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ToT is going to be lit tonight!!! Love sharing this gift. #visioncast

Im obsessed with watching others step into their power! Lee Anne is an absolute force of greatness for this world 🌎! Excited to be on this journey with her! She will grow an empire! @thefitmomof4
#VisionCast #LeadersLead

It's incredible to be part of the leadership team in the Southeastern U.S. region of Keller Williams, a group of over 11,000 agents! We are meeting today and working hard to not only cast our vision for the Sara Sloan Team in 2018, but also all of our fellow Keller Williams agents! #sarasloanteam #visioncast

TFHSF Vision Cast (ROUND 2). Absolute success! We’re so excited for the Team, God is building! Stay tuned for the next steps in making this dream a reality! #visioncast #tfhsf

The Chinese bamboo tree... It takes 5 years for the seed to break ground. It has to be watered, fertilized and nurtured every single day. If it isn't watered and nourished every day it will die that day.

On the 5th year when the roots break through the ground it grows 90 feet in 6 weeks.

Now the question is; did it take 5 years to grow 90 feet or 6 weeks to grow 90 feet?

The obvious is it took 5 years.

It took 5 years to develop the foundation, it took 5 years to earn its reputation, it took 5 years to learn people, it took 5 years to learn itself, it took 5 years to learn the system, it took 5 years to learn the skills to develop. IT TOOK 5 YEARS TO FIGURE IT OUT.
That's why you have to be PATIENT, and ENGAGE in consistent/continuous action.

We live in a society where people settle for whatever gives them instant gratification. You want what people around you have but aren't willing to put in the time and pay the price others did.

It's not easy......it's simple, but not easy. Follow the system, don't deviate your course. See the long term vision you have your eye on and write down 10 reasons WHY you want that.

You are the determining factor. Make no mistake about it, ITS HARD.


Getting ready to train with my best friend and partner in life Jeremy Kirkpatrick!

I love this man more than anything. We have grown so much as husband and wife and today we are going to have FUN!! #giveback #speaker #visioncast

💥 WOW ! Seriously ! Just WOW ! 💥

They've just rank advanced yet again which now takes them to 14 Star Platinum. Residually now at $30,000 + a WEEK - that's without bonus too ! And there under 30 years old ! 👋

What's even more exciting is Emily and Hayden are set to come over to the UK at the end of April for 3 weeks, to tour around the country and meet all of our team, to help us launch the UK in the best way ! 😆 "Show me your mentors, I'll show you your future" ✔️ #visioncast #teamvisioncastuk #isagenix

All because two people had a vision and believed in us. We could never be more thankful for amazing friends like these two! 💚 #visioncast #VCwhiteout #family #godsent #business

I said it before, I said it in this video and i'll gladly say it AGAIN! we are on a mission to transform lives! We have been growing straight up 💯% for the past 6 years. There is no signs of slowing down. We have lives to change. The world needs more of what we have.

Head over to my Facebook: Emily Vavra for FULL video

#VisionCast #EvolvedEconomy
🎥 @uptopfilms


It's incredible to be part of the leadership team in the Southeastern U.S. region of Keller Williams, a group of over 11,000 agents! We are meeting today and working hard to not only cast our vision for the Sara Sloan Team in 2018, but also all of our fellow Keller Williams agents! #sarasloanteam #visioncast

So this weekend, me & Jodie are volunteering to help run the event in Birmingham ! This means we are helping set up each day, prepare & help the corporate team out !💯 We have been so looking forward to doing this, as team members have taken part previously and absolutely LOVED it 😀

Love this company and how it likes to get people involved for behind the scenes ! 👏

No better way to spend my birthday weekend 🎁

Cookies and Cream is BACK!! Our special anniversary edition shake that sold out in 24 hours is back just in time for the holidays 🙌🏼
It is the perfect healthy option for your sweet tooth, full of actual gluten free cookie pieces 🍪❤️☺️
If you want to try it for yourself message me, and we will get you all set up 🎉🙌🏼🎉It will sell out!! #purenutrition

#swiperight 🚨November Challenge Update 🚨 #Blogmas 🚨 #VisionCast2018. .
Excuse my late night, ready to take off my wig look 🤦🏾‍♀️ but I needed to give you an update regarding the November wellness challenge!
I did it!! It came with some difficulties but I’m so proud of my progress and the progress of those who took part with me! .
I’ve got some information about the rest of the year so please watch and be on the lookout for regular updates! .
See you tomorrow for the beginning of #blogmas 🎄
#christmassy #visioncast #femaleentrepeneur #businessmindset #inspiredwomen #inspiredmindbodyandsoul

Swipe ⬅️ I LOVE SERVING ON THE TALENT TEAM at the Best church ever! #myredemption #insideTV #globalTV #ichurch #sundays9amAnd11am #watchlive

Back from an absolute unreal all expenses paid trip to 🇮🇸 ICELAND 🇮🇸 with our business partners !!! Highly recommended place to visit for sure 💯

Our Holiday Melt has begun in full swing, and I am so excited for what this next month will bring as we get ready for 2018!!! 🙌🏼🎄☺️🙌🏼
S W I P E to see amazing transformations from those of us who consistently use our nutrition everyday! Our bodies and health have been enhanced in every way because of our Nutritional Cleansing and most of all it has given us an amazing community to flourish in! In the next month we are holding each other to a whole new level of accountability and support during the holidays so if you are wanting to join us there is still time!!! Just send me a message or email to shesoarsfree@icloud.com ,and I would love to chat to help you get started ❤️❤️❤️ #fitforlife

[Black Friday Sale: FREE Event Alert!] Amount Financial Presents "Cash Calendar: Map Out Your 12 Month Money Plan" & #VisionCast hosted by founder - Dr. Nicole Garner Scott (@DrGarnerScott)
This Interactive & Fun Workshop Will Cover:
Setting Your Financial Goals For 2018
Mapping Out Your Big Picture: Filling In Your Calendar
Plan Your Money Making Activities For The Year
Taking Inventory Of Your Life
Stop The Automatic Bleeding
Assigning Every Single Dollar A Task
Plan Your Marketing
The Beauty of Partnerships & Delegation
My Budget My Way - To Match My Long Term Goals
Taking control of My Credit
Creative Ways To Use My Tax Refund to Upgrade My Overall Life!
Mapping out ways to make more money
For Black Friday & Small Business Saturday, this event will be free to our network, space is limited so RSVP quickly. RSVP: Http://CashCalendar.Eventbrite.Com
.... Amount Financial Services Suite...
is out to demystify the world of money and personal finance. It’s time for a new conversation about money. It’s time to take charge of your personal finances rather than be at the mercy of them.
Money is just a tool. It’s a facilitator. When you work with us, we break down: what you are trying to accomplish, how to accomplish it, and how to maintain your lifestyle. Through our services (tax prep, credit restoration, financial & business coaching and Forex Training) along with our collective network of financial experts, Amount Financial is heavily invested in economic empowerment.
You can live the way you want, while saving and investing for the future. We are here to help. Visit us online at www.AmountFinancial.Com and on Twitter/Instagram/ Facebook: @AmountFinancial

#AmountFinancial #Memphis #MakeMoney #CashCalendar

I am thankful for this amazing journey I am on with this incredible leadership! Jay Bennett will inspire and motivate all that are blessed to know him. He is in the trenches doing the do and I respect his actions and leadership! #leadersgofirst #unconditionalsupport #visioncast #peoplecomefromfarandwide #leadership #respect

When you’re in your hotel room trying to get ready for breakfast but are feeling so good about what’s ahead you can’t contain 😂 What an awesome weekend of learning, strategizing, vision casting, and bonding with business partners and other incredible souls who are not only in business for themselves but have a bigger vision of helping others also reach their highest potential. We think BIG, we dream BIG, we take action towards our dreams, and we find joy in helping others do the same. As Tony would say...”Success without fulfillment is the biggest failure.” And always remember that “Happiness is not a destination it is a method of life” - Burton Hills #pathwithpurpose #transforminglives #visioncast #alwaysgrowing #thinkbigger #dreambigger #theresabetterway #gopro2017 #beingsillyisfun #happylife #happiness #helpotherssucceed #success #grateful #blessed #thankful #peakstate

6 months in ! Over 1100 people helped both physically & financially ✔️ And this is just the beginning for sure 🌍

I have all the oils going in the diffusers today!! Gratitude for keeping a thankful spirit, bergamot for being uplifting and cheerful, Live Your Passion because it has amazing oils in the blend and helps me focus, and Into the Future because I love vision casting. .
#yleo #essentialoils #duffusingthesetoday

Wellness Wednesday shoutout to my mom!!! When I began my journey with Nutritional Cleansing she joined me soon after, and seeing the blessings that it has brought to her life has been so exciting!! 👉🏼Before she was full of little energy, resulting in long naps every afternoon. 👏🏻Now she is full of energy, no longer having to depend on naps every afternoon. 👉🏼Before she had been through multiple diets that all limited her ability to enjoy life,
👏🏻Now she incorporates our super food nutrition everyday and has so much balance.
AND the best part is for my wedding she was able wear a gorgeous dress that was the smallest size she had worn in years!!!! Proving it’s all about the INCHES and not about the SCALE! So proud of you mom and your consistency!!! ❤️❤️❤️ 🎉🎉What if you could begin experiencing your best overall health, experience your most energy, and begin to feel and look AMAZING for the holiday and before the New Year! 🎉🎉 ❤️If this pulls at you heart I would love to chat, and hear more about your goals and how Nutritional Cleansing could be a solution for you!! DM or email me @ 💌shesoarsfree@icloud.com

4 years ago today, I️ got on a coach bus with 52 people I️ had never met before to go to my first personal development event I️ had ever been to. Most of everyone has a biological blood family, and I️ am so beyond grateful to call this my family of choice. Little did I️ know, that weekend 4 years ago would change the trajectory of my life FOREVER and my eyes would open to a much bigger picture that I️ had ever seen that I was intrigued and excited beyond measure that I️ can explain in words that I️ was eager to see more of. Some of the most selfless people I️ have ever met and some of the most genuine, kind hearted, driven, positive, and Dream Chasin people I️ am privileged to be in their presence. So grateful I️ got onto a coach bus with 52 strangers 4 years ago. So grateful I️ chose to say YES when I really wanted to say No.#visioncast #chasindreams #biggerpicture #itsnotaboutyou

Same spot every day, post-pilates, to get my meditation on. Can’t even deal without it!
Put on your #frankincense....
‘Drop in’ and get your brain some rest! Then vision cast...get into the feeling of your dreams already manifested. Watch the magic happen...remember your job isn’t the ‘how’. Just release resistance so you become a clear channel that amazing energy can flow through!
#meditate #om #flow #energy #dropin #magic #manifest #visioncast #selflove #practicenotperfect #youngliving #frankincense

TFHSF Vision Cast (ROUND 2). Absolute success! We’re so excited for the Team, God is building! Stay tuned for the next steps in making this dream a reality! #visioncast #tfhsf

To the woman who believed in us even before we believed in ourselves - we are forever grateful❤💯🚀#tribe #visioncast #dreamstoreality

Getting ready to train with my best friend and partner in life Jeremy Kirkpatrick!

I love this man more than anything. We have grown so much as husband and wife and today we are going to have FUN!! #giveback #speaker #visioncast

Don’t let it JUST be a DREAM. Come join us for our last Vision Cast this Sunday, at 1PM. (Link in the bio for more details.) We are so excited for this REALITY.
#tfhsf #visioncast
Shoutout to the amazing @damionhamilton for the 🌉📷

If you don't smile when you visualize the next five years of your life, it's time to start making some changes. #Perspective #visioncast #whatdoyousee #makeadecision

I am soo thankful when I think of all the blessings I have in my life since starting a nutrition system. One of those many blessings is new friendships like @rachelpedretti, who was a bridesmaid in my wedding!!! With our nutrition system she has been able to experience her best health, leave a job as a nurse, and make successful residual income with our company. She now lives a life full of freedom to travel the world! It’s amazing what happens in your life when your open your eyes and open your heart to receive ❤️ Love you Rach!!! #bridetribe

We had over 100 in attendance at our last TFH SF Vision Cast! If you missed it, fear not! We've got one more slated for November 5th and you can RSVP right now! (Check out the link in the bio). We'll provide food and childcare so join and come hear the vision and future of TFH SF! #visioncast #tfhsf

Instead of floating along like a leaf in the wind of life... learn to understand who you are, fall in love with this person and along the way how you can surround yourself with the kind of individuals who want you to succeed. 👌🏼 Who will stand there cheering you on as you continue to crush goals (& you help them achieve theirs). Who will be open to riding the wave of an extraordinary life because they too took a chance + they caught a vision to want to be more, do more + impact more. ✨✌🏼 find a community where you can thrive, become ridiculously health, smile 24/7 in true happiness + know that you truly showing the world how epic it's meant to be. 👊🏻💎 #ihavefoundthattribe

What a day of celebration on yesterday afternoon at our #beauty180 #teatime☕ event! A #transformation and pouring into was experienced by us all. From our #dynamic emcee @conversionzmakeupstudio to all of our #empowering speakers. The little ladies got their #princesspower, while the other ladies got their #reset.. The gloves are off... More to come in this #ladiesempowermentmovement!

#sisterhood #connections #transform #communityleaders #sheeo #saturdayafternoons #visioncast #collaborationmastered #raleighnc #empoweringwomen #renewyourmind #designevolutioncreations

All because he said YES to a 30 day money back guarantee system using our products 👌

Comment YES below for more info 💪

More E-SHOTS delivered today for the house hold 😆 These are absolutely lethal ! 💯

Pop one and your 🚨 alert 🚨 as hell !!! Natural plant based caffeine ✔️
Green tea extract 🍵
Only 35 calories 👌
Cheaper than a typical latte 💰

About last night.... it's about being brave enough to start a conversation that matters! Success isn't about how much money you make. It's about the difference you make in people's lives! Since we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with, we must choose wisely! Last night with these people was fire 🔥🔥🔥! There were so many different stories all equally inspiring! #gratefulfortheseguys #commonground #allwalksoflife #positive #realpeople #wehavesolutions #nothingtolose #everythingtogain #freeingpeoplefromphysicalandfinancialpain #householdname #visioncast #

Fear is just on the other side of success 🙏👊💯❗️Keeping it real as always, it’s how you see yourself, talk about life and your vision. What’s in yours? #planbworks #visioncast #momslife #lifeworkbalance #opportunityknocking #life #residualincome

When I found there was a business I could spend a few hundred bucks to get started, eat my overheads, become ridiculously healthy, fail 90% of the time and become obscenely wealthy; what do you think I said? ... I can do this 👊🏻 [vision casting ✨] - could you open up to the possibility?

Two days away! We're excited for you to find out more about TFH SF! Join us this Sunday at 1pm to hear more about the vision and how you can get involved. For more info or to RSVP, follow the link in the bio!
#tfhsf #visioncast

Throwback Thursday!
I've had a very long journey, that's still on going, in my pursuit of health and fitness.
Six years ago I was barely over 100 lbs, I was starving, I was obsessively counting calories, working out as hard as I could, lying about what I was eating and how much I weighed, I was so weak all the time, I was constantly tired and had headaches, and I never felt like I could loose too much weight.
Fast forward to about two years ago. Life got busier and my gym motivation began to fade away. I started eating whatever I wanted. I didn't really care about how I treated my body. The more weight I gained the more unhappy I became with myself and the worse my situation got. Again I was weak and tired because I wasn't fueling my body properly, I felt gross, and uncomfortable in my own skin.

It has now been 10 months and I've released 25lbs, and it has all been done the right way! It feel so great to look back at where I was, and see where I am now. I'm proud of myself! I have a ways to go still, but I've already made it so far.

I'm beyond thankful for cellular cleansing and an amazing nutritional system. It has blessed my life in so many ways. If you'd like to hear about what I've been doing I'd love to share this blessing with you as well!

Our very first VISION CAST is this Sunday at 1PM! Come hear Pastors @davepatterson @timbittle @robynlynb share the vision and future of TFH SF! Have you RSVP'd? Do that today at tfhSF.org/events (link in the bio). Lunch & Childcare will be provided! #tfhsf #visioncast

Who's getting excited for the holidays?!🙋🏻
Who's obsessed with Pumpkin Spice?! 🎃
Who loves chocolates?! 🍫
Where are my mint chocolate fans at?!🍫🌱
Who loves s'mores?! 🍫🔥 Who is worried about gaining a few pounds this season?!👎🏻
Who's looking for fast, healthy, and delicious food options?! 🍽

Here's the awesome news: SEASONAL FLAVORS ARE HERE!! But only for a VERY short time!
If you're interested please let me know asap because these will sell out very very fast and I'd hate for you to miss out!! •Delicious
•Pure Nutrition
•Fully Balanced Meals
•Packed with Minerals
•Gluten Free

Big shout out to my buddy Si Bennett !!! 💯

Great results after just 5 weeks of using the Isagenix systems 👌

Super motivating buddy 👋

Check out my recent live on my Facebook profile !!! I go into real depth on why personal goals are your main driving force 💯


Restoring hope in , Cape Town!!! Thank you SVC for your time , energy and financial support !!! #LOVEDOES #SVC #Leadership #ServingOthers #Bethechange #visioncast #dreambig #PRAYER #synergy #HopeInSport
We on a mission from God that fits us. It's that simple.

Prayer walk... With SVC and the Aslan Staff. With man it seems impossible but with Aslan anything is possible.

#dream #betthefarm #BeTheChange #faith #hope #LOVEDOES #hopeinsport #passion #visioncast #1cor1558 #believe #trust #bestill #action #prayer #synergy

Biggest turn out to date! It was an honour to share my testimonial and be a part of casting the #vision with ordinary people who are living their ideal lives. Come hang with us at the next big event in January!

#startyourlife #buisnessofthe21stcentury #extraodanarylife #healthandwellness #visioncast #hopedealers #leaders


Woke up super effing early today... Must be the Universe knocking on my door saying "you have BIG things to do today, my dear." So I stepped into the day while most people were sleeping...oils... BioMat...meditation... Intention setting... life thoughts.... dreams... goals... action steps...hustle...inspiration.... all of it❤️
I love the four agreements and focusing on the positive, it's always been a touchstone of power for me... if I just come back to them they completely center me every damn time❤️... this is my active meditation for today⚡️
#setyourintention #dreambigprincess #oilupbuttercup #fouragreements #biomat #meditationtime #visioncast #activemeditation #lovedroppers

PUMPED UP that I've been asked to speak at our next big UK event in October 💪

Our corporate partners called me today and said - "Tyler, your job is to open up the afternoon session and get everyone fired up" 😂😂 Absolutely buzzing ! It's what I live for 😆

It's not the 'being on stage' that motivates me ! It motivates me more being able to motivate others, in helping them realise that they are worth so much more and can accomplish anything in there lives ! 👊

With the founders of our company being their to witness this - I'm going to make sure that I'm on my game better and more focused than ever before !!! 💯

Let's do this 🔥

Ps - Check out what Jodie's been asked to do at the event too - super pumped for her as this is MASSIVE and she's going to crush it as usual too 👋❤️

Save the date | October 8
RSVP at our site (link in the bio) #tfhsf #visioncast

Awesome to celebrate the night with my business partner, @jaimemorales77 ,but more than anything I get to experience getting lost in his arms as my husband. We #Mastermind. We #visioncast. We modified our #goals when necessary. We #gameplan. We #encourage one another and marriage is definitely not for the weak!! #cheers to US! 💑 #abovethat #thinkandgrowrich #entrepreneurlife #networkers #buildingourempire #residualincome #multiplestreamsofincome

TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY!!! I have been so blessed this year to have released almost 25lbs! I have been set free, I have found balance and wellness. Incorporating nutritional cleansing into my everyday life was the best and easiest decision I have ever made for myself. No more dieting, no more failing; I live freely and unrestricted! I'm so thankful for this nutrition!! If you're seeking freedom in your own life I'd love to chat with you!

Racking up those miles and looking like it's my first day of school.

#spreadthelove #jetsetter #visioncast

Lately so many of my posts have been health and fitness driven, as that has been a major focus for me lately. The truth is I am even more passionate about the business side of what I do and helping others create real wealth for themselves and their family. This weekend I had the opportunity to speak for several hours to a few hundred, driven entrepreneurs. Some were brand new, some have earned a few hundred dollars, others earning six figures and some who have accumulated over a million dollars in their business already. We all had one question in common and that is "how can we make a bigger impact?" It was so much fun to be able to share some simple ideas and principles that I have implemented in order to make a larger impact. To be able to see people have that ah-ha moment and be able to instantly put those ideas and principles into action. One of my mentors once told me " you are either affecting or infecting those around you", I choose to affect those around me everyday. To leave someone feeling better when they leave than when they entered. Which are you doing? How do you want people to feel after they have been around you? I'm so excited for all the people who are coming into this team and positively influencing those around them everyday. We are truly just getting started!!! #influencer #leadership #itsyourtime #visioncast

My mission is to empower people and enable them to understand that they can have, do, be and create so much more with their lives. I am a student of the legends who have come before me in business, entrepreneurship & personal development and i fully intend to follow in their footsteps in my own unique way !!! Failure is not an option for me ❌
Living my dream life is the ONLY option ✅

#lifestyle #liveyourdeams #teamisagenix #teamvision #teamvisioncast #teamvisioncastuk #teamvisioncastuk90day #visioncastuk #visioncast #visioncastuk90day #networkmarketer #networkmarketing #networkmarketinguk #networkmarketingpro #business #businessowner #businessbuilding #businesspartners #isagenixuk #isabody #isagenix #health #fitness #photography #photoshoot #fun

Meet the architect who is helping put physical shape to our dreams at the Benson Idahosa University #Legacy campus. God bless you Seyi (@ayoisrael007). .
The Word says to write the vision and make it plain. Here's the part we forget: so that whose who read it can run with it. When this vision made plain on the tablets of a blueprint, God sent Dr. Chris Oyakhilomen to run alongside us with it.
It's time to make your vision plain. Who is helping you put flesh and bones to the dreams in your head? Make sure you acknowledge and appreciate them.
#IdahosaLegacy #Vision #VisionCast

V I S I O N • Taking a break from mommin' to update my go-time board! I have a ton I want to accomplish in this life and I don't want it to be when I'm 60. I want it to be NOW! I want to create opportunity for so many people, I want to build something I'm proud to pass on! It's crazy how my vision board reflects my heart! There aren't materialistic things but rather experiences, adventure, giving, and mindsets to keep me focused and moving! My FAMILY is on my board, my heart is out there for all to see and hold me accountable to! My heart! 💖 I'm better than average- I'm made to be amazing and to lead leaders! In whatever you do, whatever industry you're in, whatever drives you--- lay it out, write it out and put it out where you see it! .
#visionboard #visioncast #makeithappen

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