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I’m going way back into my/the past with this year’s #lolitalook for @phillysakura’s #cherryblossomfestival Some may remember when I was a square dance caller for the electro-country band AAAA Locksmiths & Bail Bonds. The gingham top & skirt are from then! I’ll wear my wedding boots with some tights & knee highs but I haven’t found what I’m looking for yet. I might make them too! I have so much lace & ribbon. I found some cute vintage-look buttons and bee things at the dollar craft store, & I’m fancying up the boater hat with white lace & blue ribbon & bees. I’m waiting on some bee bling for the vintage picnic lunchbox. I won the little bonnet brooch on eBay, & I purchased tiny pearls to replace the one missing in my cameo. The Kate Spade bag is wishful thinking & inspiration. #vintagelolita #countrylolita #lolitafashion #phillysakura #sakurasunday #hanami #cherryblossom

Preorder: Surface Spell 【-Unfinished Book-】 Series (2018 Version) ◆ New Color Available! Only 24 Hours Available for Preorder!!! >>> https://www.lolitawardrobe.com/search/?Keyword=Unfinished+Book
#TaobaoLolita #TaobaoLolitaBrand #SurfaceSpell #VintageLolita #ClassicLolita #LolitaFashion #Jfahsion #LolitaWardrobe

ラフォーレ原宿に新しくオープンした『a.axesfemme』に遊びに行って来たよ💕 店内が水色とアンティークで統一されてて可愛かった💙
went to a new shop “a.axesfemme” opened today! The vintage and sky blue wall is sooo pretty!

Ghost girls go to church every Sunday

So I forced @al3ynaaaa to wear one of my dresses and she looks amazing in it ❤️

#vintagedresses #vintagelolita #vintagegirls #vintageblouse #victorianblouse #valfré #valfre #valfrédress #reddress #cutereddress #collardress #stylepic #outfitpic #plantstyle #partnerlook #ghostgirls #churchclothes #churchoutfit #churchattire #classicoutfit

More late Christmas coords! I wore a variation of this one to a Christmas party and on the day itself. It didn't photograph so well but the jsk is made of cotton lace with a really pretty pattern.

Jsk: handmade
Cutsew: AliExpress
Fur: vintage
Hat: vintage
Jewelery: vintage
Corsage: Lotvdesgns
Socks: eBay
Shoes: Dansko
Shoe bows: Handmade

Happy Twelfth Night! I took advantage of being snowed in to take some photos of Christmas coords. I wore this to see the lights and decorations at Longwood Gardens. I made this jsk a few years ago but I think this is the first time I've worn it in photos. It has darling little squirrels and rabbits in the print!
Jsk: handmade
Blouse: Thrifted
Cardigan: altered Van Heusen
Beret: gift
Rosette: Lotvdesigns
Poinsettia Corsage: Lotvdesigns
Necklace: @mossbadger
Shoes: Dansko
Shoe Bows: handmade

Happy New year! Here are my three favorite coords from 2017. I wore and photographed more outfits this year and went to more events and meetups so it was hard to pick.

I went to see the lights and displays at Longwood gardens last night which were lovely as usual. With the necessary addition of the hat and vintage fur for warmth I ended up looking very flapper.

It snowed a good bit yesterday, which usually only happens once or twice a winter around here. Unfortunately it's melting so I likely won't get a chance to take any coord photos in it. So flashback to 2013 and one of my favorite winter outfits.

Jsk: Handmade
Cutsew: Thrifted
Jewelery: vintage Lisner
Corsage: Lotvdesigns
Fur: Vintage
Beret: gift
Rosettes: handmade
Purse: Thrifted
Socks: eBay
Heels: Naturalizer

Celebrating #finland100 #suomi100 ! Btw is this a 50s style dress or what? It doesn’t have a label on it and I don’t have the expertise to figure it out. 😅
#dolly #outfitoftheday #outfit #ootd #bluedress #vintagestyle #vintagelolita #vintageinspired #vintagebag #vintage #oldfashioned #classy #wannabe #今日のコーデ #今日のコーディネート

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