Gone but never forgotten. I wish you were here to see all that I've accomplished. You laid the foundation. Forever grateful 🙏🏾#Happyfathersday #Alchemist #Physicist #Creator #Visionary #BlackExcellence😘❤️👼🏾

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Catching wisdom from the soul... 📝

Many fall short, simply because they stopped short... believe in yourself and the world will follow!
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@success_the_visionary saturday night special with yourz truly $ucce$$ for those that fuck with the kid pull up & show up and show out ... DM me too be put on my guest list ... If you know me you know how I give it up , its gonna be a movie .... Hmu for details #success #visionary #thefuture #thepresent ...

The Law of Attraction is real.

Like attracts like, so when thinking a thought, you’re also attracting like thoughts to you.
Whether those thoughts are positive or not, depends entirely up to you. But Remember your circumstances are the pattern of your current thoughts.
Your thoughts become things.
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My fellow lion feels my pain @romeomiller #poetry #artistry #visionary #artist

Have Vision

***HELLO BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!*** I'm happy to announce my patreon page is up and running! You are now able to support my creative vision, and have access to more of my process. Right now the benefits are basic, but as I grow my patronage I'll be able to start some of my bigger projects as well as provide more goodies for those that follow me. Anything you can do is the greatest help as I work to become fully supported through my creations. Thank you all for your love and support, and I promise to make it worth your while!


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