On vacation getting my #day1 challenge in for #warrior2 @niagrafallsscope 🌞SUMMER CHALLENGE ALERT🌞
We’re in the heart of Summer 💛 Let’s harness the power of that big beautiful star we orbit! Join us for #SunPowerYogis #yogachallenge July 22-26. We will help you feel this great energy deep within you, with all asanas focused on the solar plexus chakra. Come play with us and let your inner beauty radiate like the Sun!

🌞Sun-Lovin’ Hosts🌞

🌞Our Generous Sponsors🌞

🌞How to play🌞
1•Please follow all hosts and sponsors.
2•Repost this flyer (either screenshot, or use a repost app like @get_repost). Tag a few sun-lovin friends to play, too!
3•Post a picture or video daily with the hashtag #SunPowerYogis (make sure your profile is set to public, so we and other #SunPowerYogis can see ya in the gallery!)
4•Listen to your body, play safe, and (most importantly) HAVE FUN! Make lots of new friends and show some love to other #SunPowerYogis!

🌞Pose Lineup🌞
1•Warrior Pose (any variation)
2•Half Lord of the Fishes
3•Bow Pose
4•Boat Pose
5•Sun Salutation (post a video, or choose a pose out of it)

🌞We are connected to the source of all power, and it flows through us to encourage the power of others💛
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Class schedule w/c 23rd June

7.15am Vinyasa @lightcentreuk Monument
2pm Vinyasa @lightcentreuk Moorgate

8pm Yin yoga @lightcentreuk Belgravia

4pm Hatha yoga @UCL Bloomsbury

12.15pm Vinyasa Flow @lightcentreuk Belgravia
2.30pm Yin yoga @lightcentreuk Belgravia

9.30am Mindful Flow @eveandgrace_

12.30pm Beginner's yoga @unionstnyoga

DM me for further details or one to one lessons.

This upcoming week is going to be amazing. As well as a teaching 4 classes at @rawfestuk and teaching a number of private classes, I am also so grateful to be hired as a @yogi2me teacher! If you live in London and are looking for a private one-to-one yoga teacher, or a yoga teacher for corporate gigs, make sure you download the app Yogi2Me (on iPhone and Android) I’ll be covering postcodes in South West London and hopefully Central London. #dreamsdocometrue

When I was growing up, I used to be somebody. We were all in somebody training in those days. You become somebody, and then you tell everybody who you are. You hand out business cards, and you say, “How do you do? I am Somebody, and I do such and such.” Everybody is very important and special, and each person assesses how much more important they are than everybody else. We were all in that training.
I became somebody because my parents wanted me to be special, and my educators wanted me to be special, and they trained me how to do that. It’s called ego structuring. I really made it. I was really somebody. My parents were proud of me. I could look in their eyes and see pride and appreciation. That part was gratifying.
The only problem was, inside I felt lousy. I felt like somehow I should be happy. But I wasn’t. I thought, “Well, happiness isn’t everything, is it? As long as I am what everyone wants me to be, isn’t that enough?”But it wasn’t, and I felt very weird.
Polishing the Mirror - Ram Dass

I am feeling blessed to be working on something I’m passionate about. I don’t know what lies ahead, it could all be over in a month or even next week. Today I’m grateful because I’m in love with what I’m doing for living now and I don’t take it for granted. Things are happening, I have my first alignment workshop coming up next week, I’m team teaching a donation class in memory of my dear friend Bri, I started teaching a class at another great local studio and I’m hoping to launch the website next week.
Thank you to my loving and supportive community, you have all in some way encouraged me to push forward and see where this path goes #sangha #yoga #yogaworkshop #yogaclass #themomentisnow #live #actnow #love #comunity #oaklandyoga #oaklandyoga #vita #vitaoakland #hotspotyogaoakland #grateful #blessed #yogateacher #vinyasa #vinyasaflow #vinyasateacher #bayareayoga #eastbayyoga #now #petelongworthphotography @petelongworth

We have the tendency to take ourselves way too seriously.
Sometimes thinking we're better or more special than others.
And if this specialness is not being seen or appreciated, we are upset, we sulk, we roar.
We're hurt.
When we acknowledge that every living being is special in their own way rather thinking of ourselves as someone more or less superior, we can all live at peace with each other.
No more comparing.
No more making everyone else wrong.
No more suffering.
#ego #egoquotes #beautyinallthings #beautyinallbeings #wearebeautiful #preciouslife #inspoquote #waynedyer #waynedyerquotes #nomoresuffering #letgoofego #releasetheego

It is absolutely okay to not have all the answers, to take your time to figure out how things feel.

I know we're all adults here, and growing up we thought adults have all the answers and know everything.
And now that we are adults, we still feel aren't grown up enough, and we have to Google how to do a lot of things.
So, on this note, what would you like to be when you grow up?

Handstand practice this morning has got me hearing and loving the symphony. 🎶 check out my story to see me playing around with getting off the wall 🙃

It’s okay to feel good. It’s okay to think you’re hot. Its okay to post a selfie just for posting it. It’s okay to love yourself. It’s okay to see yourself, raw, unedited, and perfectly imperfect. ⠀

You don’t have to post a picture on social media like I did. But you do have to remember it. You are enough. ⠀

I just got these photos back from my photoshoot with @lucyluphoto and I am SO excited to start sharing them with you guys. I’ll be updating my website and will be starting a blog to share everything I’ve learned. Stay tuned so you can follow along the way! ⠀

And remembering , that body rolls and all, you are enough. Tag someone below who needs an extra little reminder that they are enough 🙌

🚨 New class alert! 🚨

Join me, every Saturday morning @eveandgrace_ for Mindful Flow.

I will be guiding you through a breath-inspired practice that invites you to tune in to the subtle energy flowing within.
Using your breath as a guide, you will be encouraged to honour what your body is asking for – listening, feeling and moving with the freedom to go where your body is telling you at that moment in time.
It’s all about moving mindfully, following your breath and connecting to your intuition.

I'm so excited to be bringing you this class, and can't wait to see you there. Saturdays, 9.30am @eveandgrace_.

💛 The heaviness, sluggishness and confusion of the previous few months is slowly lifting.
Old energies and patterns are being released to make space for a new chapter in my life.
I feel excited and a bit overwhelmed with all the work ahead of me. But feeling optimistic and having faith that I'm on the right path. 💛
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Sutra 1:1- Atha Yogānuśasanam "With prayers for divine blessings, now begins an exposition of the sacred art of Yoga." The theme for this week as some newly blossoming yogi's and yogini's step on to their mats for the first time to learn to focus and flow with grace and humility. We fall a lot in Yoga; we also learn to get back up, to stay with it and trust the process unfolds with time and often when we are most unaware of it. "NOW begins the teachings of Yoga"

If you are waiting for things to be perfect to start any endeavor, be prepared to wait forever. Yes, Yoga asks that we come exactly how we are with exactly what we have to offer in this moment. It's here, right in the middle of our mess with our tight hamstrings, lack of coordination, our racing thoughts and insecurities that Yoga truly begins to work. We don't need to fight for it. We only need to show up, breathe and allow Yoga to do it's job.
Thank you to those who show up in the middle of the mess-don't give up. NOW is the time for incredible change. #yogaeverydamnday #yoga #sutras #changestartsnow #vinyasateacher #iyengaryoga

There must be something strangely sacred in salt. It is in our tears and in the sea. —Khalil Gibran

I believe food is one of life's greatest pleasures.

I've never understood people viewing food as fuel. From childhood, my memories of places is linked to what I ate. The texture, the scent, the person I ate it with.

Makkah as a child with my grandma is condensed milk and white bread.
Madrid is giant strawberries, with the juice dripping down my chin.
Malawi is grilled fish and soft rice.
Working at the gherkin is mushroom risotto that @brynphipps17 made.
Hakkasan was the chili cashew prawns on my trial day.
What memories for you are linked to the food you ate? What takes you back to being 10 years old? What food makes you feel endlessly joyful?

Everywhere in nature we are taught the lessons of patience & waiting. We want things a long time before we get them, and the fact that we want them a long time makes them all the more precious when they come ~ Joseph F. Smith. 🌟Join me for yoga tomorrow at The Hub #southshields 10am-11am and 6pm-7pm. 📚No news on my book Beauty and the Gut - the publishers messed up and sent me the wrong version with none of the new changes I had made. I’ve emailed them & now I’m waiting for a response. It’s been almost a year since they received the book & I’m really tired of the wait....I need to make plans, I can’t be in for another Winter here! 🤦‍♀️😂#beautyandthegut @holistic_dani #yoga #northeast #publishedauthor #yogaeverydamnday #yogagirl #thewait #patience #pray #letgo #havefaith #beautyblog #writer #vinyasa #vinyasaclass #vinyasaflowyoga #musicislife #vinyasateacher #patientlywaiting #yogavideo #yogatime #yogatherapy #yogafit #getonyourmat #letsflow #bepresent #dreambig #yogabody #yogalover

“Know the difference between those who stay to feed the soil and those who come to grab the fruit” 🤔💭 | Think. Doubt. Ask 🌗 #latenightyoga

« Life will break you. Nobody can protect you from that, and living alone won’t either, for solitude will either hurt you with its yearning. You have to love. You have to feel. It is the reason you are here on earth. You are here to risk your heart. You are here to be swallowed up. And when it happen that you are broken or betrayed, or left, or hurt, or death brushes near, let yourself sit by an apple tree, and listen to the apples falling all around you in heaps, wasting their sweetness. Tell yourself you tasted as many as you could. » Louise Erdrich
I will be put on my pirate scarf like the queen I am and rock my day and yours!!!⚡️⚡️⚡️🖤🖤🖤
Meet me today at 8.30pm at @makemeyogaparis #summervibes #summerinparis #yogainspiration #yogainparis #parisianyogini #vinyasateacher #yogaclass #pirateyoga #pirateyogainstructor #pirategirl #pirategirlsrock #pirategospel #rockyourday #rockyourlife #rockyoy

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