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Ahhh it's so cool playing Xochiquetzal with the original percussion instrumentation!!! It's hard to see but there are actually 6 percussionists and at least 50 instruments on stage! 😱 Thank you @jwdoylepercussion and the Adams State percussion studio!! This is going to be a blast Monday night at 7! See you there! ❤❤❤
Robert Xavier Rodriguez: Xochiquetzal - Chamber Concerto for Violin and 6 Percussionists

TFW you're trying to study the score and the concert is tonight😳🤔#Yep #WeAreGonnaFakeThisSection

🎶🎼🆕 Here is an arrangement of Coldplay's Viva La Vida for four flutes to celebrate reaching 9k followers! I am grateful for each and every one of you! 😍🤗 I hope you enjoy it ❤
#flutelyfe 💕@acapellaapp @coldplay

From the workshop. The exclusive hand made pendant pledge from our kickstarter campaign is already halfway done. #twosetviolin @cemilgulasi.jewellery

One of the main principles of the baroque was "music as speech." Always make sure you're saying something with your music 😊 and yes I consider facial expressions to be a part of that 😅 Music: Allemande from Bach's 2nd Cello Suite

From party dress to violin case! Looks like the weekend free pass is ending my darlings 😁
I know I'm supposed to be sad, but in fact, I couldn't be more happy to come back to my routine 😍 what's your practice plan for today? Have a beautiful Sunday full of music! ❤️🎻❤️


This weekend it's cosplay shoes crafting time :D Sunny is making her Viola shoes and Kon is helping me paint my boots for Mercy. We are talking a lot about what cosplays to make next. There are so many lovely designs out there *^* ~Risa

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🎵Paul Hindemith - Concerto for viola "Schwanendreher" 1st mov.🎻
#viola #violist #concerto ''

Use this hashtag for let you notice -------> #CIMnoticeme
I'll post your video or photo👍

Adoro il #viola 😄


Found this gem, had to post!
Hopefully we will all work together again this summer.

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I #learned from my initial entry in #natural #bodybuilding back in the #nineties to #cook and #prepare #foods ahead of #time, and I still do. It saves a lot of #work and time. I had these two remaining 4 lb. quarters of #bostonbutt, so I went ahead and used the #station I had just used for the two pieces that are on the #grill. The, into a one #gallon #freezer bag. Now, the next time I want to #cook this #meal, all I have to do is #thaw out the desired #portion and apply #heat; no real further #prep involved. The flavorings and #rub are already applied. #viola. #photo #cooking #chef

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