Hey I’m back but not really haha. I just started this piece, and I know its god awful, but I tried getting used to the fingerings for today.😅
#viola #violist #playhomieplay #practice #violanation

#100daysofpractice day 15: back at it after a much-needed 2-day break (following that double concert weekend). From double concerts to double stops. The first half of this passage is solid enough to introduce vibrato... the second half of this passage is still not quite coming together yet, even after practicing the upper and lower lines separately in the intended double-stop fingerings. But that's why we practice, isn't it? (Really not sure why the upper notes are worse than the lower notes! I think I'm mishearing the melody in my mind's ear.) #playhomieplay #violapractice #violanation #stillworkingonit #blech

🔊: While My Guitar Gently Weeps by the Beatles
Here's something a little different: my first cover of a Beatles song. @eli_deugenio and I started this one off and while we left it alone, a bunch of talented people joined in without our asking. The result? A fun collaboration! 🎶

Vocals - @thesingingmixer
Lead Guitar - @danbarracuda
Bass Guitar - @alex.d.evans
Drums - @eli_deugenio
Other stuff - yours truly

If anyone else wants to collaborate on @acapellaapp, DM me! 😃

I am playing in the pit orchestra for Fiddler on the Roof @sherwood_studentcouncil I am so blown away with the talent of these kids! What a fun experience
Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for students and seniors

When literallY EVERY note is an accidental 😍😍 #365daysofpractice #day145 #violanation #playhomieplay #100daysofpractice

Day 24: didn’t practice scales today but I mean stamitz is pretty much just scales and arpeggios right? #playhomieplay #chloetrevorprogresschallenge #100daysofpractice #viola #violanation

Day 154 -- working my way through the hardest page of the first movement of Handel. I gotta go slow!The shifts from harmonic A down & then shifting back up to E from G# are the hardest. I also need to solidify w/o the metronome. #chloesprogresschallenge #100daysofpractice #violanation

Hello!!!!! Ok, I’m gonna try posting more regularly since school’s out. Here’s me getting back into the swing of things after a week of recovering from wisdom tooth surgery.
Also WOAH 300 FOLLOWERS!!! Thanks guys! 💖🤗 #chloesprogresschallenge #playhomieplay #violanation

After feeling so sick yesterday it felt good to pick up and play again today. We are a 3rd of the way there. It’s #day10 #violanation #viola

Throw back to when I pretended to be a violinst and played for the amazing @vasilisa_xo .
I like opera

🔊: Piano Concerto No. 5 in Eb Major ("Emperor") by Ludwig Van Beethoven
About this time last year, I created this IG account for fun. It's amazing seeing what other music hobbyists are up to, how some professionals practice, and even what everybody eats. 😂

🔊: String Quartet in C Minor, Op. 18, No. 4 by Ludwig Van Beethoven
Some classical for your Monday! I love Beethoven, and I just now realized this is a little under tempo. This piece is my current obsession. ☻😺

Working on Mozart today. Still under tempo but I was stuck at a slow tempo for a couple of days and just got out of it #day23 #violanation #viola #100daysofpractice #chloetrevorprogresschallenge #playhomieplay

I’m back!!! It has been an incredibly busy time, but I’m back and ai’m gonna be more consistent again! This is from my performance of Stamitz with my school orchestra last week. It was so much fun!!

Day 153 -- Finally finishing Dont etude 2! Took me forever! The first face is because the first take went horribly bc of a final interval I totally missed. Missed it less the second time. I also need add dynamics. #chloesprogresschallenge #100daysofpractice #violanation

Flowers and my beautiful viola...
two of my very favourite things. We are very fortunate in #hamont to have so many beautiful flowers and trees what a lovely home I have!

O Quarteto de Cordas! Daria pra escrever uma trilogia sobre essa Instituição sagrada...
#viola #violanation #violapower #violin #violino #cello #violoncelo #chamber #music #chambermusic #musicadecamara #quarteto #quartetodecordas #stringquartet #masp

Day 152 -- Working the shifts by going forward AND backwards. Really helps marks the space between really big shifts. Last chord was iffy but I just got lazy...😁 #chloesprogresschallenge #100daysofpractice #violanation

Oh sweet Jesus here we go!!! My first video!! Hopefully it will only get better from here. #day9 #violanation #viola

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