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A timeless beauty 💫💫

⌚️Patek Phillipe Grand Complications Perpetual Calender
📸 @patekcollector

A BIG thanks for helping
us reach our first 200K👍👍🙏
Here's a rose gold Rolex pic to
celebrate our important milestone!
Much success to all our great fans!

Is this Bezel something you'd
Love or Hate? Green Gang 💰
Patek Philippe Nautilus Jumbo.
📷 @goldentimeco

Vintage Rolex GMT 1675. See site soon for details
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No filter needed! Ca.1950 Record Geneve Datofix.

That's one way to start a Friday morning 😎😎😎 // WHO WANTS IT???

Tudor Ref. 7031 Monte Carlo Home Plate Oysterdate Chronograph Steel sold in an @Antiquorum New York auction for $22,500. Have a watch to sell? Call us at (212) 750-1103 or email clientadvisory@Antiquorum.com.
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As I wear my 63' Datejust today... I found this vintage ad pretty humbling and true. A watch worn just to be worn as it does the job 🛠 as u all know, a vintage watch is a pain when it needs service or i.e a crown pops out n needs fixing, but getting something with history is all worth while imo. #toolwatch #TBT #patinathursday #joeweatherly #marketing101 #themgoodOLdays


Steinhart on open water. #steinhart #thechronoduo #diverswatch

The early 1970s was a time of great change within the watch industry, where the concept of a luxury watch in steel was truly revolutionary. The reference 5402 Royal Oak is often referred to as ‘Jumbo’, owing to its relatively imposing size for the period. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak debuted in 1972, and was the most expensive steel watch ever made. It was not only unprecedented in its design, but also in its initial pricing to consumers. The retail price for the watch was 3,750 Swiss Francs, more than four times the cost of any other steel watch of the period. As a result of the watch’s groundbreaking design, the very first ‘A-series’ examples were limited to just 1000 pieces, initially getting off to a slow start. It would be two years before another 1000 ‘A-series’ Royal Oak examples would see the light of day, completing an exceptionally limited series of 2000 ever produced. On the eve of Basel’s 1971 fair, Gerald Genta was tasked with the creation of an “unprecedented steel watch" – his night's work, today considered one of the masterpieces of his career. Audemars Piguet managing director of the time, Georges Golay, contacted Mr. Genta with a view to designing a totally new, steel, waterproof sports watch – understanding that the waterproof technology would require innovative strategy. Gerald Genta’s inspiration for the iconic Royal Oak architecture was to replicate that of the scaphander diving helmet, on the watch case, complete with eight screws and the joint visible on the cases’ exterior. As Mr. Genta recounts “I was given the ‘green light’ straight away to begin work on the prototype. I completed the prototype myself within a year. In 1970, I designed the watch. And it took one more year before industrial production, which finally came about in 1972”. Prototypes for the Royal Oak are said to have been initially manufactured from white gold, as the softer material was easier to sculpt and manipulate the varying degree of angular, brushed and polished surfaces. Unfortunately this fantastic example, though live, is now reserved, following last week’s post.

AP RoyalOak blue💙

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There is only one measured response to beholding the elegance, savior faire, and purity of design in a first series, unpolished Amagnetic Patek: 😱😵😱.

State of the watch box with the Vostok out for repair and the Relic on my wrist.

#lumeshot from @kirkemophoto . No filter needed😍

In a recent interview with Timepiece Chronicle, Christian, from Theo & Harris, sat down and discussed Ads, social media, homage watches and more! Kill some time at work and check out the full article by clicking the link in the bio above!!! 👆👆👆 (This Tudor Prince Oysterdate coming soon to the T&H watch shop! // Image via @timepiecechronicle)

New shell cordovan strap from Toronto's @oakandhoneyleather on my #Seiko #Skx007. Rugged and elegant.
Follow the link in my profile for the full story.

For SALE: a vintage Tudor Prince oysterdate in great condition.
Check the link in the description to get to the watch!😊

Часы с будильником! PARK WATCH ALARM. Переделка из карманных часов.
Механизм 20х-30х годов XX века от карманных часов с будильником. Крайне интересный и практичный вариант будильника в наручном исполнении.
Достаточно громкий бой (стоит гонг и молоточек как в репетирах). Очень редкий механизм - часы и будильник работают от одной заводной пружины. Есть возможность отключения боя будильника когда он не нужен.
Новый корпус нержавеющей стали, диаметр 45мм
Новодельный циферблат, вороненые стрелки.
Перевод малого циферблата управления будильником с помощью кнопки на заводной головке.
Гарантия на часы 1 год!
Уникальные часы, существующие в единственном экземпляре!

PARK WATCH Alarm. Pocket watches movement in new wrist steel case 45mm.


If the PVD monaco is the Dark Lord (Darth Sidious) leader of the Sith, is this Darth Maul the Sith Lord, a rank for a small elite group of one-downs from the Dark Lord. 🤔😬🙄😂

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