A woman.

matar a saudade hoje 💖😅

Só pq me acordei atrasada, e não fui pra escola eu tô com uma disposição, q meu Deus do céu

Bom dea ❤ @mcdonjuan


que saudades

Oi só pra quem tá super atrasada

Bom dia!! E para hoje que tal azul marinho? Calça Vintage CeA anos 90, em viscose com linho, maravilhosa!! Possui elástico nas costas, TAM 42/44, R$74,90 e blusa Vintage em crepe de algodão, com ombreiras, botões de madrepérola, TAM M/ R$54,90

Sometimes you find pieces that haven't a wow factor but they are way better than what you can find on the market. 🎩
The are better in terms of seams, quality and material( even though they aren't always made of natural fibers). And they can help you be a better person as well because in the world we live today recycling ♻️is a very important matter and we should all contribute as much as we can.
And there are times beside all I said before you find pieces like this one that "breads" the era in which it was made and that brings with it a sense of style and belonging!
Let's demonstrate that there's no need to buy countless piles of clothes that doesn't define us. Let's have a sustainable style with clothes that have a story and fulfill not just our needs but also our wishes for a better world! 🌱🌱🌱 This is now on Etsy, link in bio! ⬆️ #coldweather #vintagefashion #hainevintage #reuse #recycle #buyvintage #vintagelove #feminine #hat #bluetop #blazerlove #eighties #80love #that80feeling
#fallfashion #vintagestyle #vinatgestreetwear #vintageculture #recycledfashion #reusereducerecycle #reuserevolution #choosetoreuse #clothesforsale

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