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I'm so happy to have @trainerjake back at Palihouse! Rooftop Yoga is on for the summer. Check his website for schedule. See you on the roof or at #aurayoga #chindrop #vinyassa #vinyasaflow

Last yoga class this wednesday 18h30 🤙🏼#yogaforclimbers #poweryoga #breath #yogateacher #vinyassa

We finally did the yoga challenge!!! It won't be up for awhile but thought we would give you a sneak peek! We died laughing the whole time. 😂 #yoga #yogachallenge #yogalife #yogapants #yogainspiration #namaste #vinyassa #yogapose #marriagegoals #yogapartner #fitness #workout #lifestyle #yogalo

Mude o ponto de vista. 🙏😀 #yoga #vinyassa #off #lifestyles

Not sure what pose I'm hitting but #Vino & #Vinyassa was dope as always #Namaste

We are born to move, our bodies can move in so many different ways but due to our habitual routines of life we tend to move them in the same way every day.
We sit in the same position, rest on the same side, carry our bags on the same shoulder, stand with our weight in the same leg, have our favourite position on the sofa, wear similar or the same shoes, walk the same streets, lift the same weight, eat the same food, drink the same drinks.....I could go on....our bodies aren't designed to just move in the same way over and over again. Just like anything in life if you keep using it in the same way over and over again it eventually wears out.
But we also get to a point where the bits that aren't used forget how to be used, the pathways from muscle to brain weaken and that area becomes stiff, tight, it hurts to move in different ways and then we really get stuck into the same old movement, because now that movement is easiest, the alternative is hard, sometimes painful and clumsy.
If we get stuck in this cycle we end up needing help with movement later on in life, we find standing hard, walking even harder and life becomes small, our world shrinks and what we once had vanishes
Movement isn't just about loosing weight or getting fit, it's about maintaining our ability to enjoy life, appreciate the world around us and doing this for as long as possible
I met an amazing guy last week, his reason for doing yoga was to stay mobile, I loved this, through mobility our life stays open to possibility, I know when my illness flares my life shrinks, the stairs become hard or even impossible, getting changed is hard and life is small.
Each day I make a vow to move in a different way even just for a minute, to explore movement, discover where I'm stiff and find freedom in life
As you read this adjust your position, sit differently, walk a different route, choose a different pair of shoes or kick your shoes off, change your bag over shoulders, pick the drink up with the opposite hand....all these small changes will leave you more alive, awakening areas of your body that have been sleeping for a while


Most people's default when they have a big dream is to not speak about it, incase it doesn't happen. To not get their hopes up in case they're not successful or to worry about all the ways that it may never happen. Even when the dream is so close to being achieved people don't like to speak about it incase anything falls through in the last moment or problems crop up.
I can see why they do this, I was one of them, I'd never get excited about things until they arrived, I wouldn't believe they'd happen until after they had, I never really spoke about things I wanted because I was worried those things wouldn't work out, but all I was doing was bringing negative energy into the situations, sending out negative vibes, showing my lack of confidence in the universe.
In order to really receive your dreams you need to be open and positive to what is sent your way, yes we can't control the future but we can put an energy out there that attracts the good stuff in.
You know the people that are always negative and negative stuff always happens to them, and then there are the people that seem to have it all and are positive with it so more good stuff happens.
Checking out you project your future dreams is important, manifesting positivity is vital and even going so far as seeing yourself in the dream, visualising it like it's real will send a big HELL YES to the universe that it is what you want. 💫
In essence the whole not committing thing is all about not trusting, not trusting in the universe that it will provide and will look after you. 💫
When I started trusting and believing that all was going to be ok, the universe came through in droves and it still does
Yes the big stuff, the really big stuff that's where my work needs to go, the stuff that is buried deep, the dreams that are so close to my heart that I need to give up to the universe and trust all will be ok, that's where I need to work. 💫
Where are you lacking trust, where do you need to do more positive manifesting rather than predicting the worst? Where do you need to believe in yourself and all around that all will be ok? ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

Wollongong Yoga Centre presents Anywhere Theatre Festival
Join Aviva with her one woman show,
HOT BOD 65 is a Vocal Dance performance and demonstration celebrating the beauty of moving and giving voice.
Audience participation welcome. Warm temperature yoga studio.

Wollongong Yoga Centre, 18 Kenny St.

Tonight 18th August 7pm
Tomorrow 19th August 1pm
Sunday 20th August 1pm

#anywheretheatrefestival #anywhere #theate #festival #poweryoga #hotyoga #wollongong #healthylivng #yoga #exercise #meditation #wollongongyogacentre #relax #bikramyoga #wollongong #bikramyoga #yin # power #hatha #vinyassa #pilates

I'm so excited to be hosting an Autumn Equinox Yoga Workshop on Sunday 24th September 12:30-3:30pm with healthy vegan snacks included - all equipment is provided - held in the amazing and beautiful @yogainhale studios we will flow through a practice to balance the body and mind during the change of season celebrating the equinox and the amazing shift in energy at this special time! We will finish with a relaxing yin yoga and a restorative yoga nidra. I hope you'll join me on the mat for a wonderful day of yoga and reflection - time to connect with the body and mind and re fuel the soul - spaces are limited so please get in touch to book via email or DM - big love Sophie ☮️🙏🏻💚🕉


Still not too late to sign up for yoga tonight at Cycle Élan. Come out for an all new sequence that will leave your body feeling much better than you came in...located on South Cobb drive...first class is free....I'll see you on your mat at 7 pm!!! #GetThisWork,#fit,#fitness,#yoga,#yogainstructor,#yogafit,#handstand,#handstands,#handstandlove,#handstandeveryday,#namaste,#atlanta,#atl,#atlantageorgia,#smyrnaga,#yogapractice,#vinyassa

Sunset Sessions Yoga will be held tomorrow outside and Friday 7pm - 8:15pm weather permitting of course! All levels and yogis welcome - please wear layers and bring a warm jumper or blanket and socks for savasana - if you have a mat please bring it along if not I have a few to loan - we will flow through some warming salutations find out balance and still the mind enjoying the sunset - class is contribution based so you can pay what you like I'll even accept the following 🥑🍌🍓 🙌🏼🙏🏻👍🏻 scroll down for details and location - looking forward to seeing you there .
247 Ashley Road Hale WA15 9NF

PORRIDGE X YOGA // A treat of a breakfast after an enjoyable yoga session this morning 🙏🏻 Thanks to @havermcr & @sportingtherapyclinic - what a way to start the day! #yoga #vinyassa #flow #porridge #blackberries #forraging #apricots #pistachio #granola #homemade #rose #thyme #manchester #northernquarter #instafood #nomnomnom

Do you want the chance to practice surrounded by the energy of horses in the depths of the countryside?
Well for tonight's Yoga For Equestrians (but not only for Equestrians) it looks like the weathers meant to be good so we can head out to @valleyfarmequestrian paddocks in search of some healing beautiful energy of pure nature.
It starts at 7pm and is a Deep Yoga Flow like my other classes, we'll be focussing in on dropping into the horse energy space and coming back to our true natural human selves from ancient times.
Starts at 7pm - 8pm but arrive 10 mins early if possible so we can take a walk to the meadows.
We'll be surrounded by nature, only the other night Valley farm posted a film of a barn owl flying through the meadows so it's going to be magical.
Comment below if you plan on coming so I know to wait for you 🙏🏼💖🐴🙏🏼💖

*Dawn teaching all classes*

Morning yoga in the beautiful mountains of BC. Hundreds of shambhala beauties starting the day the right way! @shambhala_mf #shambhala #shambhala2017 #happyshambhala #yoga #vinyassa #mountains #freshair #stretch

First forever flow class at #foreveryogastudio was a success!! Thank you for the love and support beautiful Yogi's! Looking forward to guiding you through many more yoga classes!!🙏✌👍 My next class is my personal Hatha class on Thursday at 9:30 am to 10:30!
💪💪💪 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪 #yogaeveryday #yogainstructor #yogafun #foreveryogastudio #foreverflow #flowitout #dontworrybehappy #yogalove #yogafordays #gowiththeflow #yogasisters #yoga #yogafamily #abqyoga #hotyoga #likeithot #enlighten #uplift #yogaflow #dropinyoga #stopdropyoga #yogilove #vinyassa

Join us this evening for hot yoga
6pm with grainne
7.30pm with ann
Spaces available for both
Hope to see you on the mat😃
#hotyoga #hotyogaliverpool #yogafriends #yogamat #liverpoolmeditation #liverpool #huntscross #yogastudio #namaste #vinyassa #corestrength #ashtanga

All classes are ON as normal for tomorrow's Ekka public holiday, including 3 FREE CLASSES (except the Mysore class)!!! At 5:30am Mysore class, special guest teacher, Heidi Parviainen and Yumi will be teaching the class. Come and join us @ Sanctuary ✨
5:30am- Mysore class
10:00am - General - FREE CLASS
5:45pm - Stretch and more - FREE CLASS
7:15pm - General - FREE CLASS

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