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Yesterday we lost one true legend in rock history, Malcolm Young & I thought about doing a dedicated post to him today but sometimes when these things happen it just.. feels wrong. It's too sad. Too fresh. It takes some time to settle. So instead, let's focus on something positive like the fact that Kirk Hammett celebrated his 55th birthday yesterday. So here I am, on the floor, just you know... casually hanging out with my three favorite Metallica records, like you do. I'm actually wearing a Metallica shirt but that's not visible in this photo because I'm no professional "showing shirt in picture" person & frankly, I was way too hungry to take any more photos. PIZZA WAS CALLING. Pizza was good. But is Pizza ever not good? Pizza aside, I know my Metallica choices are: 1. A little predictable. 2. Slightly boring (not the records, though. Far from boring) 3. Very common. But what can you do, I like them the most. I could add "... And Justice For All" to this mix, I do quite enjoy that one but after that... I don't know. I need to be in the right mood for the rest of them. So what about you, friendly people from the internet? What three Metallica albums would you pick? 🍕 #metallica

Here’s a look at all that’s been found for the GameStop Black Friday box! Each box gets one pop, which could be a chase or regular exclusive, and then there’s a few other mini exclusive items. Most GameStop stores are opening at 4pm Thanksgiving however double check with your local store for operating hours.

I big thank you to all who helped me to fill out the gaps in my Nick Cave collection earlier this week. Got a lot of useful help. I think I got the five most of you pointed at. Just now it’s coffee and Abattoir Blues #nickcave #nickcaveandthebadseeds #myvinylstop #vinylgen_feature #vinylgram #vinylcommunity #vinylcollector #vinylcollection #nowspinning #instavinyl #piegaswitzerland #transrotor #usmhaller #densenaudio #33rpm #interior #interiordesign #instahifi

Tonight's playlist is a bit ambitious. LOL. I've found 4 of my favourite box sets and though Kamasi Washington might officially might "just" be an album there's still A LOT of records waiting to be heard tonight. I used to not be a big fan of box sets but now I just can't get enough of them. I'm especially happy with my special edition of Misplaced Childhood signed by Mr @fishderekdick himself. What's your favourite box set? 🤔❤️✌️ #boxset #prince #thesmiths #marillion #kamasiwashington

The Stone Roses S/T (1989) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So I've been challenged by @aekastar to share my favourite album. This really is a daunting affair as my choice changes and fluctuates on a day to day basis. Some of my all time favorites I've already posted and I didn't want to repost. So for today, it's going to be The Stone Roses debut. What else is there to say about this amazing record? It appeared from out of nowhere and has been transformative, not only for me, but for alternative music. The album just changed the rules. It showed that an indie band can jangle, rock and groove at the same time. It sounded thoroughly massive and ambitious which went against the grain of indie bands sounding small and precious. It's pretty hard to find another band who had as explosive a debut album as this. Perfectly formed on its release, it has stood the test of time for nearly 30 years and still continue to stun and delight me in equal measures. It's also my choice today because it was one of those records I recently recovered and I've been playing it again endlessly for the past two weeks. How many versions does a person need of this? Pictured here are the original US pressing (the one I just recovered) that contained Elephant Stone which the UK pressing didn't ; the Light in The Attic 2015 reissue in beautiful yellow vinyl remastered to 2 LPS; the US CD; the 10th anniversary 2CD set. There are a few other versions that I missed out on, and the DVD that I can't find at the moment. Seeing the live when they reunited 5 years ago was another highlight, reminding again how much I love this band and this record in particular. So excuse me now while I drown in the magnificence of I Am The Resurrection. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #thestoneroses #ihaveathingforvinyl


House Of Yhe Holy
Atlantic 1973

Happy 70th birthday to "Average Joe" Walsh, singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer, born Joseph Fidler Walsh on this day in Wichita, Kansas! He began his music career while attending Kent State University in the 60s, jamming with several Cleveland area bands. He made his 1st recordings in 1965, as lead vocalist on two tracks for Ohio garage bar band the Measles. Around Christmas 1967, Walsh heard that local guitar hero Glenn Schwartz had gone AWOL from both the army and his area rock band, the James Gang, so he auditioned and became the group’s guitarist/vocalist. In 1968, whittled down to a trio by absences, they opened for Cream at the Motown Grande Ballroom in Detroit. They decided to remain a trio, got a record deal, and enjoyed modest success through 1971, when Walsh left the band, moved to Colorado, and formed Barnstorm. Although officially credited to Walsh, the blues rock jam “Rocky Mountain Way” is a Barnstorm single. In 1975, he was invited to join the Eagles, though some considered him too wild for the über-mellow country-rock group; his wacky stage histrionics and the goofy sense of humor often displayed in his lyrics have earned him the sobriquet "The Clown Prince of Rock". His 1st LP with the Eagles was “Hotel California” (1976), now ranked by Rolling Stone as the 37th Greatest Album of All Time. Walsh has also played with The Party Boys, Ringo’s All-Starr Band, and had success a solo artist and session musician. RS ranks him as the 54th Greatest Guitarist and his work in "Hotel California" is considered one of the best guitar solos of all time. His skills have been praised by Page, Clapton, and Townshend, among others. He was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame with the Eagles in 1998 and he's won 5 Grammys with the group. Today’s featured album is “Thirds” (1971), the James Gang’s 3rd studio LP and Walsh’s last with the outfit. The album went Gold and produced the band’s highest-charting single, the swaggering hard rocker “Walk Away”, on which Walsh is credited with “guitar, vocals, and train wreck”. It’s the best song on an uneven album, but other Walsh highlights include “Midnight Man” and “Again”.

Talkie Walkie
Source/Virgin Music 2004
EMI Music France

The all new big brother to the Classic turntable from Pro-Ject Audio Systems the Superpack offers a quality leather mat, precision machined record clamp, speed box and Ortofon Quintet Red.⠀
All of this on top of the already outstanding design that features TPE damping throughout and obvious care and attention in all aspects of creation.⠀⠀
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Bowie is my idol and I love Mark Karn too who I think has a big part to do with the sound of Japan. and when I listen to ashes to ashes it always reminds me of Japan and Mark's style and bass line..
I've heard Mark's tribute of this song I guess the song really influenced him, and I believe if there's no David Bowie most of the world's music we know would be very different.
#davidbowie #bowie #scarymonster #ashestoashes #japan #markkarn

This afternoon’s journey through the #70s continues with Stevie’s #SongsInTheKeyOfLife and the Dan’s #CantBuyAThrill. Two classic albums, immaculately performed and recorded and a joy to listen to on #vinyl—but you already know this 😉

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