magic #intuition #visionscrystaloracledeck

The thing about the desert is that it holds the memory of the Ocean. The thing about water is that it never forgets. 🌊🏜 💎

No matter when we exist throughout history, all living beings seek shelter and safety. While Aries (the 1st Cardinal sign) is out hunting, fearlessly gathering food, Cancer is creating our home, stoking the hearth fire so that we can all be nourished by togetherness under the same roof. It knows that if we don’t have each other, we will not survive.
In 2018, we may not be setting up home in a cave on the side of a rock, but our needs are no different to those of our ancestors. As social creatures, we all seek to belong, to be nourished, to protect and be protected.
This eclipse on July 12th activates our basic instincts, & in this there is increased potential for projection. There can be the desire to cut coldly that which has rejected us, threatened our survival and undermined our need to belong. The challenge is to sit in any uncomfortableness without reaction or retaliation.
When we say things are cool but they’re eating away at our very need to belong, we undermine ourselves and gaslight those we actually care about. ...read the full Crystalscope on the website: www.druish.com ⛓bio.
All photos 📸 :Navajo Nation Monument Valley, Canyonlands NP & Utah Rock House - #thatlibraneye 📸 @jfancydesigns .
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DENVER 💕✨ now booking! Jul 15-20th email astrotattooinfo@gmail for booking ✨✨ this sweet client from our #bayarea sessions was so kind and generous, we are so fortunate to be able to do this work! 💕💕 #magic #denver #astrotattoo #astrology #handpoke #astrotattoosessions #visionscrystaloracledeck

🌹SF🌹 you were an absolute DREAM! Until next time magical babes ✨ #pdx we’re back for a VERY short few days. Enquire to book! astrotattooinfo@gmail AALLLSSSOOOOO #utah and #denver we’re looking in your direction....❤️ #magic #handpoke #astrology #astrotattoosessions #visionscrystaloracledeck

✨🌑✨ #pinktourmaline you are the mirror we’ve been needing! If you are always trying to fix other peoples’ lives instead of looking at your own reflection, it’s a lose lose kinda sitch. The #message is clear, stay in your own lane so you are better able to assist others in times of need. Acknowledge the hard work that comes with healing our ❤️ Sending extra love to the oceans and all its creatures .. made this print a few days ago, thanks to another orca dream..✨🌊 #nopipelines #stopkindermorgan #orca #magic #crystals #newmoon #geminiseason #visionscrystaloracledeck

A sweet #rosequartz message for a sweet client 💖 alsoooo can you guess where we’re headed too next...?! 🌁🏹🔮🌉 #staytuned #magic #handpoke #astrology #visionscrystaloracledeck

Inner compass guiding gives way to trusting your intuition. ✨✨✨ #magic #intuition #astrotattoosessions #astrology #handpoke #visionscrystaloracledeck

#pdx you are always so good to us! Thanks for sharing in the magic ✨🔮✨ MORE DATES coming soon!! #astrotattoosessions #magic #astrology #intuition #handpoke #visionscrystaloracledeck

today has been a struggle for me as old fears bubble to the surface. the words that usually come easily are falling flat and heavy. drafts and plans that felt so exhilarating just days ago feel like an intolerable vulnerability. are these fears mine? or did someone teach them to me? ☀️
fear is a feeling that keeps us small. it gets passed on genetically and socially, through words, actions, and thought. it can take on a life of its own, keeping you bound to people, places, and things that are not yours to take on. this is a primary function of guilt - to handcuff you to old belief systems that no longer serve. to people that can’t comprehend your light.
I have to forgive myself for all the things I have done out of guilt, out of selfishness, out of self-loathing, out of greed, out of love, out of being. we are all explorers, learning to navigate the minefield that is embodiment. I know my truth, I know my power. I also know my tenderness, my sensitivity. it’s okay to feel afraid. it’s just a feeling after all. my invitation is to transform those feelings into empowered action. someone else might have taught me the fear, but it is up to me to learn to nurture myself through it, to gird and embolden my spirit, and turn it all into gold.
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thank you Victoria! This sweet gem and tigers eye for grounding🌱 #pdx is sold out ❤️ #chicago!! We’ve still got some spots for you, email us to book ✨ astrotattooinfo@gmail #magic #astrotattoosessions #astrology #handpoke #visionscrystaloracledeck

It was an honor and privilege to do a queer elder’s first tattoo through our #astrotattoosessions ✨🔮✨ life is all sorts of things and we are humbled by all of our experiences with this process..This one particularly touched us, may we all turn 72 with such bad ass, magical vibes 💖 #queerelders #astrology #handpoke #magic #intuition #liveyourtruth #visionscrystaloracledeck

💎 Everyone who participates in our #astrotattoosessions can pull a card from this amazing deck - #visionscrystaloracledeck - that Jessika created with her very own hands & deeply intuitive abilities. 🔮
Most of the time, the card sums up what the astrology reading was about - showing again & again that this deck is a straight arrow 🎯, created with integrity & clear vision! @jfancydesigns .
What card did you pull today?!
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last week I officially SOLD OUT of the first printing of my crystal oracle deck!
I am so grateful for everyone’s love and support surrounding my #visionscrystaloracledeck 🖤🖤🖤🖤
This project took me 2 years to complete and I never dreamed of it reaching as many people as it did, let alone the beautiful stories and connections people have shared with me. My love of crystals started at a very young age thanks to my mother, and my fascination continued from there. These were self published and locally printed in #sf 🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮
I’m currently looking for another printer and a lot of work lays ahead of me with this task! Thanks again to all who have and continue to support my work🌹✨ special thanks to @dru.ish for lovingly reminding me (on a few occasions now) of the importance or reprinting my deck, no matter the blocks that may or may not be present..😉💗
#magic #crystals #oracle #queermagic #oracledeck

Not many words or coming to me lately but just wanting to share that #chrysoprase is here to remind you that one of the only things that can heal this grief is time 💔 Some days will be unbearable and other days laughter will find its way into your heart again. It takes so much courage and patience to go through all the layers and motion of heartache.
If you are feeling the heavyness of Pisces season, just know that you are not alone. There is no map or timeline for healing and all you can do is your best. Sending extra 💚✨💚 to anyone who needs it right now. #magic #youwillbemissed #youareloved #visionscrystaloracledeck

Snapshots of a tarot reading.

SO PROUD OF YOU!!! There are only THREE #visionscrystaloracledeck left!
It’s no surprise that this deck is a 🎯straight arrow🎯 because that’s exactly how @jfancydesigns lives her life! 💘
Trusting in the person you love & work with is not something I take for granted. Ever. I watch her process, am continually blown away by where her art comes from & respect her fierceness on the daily. #luckyme
If you’ve been holding off on getting this deck, get it while you can. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!
Big love to you 💘JFance💘 & to everyone who has supported our love & work so far on this ongoing deep & exciting journey...& can’t wait for your next project to launch!!! #exciting .
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A new video is now up on our YouTube babes! This time we are reviewing the deck everyone voted on last week! We showed off the Crystal oracle deck by @jfancydesigns !! I am really stoked off this video because we had a chance to collaborate with a couple of babes from our community when it came to the music for tonight‘s video. Thank you so much too @mxthermxxn & @sushiqt3.14 for contributing their amazing music magick! #firmearte #visionscrystaloracledeck #jessikafancy #oracle #tarot #queerindigenousalchemy

💕🔮this is it! All 30 or so #visionscrystaloracledeck that are left.. all hand dyed pouches and a whole lotta love and magic. The deck is self published and locally printed in The Bay Area ❤️ Can’t believe that 1000 or so folks have access to this labour of love that I created! Honored and humbled by all of your support and stories about my deck✨✨✨ ✨not sure if and when there will be a reprint but thanks to all of you for your support over the years..link in profile to purchase🌹🌹🌹 #magic #oraclecards #crystals #visions

sometimes i don't think i've accomplished much. sometimes i like to sell myself and the year i've had short. sometimes i like to generalize and skim over rather important details. this last year was bigger than i first realized. i went back to my childhood home for the first time since my parents divorced and found it eerily calm. i cut ties with my father, something i still struggle with on many levels. i started reading at @thefuturempls and reaching out to others in the community. i was brutally honest with myself regarding friendships in my life, while at the same time allowing myself to skim the i'm-an-adult-and-finding-friends-at-this-age-is-difficult waters. i went to new orleans for the second time and saw termite swarms. 😦i allowed for more distance in my tarot practice, hence why i've been calling myself a lazy witch (i have no qualms about this!). i enjoyed the first spring and summer in my house, filled with yard work, bonfires, and drinking beers on the patio. lastly, with only hours to go in 2017, i found out i was a scholarship recipient for @thecovenmpls (in a similar vein as @the.wing and just as spectacular). ✨ so, what's in store for 2018? i'm not going to go into detail here but my theme cards are the ten of pentacles and the fool rx, which i feel is challenging me to see and find all the ways i stop myself short. i'll have a content and satisfying year but will hesitate when it comes to taking it to the next level. for those who might be curious, i pulled a second theme card because on the ten there's a child looking back as if something is missing. while i normally don't hone in on them every single time i pull that card, with this reading i did. ✨ p.s that's my socked foot standing on a chair at the bottom of the picture (with my other foot propped up on the side on the table). 😝 #tarot #tarotreader #aquariantarot #visionscrystaloracledeck #yearaheadspread2018

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