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Sierra Virtual Assistants - helping our clients SAVE & MAKE more money for over 2 years now! #virtualassistant #virtualassistants

What You Put On The Cover Draws Them In; What You Put Inside Keeps Them Coming Back.

As a writer, you have already done the hard part. Now it’s time to design and create an E-Book cover so you can publish it, share it, and market it. Writing is your art; our graphic artists view turning your words into pictures a whole other art. By cohesively tying the two arts together, your E-Book- whether for profit or not- will attract the attention it needs. With our Writer’s Salvation package, you will receive the following:
•Mockups of the cover
•Unlimited Edits
•Formatting for use on Social Media
•Formatting for Marketing
•PDF formatting
•Zip files of all mockups >>>>> http://bit.ly/1WAsIqm <<<<< #EbookDesign #EbookCover #GraphicDesign #VirtualAssistants

It's about to get real hot in Vegas!!
Just working on some projects before finals!!💯👨🏽‍💻

We do all your tedious work for you for half the price of a personal assistant. Save time. Save money. Hire us :) #virtualassistant #virtualassistants

How to change your life and business with our Viritual Assistants; follow up for our a free seminar @Time Square for entrepreneurs and how to sell and generate better leads. #dowhatyoulove #virtualAssistants #event

Likes can be powerful! If you have good content but lack exposure, likes can be a very gentle yet powerful way to draw followrs to your content!

We offer 2 packages, a basic packae which is 1,000 likes per day per month, saving you HOURS per day, or our Powerliks, with it's advanced algorithm that sends out 1500 likes per day (50% more), and gets results that only following and unfollowing can!

It is a brand new day to try something different like hiring a Virtual Assistant. Why pay monthly salary to a staff when you can get the job done for less? No eye-service, no complaining, no wahala!

Call us today... we are open for business 0706 380 0745
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#successtips • Don't just tell people they are doing something wrong, help them 😊 Helping others feels soooooo gooooooood! We love helping, we love seeing others succeed, that's why we decided to become #virtualassistants 💜 Let us help you!

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Here's my tip of the day for budding #virtualassistants We post this stuff on our Facebook page regularly but I thought I would share with our Insta friends today 😊 #personalassistant #virtualassistant #homebusiness #online #work #business #mumtobe #newmum #businessmum #entrepreneur

Google Growth Hacking Training groufie! 😅😊

Google's Growth Hacking Training at the space 👌🏻

GBG Manager Crystal sharing growth hacking tips for your business. 👌🏻

All ears on @gayviray as she shares with us smart ways to growth hack your business. 👌🏻

@ohitsrej Regina Evangelista sharing awesome hacks you can apply to your business.

Google Growth Hacking Training 👌🏻

Oh, the all illusive waitlist! What is it exactly? and why do you want one for you VA business? The first question is easy enough to answer. List of clients who came to you for help with their business at a time when you were "fully booked." These are potential clients that are desperate to work with you and who have been placed on a list based on your pre-interview and pre-onboarding process; and will become your clients within the next 30-90 days.

Easy enough right? Exactly! Now, why is it that more #virtualassistants do not use the wait list method to create a healthy pool of clients to choose from. These clients are ideal because you have guaranteed work, because as we know it, anything can happen in your business and having clients who 1) Can keep your practice full, 2) Are available for those month/month slows, and 3) Help you potentially grow your long term list of clients are just three of the main reason why you should start creating a wait list today!

Think of this, you have marketed your business, built the relationships, and then you turn prospects away because you are booked? Why would you do that? It is counter productive and a money/time waster. So, build that wait list today! For more info catch the replay of today's #TuesdaysWithJay in our Facebook Group >> bit.ly/jbmfbgroup
Available now is my VA Client Onboarding Swipe + Resources Guide. Discover the exact swipe copy that helped me build a thriving (and consistently booked) VA business. Visit >> bit.ly/jbmvainsidersclub and grab your copy!

This episode, #62 was originally posted July 2016. With so much turmoil going on now. Both seen and unseen, it's a good reminder to grace yourself. "So much has gone on in our world in the last couple of weeks. This week’s episode truly shares what’s on my heart and what do we do with it all as virtual assistant business owners." - Podcast: The Business of Being A Virtual Assistant (link in bio 👆🏾to watch, read, or listen)

Can you believe its nearly the end of August! Have you accomplished everything you set out for this month? If you are struggling with your workload and need help, it maybe time to delegate. Get in touch and see how we can help you get back on track. 📷 @bumblebujo

Following dreams or hunting goals? Which one do you spend more of your time on while working on your bot? Conversational analytics is your best buddy when it comes to hunting goals! #chatbots #startups #goals #artificialintelligence #data #virtualassistants #machinelearning #dailymotivation

For my latest blog post: Call warm up process is important in making your first phone all with your prospect. Whether it is a coaching prospect, or a team member or a product user prospect, you need to know that you have to warm up the call as a protocol. To read the full blog post, watch the coaching video and claim your free gift, tap on my name to go to my profile and click the live link http://rugbydude.com/callwarmup

Relationships are the key to success with our clients. And one of the things we work hard at is listening to our clients, what they say and what they don't say. >>>>>
Do you find listening easy or is it a challenge for you?
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When you do what you love, you bring love into your life! I am simply over the moon about these beauties that arrived from one of our amazing clients @the_chakra_girl ! We love supporting her and her Chakra Girl community so much! 💜 Thank you love!!

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