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Thank you @vippdotcom and louise_moestrup_blomster 🌿 I had a wonderful time today! #vippflagshipstore #vippflower (and the decoration is actually made by me..!)

#vippflower styling with very best @aprilandmay

Ready for late lunch at @vippdotcom #vippflower

At Vipp flagship store✨ @vippdotcom #stylingevent #vippflower

Our flower balls :) #vippflower #styling #vipp

Another flower decoration made by moi🌺 #vippflower #stylingevent @vippdotcom

The lovely and inspiring daughter of Holger and Marie Nielsen, Jette, telling us the story about Vipp✨ @vippdotcom #vippflower


I just bumped into this #latergram of the styling that I did together with @sarah_cocolapine and @nordicleaves at @vippdotcom. It really was such an amazing and inspiring day.

It's flower heaven over on the blog today where I'm sharing photos + a video from the flower workshop I attended at @vippdotcom a few weeks ago • thatnordicfeeling.com or link in profile • #vippflower #thatnordicfeeling

Have you already voted for our photo's at @vippdotcom ? How about this one? Thanks guys! #vipp #vippflower 😘

Morning! Did you already see this picture we styled with @daniellawitte and @aprilandmay ? Vote for it at @vippdotcom 🌾🌱🍀 #vipp #vippflower

really love the result of the Vipp flower workshop. This photo is styled by @daniellawitte and @aprilandmay Like it? Please vote for us by liking our image at @vippdotcom Thanks 😘 #vipp #vippflower

One of our images together with @daniellawitte for the Vipp floral styling competition. Please vote for us here @vippdotcom and like the image. You would make us very happy :) #vippdotcom #vippflower #flowers #aprilandmaystudio #work #styling #dark #love #daniellawitte

You can now vote for your favorite floral styling on @vippdotcom from the ones we created in their flagship store in Copenhagen last week! This one was styled by @thatnordicfeeling @_foodstories_ and myself. #vippflower #vipp #flowerstyling #copenhagen

From Vipp Flowerstyling event last week with @annaleenashem and @fabricofmylife - vote for your favourite at @vippdotcom! 🌿 #vippflower #vippflagshipstore

How gorgeous is this Vipp kitchen? He photo is styled by me, @_foodstories_ & @anna_g at the #vippflower event last week. Vote for your favourite stylings on @vippdotcom's profile 🌸

Together with @thatnordicfeeling and @anna_g we styled this picture at the vipp flower Styling event. Help us to win and vote for our picture at @vippdotcom . Thank you 💗

One of the stylings I did at Vipp flower event last week, together with @sarah_cocolapine and @_mariannejacobsen_ Go to @vippdotcom and vote for your favorite✨ #vippflower #flowerevent #vippstyling #stylingbattle

Good morning Saturday! My flower ball is still alive👏✨ #vippflower #saturdaymorning #pinkmood

My first flower ball ever... Flew home with me from Copenhagen #vippflower #vipp

F l o w e r b a l l 🌿 all the way from Copenhagen 💫 #myhome #vippflower @vippdotcom @louise_moestrup_blomster

The @vippdotcom shop is gorgeous and the concrete floor is sigh. I'm so in love with their black kitchen and white bathroom intrior.

Thank you to @vippdotcom for having me to your flower styling event in your shop in Copenhagen yeasterday. I had an amazing day playing with beautiful flowers and styling with your gorgeous intrior and props. It was so inspiring to meet talented bloggers from all over Europe and the food was very delicious. I'm so excited to see all the pics from the event now!

Today was amazing! I had so much fun playing around with flowers and styling. The food was delicious and I loved meeting talented bloggers from all over Europe. Thank you @vippdotcom for having me - i can't wait to see the photos from today's shoot and styling battle. #vippflower

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