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Thankful for so many things but not when my sister gives me concussions !! #violenceisnevertheanswer

Another reminder. Have you told someone Aloha today? #violenceisnevertheanswer

It is absolutely appalling & devastating to see the disturbing acts of violence occurring in my hometown of #Charlottesville VA. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the people affected by these acts of terrorism and hatred. This is not the town I know, this is not the place I remember. I pray for love, harmony, and peace during this unbelievable time. #love #prayers #harmony #violenceisnevertheanswer

These heavy bags are going to be useful come finals week.

Violence was the cause but its never the answer. The people who have fought and died to get us to where we are today to get us to the peace and the tolerance we have today, would be ashamed. I doubt this is something Martin Luther King Jr. would have wanted. "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." We must come together and end this violence, until then progress will be delayed. #HoodsUpGunsDown#StopTheViolence#BaltimoreRiots#ViolenceIsNeverTheAnswer

She be looking like an angel but then attacking me with a minion hat #violenceisnevertheanswer #idonotapprove #australiasaysno


Best friend (JT) is bringin sexy back with those back dimples. Emergency meds will arrive by mail Wednesday. Shit got too real today when a close friend of mine was held at gun point and pistol whipped. I was going to post a pic but think its better that I don't. Violence is never the answer especially between friends or former friends. There's never a need to pull a gun on someone period, especially over drugs and money. Seriously , grow up.
#tina #tinaturnther #theresnoprescriptionforlife #lgbtq #traplife #trapouttheworld #addictionisreal #recoveryispossible #methlife #violenceisnevertheanswer #drugsarebadmkay

Whenever people say punch a nazi I think well yes they deserve it, they are evil people, but that is violence, and violence is never the answer. This man could have killed the kkk members, but then not only would he be arrested, but the kkk would grow angrier, causing them to grow stronger #violenceisnevertheanswer

Today Boston allowed a pro-whitesupremecy rally/protest. Pittsfield, MA held a rally against it. #stoptheidiocy #facethetruth #violenceisnevertheanswer #trumpisacoward

β€’ I see human. But no humanity. β€’

πŸ‘4 an πŸ‘ leaves the whole 🌏 πŸ™ˆ

I will MAKE a difference

My heart has been heavy these past days. I am saddened by the depths to which people have sunk in the name of hate. It has always been there, lurking in the shadows, but now it is stepping into the light and I cannot stand by and let that happen!
I have always believed that, despite the color of my skin, I would have stood up for what was right in histories darkest days. I believe that about myself, but in this past year I have felt crippled by the overwhelming vastness of these issues....what can I do?? In my California bubble, where intolerance and bigotry seems the exception not the rule, I live comfortably in my interracial marriage with my beautiful biracial babies. What is wrong with the "rest of the country"? But the more I open my eyes the more I see it all around me.
I will not curl up in a ball. I will not sit by and watch. I will stand up. I will make a difference.

#makeadifference #standuptohate #thinkglobalactlocal #nokkk #nonazis #peace #love #violenceisnevertheanswer

Given America's recent hate news, Ava has something to say to that- Love is for everyone #loveishealthy #loveishealing #connect #bettertogether #antihate #violenceisnevertheanswer #violenceisunnecessary

So true! As human beings we need to watch and learn from our children what the true meaning of love, friendship and how to treat other humans beings! We should not have to teach them what hate, racism and violence mean! #hateisugly #hateisadisease #racismitstopswithme #violenceisnotok #violenceisnevertheanswer #humanityfirst #notmyamerica #trumpneedstogo #ashamedofmycountry #ashamedofmygovernment

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