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Meet Our Lady of Sorrows of Castelpetroso.

The place: a cave in Italy. The players: two shepherdesses, Serafina (a 34-year-old wife) and Fabiana (a 35-year-old virgin). This apparition of Mary is especially meaningful as we enter the last week of Lent and prepare for Holy Week next week. On March 22, 1888, Mary appeared to Fabiana as she searched for her lost sheep and found it near a cave.

In the cave, she saw a strange light coming from a crack in the rocks, and in that light, a clear vision of Mary wearing a deep red dress with a dark mantle, kneeling down with her dead Son before her and her arms raised to heaven.
Though Serafina couldn't see it, Fabiana's descriptions struck her, because the two of them returned home crying and, from the descriptions I read, dramatic. People mostly ignored their claims.

And then, on Easter, April 1, 1888, both women witnessed the apparition again. On hearing it, people got curious and went to see for themselves. It was quite a hike: 2600 feet above sea level! However, many different people, including a staunch disbeliever, reported seeing Mary there.

It's interesting that different people saw Mary appear in different ways: Some saw her as Our Lady of Grace, others as Our Lady of Mt. Carmel or Our Lady of the Rosary. Most saw her as Our Lady of Sorrows.

This apparition is a reminder that Mary is flexible. She meets us, as God does, where we are. She comes to us, and she's so very gentle in leading us to her son.

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Sometimes I wonder what I’m doing here. I always pick myself up after a fall. But I can’t shake this feeling, this wonderment. About what is the meaning of it all. I look at the world that surrounds me.
It’s harder to discern what I feel
I try to look for what is honest and true . But I haven’t a clue, of what is real. Alone in my bed I sit watching all day. I wait for my truthful day to come. To let this go, to find my peace and happiness. To return to the world, the world that I come from

It’s hard to explain what I feel inside. My heart is a cave without a key. And locked inside is who I am; the reality. Inside the cage is where you will find me. For now, I’ll play the game that’s asked
The game that we all know a bit too much. And I hope someday, that they’ll find me. The lonely girl who’s caged in her heart. #illusion #photograph #instapoet #mypoetry #myphotography #iphonetography #mothermary #virginmother #basilica #lifeisbeautiful #lifeisstrange #lifeistooshort #lifeisillusion #churchphotography

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I'm re-reading LOTR at the moment. Which I haven't read since I was a teenager.

I think many people don't realize that if it wasn't for Tolkien there would be no such thing as the "fantasy" genre we have today with elves and dwarves etc. Like half of all video games just wouldn't exist were it not for him. He created a literary genre which developed into so much more then he ever lived to see. His legacy lives on in ways he never imagined. 🙏 🙌🙌🙌 🙏

While rereading LOTR this time around I can see Galadriel as a sort of Mary Magdalene/Virgin Mary-esque figure. Considering Tolkien was a devout Christian, it's not that hard to imagine where he was inspired, whether consciously or unconsciously... Who can say? (Also the Hobbits/Shire remind me so much of countryside folk/culture in England/Ireland...they really are Hobbits)

I've yet to read the Silmarillon, which has Tolkien's creation story (which that I've only read parts of), but it's interesting to see the connection between the two female figures of Mary and Galadriel.
Also Peter Jackson's films are literally fantastic. I need more. Can we petition him to build a whole Middle Earth style theme park? I will gladly live in the Last Homely House forever as Celebrian... Sort of like the Disney Princesses at Disney World... (Which in fairness I would also totally do...) But I love elves, always have. One of the best compliments I ever got was at Hallowe'en and I had those ridiculous fake elf ears on (Cosplay 101 - don't ever buy fake elf ear-covers) and someone told me I looked more like MYSELF as an elf.
Honestly that's up there with being told I look like I'm in my natural habitat while at a festival 😂😂😂 #galadriel #lotr #tolkien #mary #virginmother #pure #lordoftherings #silmarillion #elf #books #reading #jrrtolkien #billthepony #lothlorien #thefellowshipofthering #frodoswagginsandthefellowshipofthebling #virginmary #symbolism

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I love to build shrines to the Virgin Mary - I like that the Catholic religion gives elevated status to a strong woman capable of miracles. In Catholic churches you will usually see the Virgin on the left side of the altar and Joseph on the right side. So from Jesus’ point of view, Mary sits at his right hand. This is in accordance with the Jewish tradition of having the Queen Mother sit at the right hand of the King.
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In a Kauaian Cemetery Very beautiful resting spot. Cemetery of the Immaculate Conception. #kauai #kauaihawaii #kauaiswhy #kauaiangel #kauaiadventures #kauianangel #angel #cemetery #virginmary #virginmother #crucifix #cross #silence #restinpeace

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