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"The Elevator House" was requested on my Covershop @nijixoxo on Wattpad

Good Luck On Your Story -Niji
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We decided it was a truth or dare spin the bottle.
I grabbed an empty Coke bottle from the kitchen and placed it in the middle of the small circle we made in the living room. "I'm spinning first!!" Nikki screamed. She spun the bottle and it landed at me. "Okay Ally.... Truth or dare?!" She sounded mischievous. As she was a bit drunk I knew if I picked truth she'd ask if I had a crush on Matt. Although.. If she picked dare, she might ask me to kiss Matt. We kiss eachother on the cheek from time to time but it never means anything. "Truth" I took my chances. I'd prefer speaking over actions. "Okay... Do you think.. Richard and I will last for a long while?" I wasn't actually sure but she seemed to like him quite a bit so, "yeah I do actually" was my answer. I spun the bottle and it landed on Richard. "Dare." He said rubbing his hands together. "Uhm.." I looked at Chloe and Matt for an idea. Matt signalled me to listen to him whispering. I said to Richard, "I dare you to grind on nikki right now" Matt laughed looking at Richard. "I don't think he'd actually do it.." He said after about 15 seconds of him grinding, with his clothes on of course. "What do you expect he's a guy, guys are always horny." Chloe shrugged and Matt blushed. I laughed to myself. "Hurry up Richard its your turn to spin." Matt said. It landed on Chloe this time and Richard dared Chloe to twerk in Nikkis face. She did so as the inner party animal came out. When Chloe spun it landed on me again. "Awh when's it my turn." Matt whined. "Dare" I said seeing as my last truth was crappy. "I dare you to dare Matt to kiss you on the lips." She smirked. "And properly" she eyed Matt. Matt cleared his throat. "Well only if my spin lands on him obviously." I spun the bottle very lightly as Matt was beside me so it would hopefully not reach as far as him, although of course, it did.

I went straight upstairs took off my makeup, put on pyjamas and hopped into bed. "Hey Al" matt said smiling on my phone "hey matt" I was so tired I didn't even know what to say. ""What did you think of the movie?" He asked. I honestly hated it. If I watched it last week I wouldn't have. But I wasn't going to say that to him. "It was good." Was what I said. "What did you think?" "Eh it was better than I expected but it left out a lot from the book. And everything that was in the trailer was most of the movie I think" he laughed. "Oh yeah never thought of that you're right" I smiled. It was silent for a few minutes. "I'm so bored" I said to break the silence. Just when Matt opened his mouth to talk my mom barged into my room interrupting him. "Honey me and your father are going out tonight and won't be back till late. No party's." I scoffed at her saying that. As if I'd throw a party, about 4 people would turn up. "Fine fine you can go off ruining my party plans again" I said. She came over and kissed me on the forehead. "Thanks sweetie. Oh hi Matt!" She said to my phone. He waved and smiled. "Hey why don't you come over and stop wasting your battery! I'll text your mom and tell her it's okay" "uhh okay! Ally?" "Yeah sounds good" I said and waved my mom goodbye. "Oh wait mom!" "Yes?" "Can Nicki stay too pleasssee" "fine don't stay up too late byeee" just as I sent her the message i forgot about Richard. "Yeah but can Richard stay?" I texted matt to see if he'd mind but he didnt. So it was 3 people staying at my house instead of one yay. Guess it is a party. Richard and Nicki arrived and so did Chloe soon after matt did. I could tell Nicki had been drinking a little bit. She stormed into my house by going "SPINNNN THE BOTTLEEE" and nearly fell over her own feet. We all agreed we might aswell play it because we have nothing else to be doing.

Chapter 19:Krystal's pov
I ran out of the arcade and started to walk to my other best friend, Matt's house. It was already late when I arrived at Matt's. When I rang the doorbell I noticed my feet were so sore. A few seconds later the door opened to a half naked Matt standing there holding a laptop and wearing some headphones. I immediately jumped to him with a hug. Luckily he didn't drop his laptop when he returned the hug. When we pulled away he was blushing. As I walked to his kitchen he closed the door. I then walked to his room with a bag of chips, Matt followed. When I entered his room it was a mess but his bed. I jumped straight to the covers with the bag of chips. There was an awkward silence. Hut Matt broke it when he said,"whats wrong now". I groaned and said,"NASH AND CAM, why are boys so stupid". Matt just smiled. He then came under the covers with me to then give me another hug. I got flustered because I just now noticed he was shirtless. I then said,"Matt can you please do me a favor"?! He nod. I was half screamed saying,"PUT ON A SHIRT"! He just hugged me tighter and kissed my cheek before actually grabbing a random shirt. "You know u love my abs" he said. I laughed at his face saying,"your just skinny". I loved going to Matt's. He was like a close older brother to me. We were watching a movie when my phone rang so many times cause it was Nash, and my phone also vibrated with texts from Cam.
K: Matt what can I do?
M: Did you tell them whats coming next month
K: No they have you idea
M: Krystal this is a big deal
K: I know and I really didn't want drama but life isn't fair so. Tomorrow I gotta tell them both.
I texted both of them to meet me at the beach tomorrow at 5:30 I have something really important to tell you both!
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Chapter 18:Krystal's pov
As we stumbled to sit down at the dark corner the stranger removed his or her hands and I saw Cameron. I then slapped him right across the face. Almost screaming,"why the hell would you scary me like that"! With a disappointed tone he said sorry. Then I turned my attention to the crutches on the ground right next to Cam. I widened my eyes saying,"Cam did you walk here with crutches". When he was talking I could only here muttering cause his head was down. I then lifted his head and his lips were practically touching mine. We were silent for a few seconds then Cam said,"I came here all the way from the hospital because I wanted to tell you the reason why I was up at Nash's roof to see you". "No, Cameron I still thought about what you said to me at the movies and I just can't look at you right now", i said while standing up to find Nash and away from that creepy dark corner. As I was starting to walk I hear Cam trying to follow but I could tell it was difficult while he had the crutches with him. "Wait, please you have to know the reason". He said. "Why so in the end you can call me pathetic", I said with pain in my tone. As I started to pick up speed a few seconds after I hear a sharp scream caused by pain and a thud after. I then turned back around and saw Cam almost about to cry as I rushed back to him. He twisted his ankle again. "Cam why do you have to be so stupid". I said with a serious look. He laughed and replied saying,"because of you"."You think words like that would flatter me". As I began to stand up He said in panic,"kiss me or I twist my ankle in 3..",I looked down to see he had his hands on his ankles already. "2... 1/2", I then got back on the ground to kiss him but Cam kissed aggressively this time with a purpose. When I pulled away i saw Nash looking as broken hearted as he will ever be. I ran to him and he just handed me a bunch of tokens in an open back as he almost ran off, I grabbed his arm and scream wait Nash! He turned around almost about to cry saying,

Chapter 17:Krystal's pov
As we were walking I felt Nash had like another shadow. It was kind of awkward when we went in and Nash had his hand on my back because his hand was kind of low for a sec. When we went to the dark room of fun games it was kind of packed with nerds and gamers. The weird part was when some of them I knew cause I admit Im a bit of a nerd to. Nash took my hand and pulled me into one of those gun game. As he smirked and handed me a gun. I knew he was trying to tell me that he can beat me. I giggled,"nice smirk Nash but I own your ass at this game", i said. As time was running out i saw Nash under the pressure when I was shot him so many times till the end of the timer. With a proud tone I screamed,"and the pretty boy goes down". Then we saw everyone staring at us and I said,"what you nerds don't get happy when you beat someone at a game". With that said they just got back to what they were doing. I turned to a smiling Nash and he said,"you think Im pretty". I replied saying,"Yes I do Nashlynn". With that I wrapped my hands around his neck and started to lean in and pulled him in to a hug. I was laughing so hard in the inside, but just thought awe he must thought I was gonna pull him in a kiss, cute. As he pulled away are eyes met and he shyly looked down to check his pockets for any tokens left he said,"I'll be back I just have to get some tokens". I just nodded and giggled. When I was waiting a hand covered my eyes and mouth. And we stumbled into a dark corner.
To find out who pulled her
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Chapter 16:krystal's pov
I was shocked as he said that but just went along. "Ok, but where are we going, you know like a place". I said really obvious. He answered back saying,"oh we are going out for ice cream and probably to the arcade". We walked to the ice cream shop. Nash ordered,"can we have two vanilla ice creams please". As we sat down I asked,"Nash how did you know vanilla was my favorite"? "I remembered when you used to be so stubborn after my football games and after your cheering, so after we all got ice cream", He said. I replied," oh yeah and I remembered when I twisted my ankle when they threw me, you asked the coach to come out the game to check up me and when he said no you still check up on me, that was really nice of you". When I finished the sentence the guy handed us are ice cream and Nash immediately got a brain freeze. As I was eating Nash was just staring at me. "Nash what is there ice cream on my face or", I said with confusion. Then then started to lean in and he put his hands on my cheeks and he licked my cheek! "Nash what was that"?! He just then scratched the back of his neck and was blushing. I giggled as I stood up to throw away my trash. Nash followed behind as he pulled me into a hug from behind and said,"well im happy ur not sad anymore". With a puzzled expression I asked,"how did you know"?! "I still remember when you said that cam broke your heart and that stayed on my mind for a while and I just wanted to make you smile but this time the reason was because of me, now lets go to the arcade, where we shall have fun in a dark room", he said with an evil grin.
Im so sorry for not posting the chapters CAUSE I WAS HACKED!
I have another chapter comin tomorrow 🍭40 likes
#fanfic #macgonfanfic #magconfanfics #lovestory #nash #lovefanfic #fanfiction #magconedit #magconfanfictions #magconfanfiction #magconimage
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Chapter 15:Krystal's pov
I jumped a little bit and stood up from that bed thing. I soon faced Nash and asked," hey what took you so long", while looking at Cam then to Nash. Then he just made a pouty face and started to lean and pretend to fall on me.
Nash's pov
I started to fall toward Krystal to then hug her. I looked a Cam that was right behind her and gave him a glare. "Krystal Im tired can you carry me".
Kystal's pov
As Nash said those words it ran down my neck giving me giggles because he was a like 4 inches taller than me. "Nash you way a ton". When I went to pull away from that hug, out of nowhere Nash pulled me into a kiss and then I felt that we were hit by a pillow followed by Cam saying,"get a room". then grabbed the flowers and went to place them in this empty vase I found near Cams bed. When I went to go sit down on a chair I found something peeking under the bed. I got on my knees and pulled out dusty blankets. I looked at Cam and he had a smile on his face followed by a shrug. I still kind of hated him, i don't know. I sat on the chair and said out loud IM SO BORED! Then Nash pulled me by hand and told Cam bye we're leaving. We ran out the door still hand in hand and then ran out the hospital until I stopped him and let go of his hand then asked him,"where are we going". He answered back,"a date".
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#fanfic #macgonfanfic #magconfanfics #lovestory #nash #lovefanfic #fanfiction #magconedit #magconfanfictions #magconfanfiction #magconimage
#vinefanfic #camerondallas #camerondallasimage #cameronfanfic #cameron #mybestfriendsboyfriendfanfic

Chapter 14:Krystal's pov
After a few min, we came to the hospital. I had to let go cause they were gonna check his x-ray somewhere else. Me and Nash were waiting in the waiting room. I decided to sleep on his shoulder. I felt only seconds past when I was awoken and was told that we can visit. We went inside and the first thing I saw Cameron with a cast on his right leg on that bed thing with his eyes closed. The nurse said he was sleeping and that he slipped on some tile and cut himself. When the nurse left I scooted a chair closer to him a slapped his face. He quickly opened his eyes and asked,"what was that for"?! I gave him a look. Then Nash went on saying,"wait what just happened". "Oh yeah I forgot to tell you,Cameron hurt my heart", I said while looking at Cam then Nash. There was an awkward silence. Then Nash said,"well if you both don't mind Im gonna go let y'all work things out and go to the flower store near-by". As he left Cam was just looking at me with a smirk. "What are you looking at", I said. He then said,"why are you here"? As I stood up and went to look through the large window and then saw Nash walking as it started to drizzle. As I turned around to come close and sit near him. I responded,"Cam, you might not like me and I might hate you, but your my best friend and I can't change the past, and hating you doesn't mean I can't be nice". He then gave me a smirk and said,"oh well, I think you can be even more nice if you could snuggle up near me". "Don't push it and you know your really making it really hard to make this a warming moment", I said standing up and putting my hands on my hips raising and eyebrow to face him. He had a big grin on his face and said,"so this is a moment"?!😏 "Really Cam"?! I said again. He shot back saying,"no no no sorry,but really can you lay down next to me cause I asked that nurse for some blankets before I dozed off but she never came. As I childishly made a pouty face I walked over to Cameron and he wrapped the thin covers and his muscular arms around me. When I was about to fall asleep I was surprised when Nash popped through the saying I brought you flowers Cam!
Intense convo thoe
Working on other fanfic

Here you all go💥
Chapter 13:Krystal's pov
Uhhh my head was thumping! I felt something tickle my neck. When I turned to face Cam then I woke up scream. As I saw Nash right next to me. "Nash were you just... I was cut off when he immediately said,"no". Okay. When I stood up too fast I almost fainted, but just landed in Nash's arms. "Nash can you please go get me some food". ☺️I said. He then cradled me to bed and said fine. He then ran downstairs. As I closed my eyes to rest I heard knocking through the window. As I opened my eyes I saw Cam through the window. I mouthed the words, what are you doing here. When I heard footsteps coming up and assumed they were Nash. So I opened the window and said,"hide, Nash is coming". He then scooted to the right of the window and I jumped to bed. As he came in I saw he had a bowl of soup and what appears to be an egg salad on a tray. I stood up a little as he asked,"why the window was open". As he looked to the window then looked to left...ri I pulled his shirt and then kissed him to then stopped to see him smiling."Why are you smiling"? I questioned. "Cause I always had liked you". I saw Cam through the window a little disappointed."Awe thats cute but Im older than you". "Age is but a number baby girl" he said in a deeper voice. As I smirked i said,"really baby girl, like the voice hate the cheesy comeback". As we both laughed me heard a big thump through the window. We both quickly went to the window and saw Cam on the on the ground. Nash ran downstairs, as I was in shock. I then snapped out to reality as I then climbed through the window and managed to jump and climbed from roofs to ground. I ran to Cameron and put his head on my lap, I checked his pulse and he was still breathing. Nash dialed 911 and the ambulance came just a few min after. As all we entered the ambulance car thing . I sat by Nash while holding his hands. When I was looking helpless Cam, I saw that he was trying to reach for something and I knew what it was as I then held his hand and smiled.
I don't think either
P.s something might
happen at the

Chapter 12: Krystal's pov
Cameron then said," I can explain". "Can you"?! Me and Emily both said. We saw he was in a panic. "Emily I love you not Krystal". "What", I said in shock. "Im sorry Krystal I was just playing with your emotions, just to bulid you up then knock you down", he said while slowly looking at you. I heard Emily say after,"wow you must feel pretty pathetic, Krystal". I just looked at Cameron,"well good job, you did". As I was gonna run home I felt the photos in my pocket. As I looked back at Cam and Emily I then said, "oh yeah and Cam you can keep this and you should probably ask Emily about her old boyfriends,and why they would never stick, That was really pathetic that I practically almost told her secret, but that asshole saw it coming. As I was walking I felt rain. It was pouring really hard. I felt my broken heart as every step I took feeling sicker. As I was walking I saw Nash's house I had to go there I felt a massive headache and the hot fever. When I went to the door I rang the door bell and saw Nash I heard him say something but couldn't figure out the words. As I was going to step in I felt myself faint as the dark unconsciousness went through my whole body.
So sorry it late and short but
Here. -do u think it
Should be Nash or Cam
To be with her

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Chapter 11: Krystal pov
As I sat on the couch, and still feeling the photo booth pic on my pocket, waiting for Cam. It was kind of awkward sitting there waiting for Cameron with Emily. As he can downstairs he said,"Yay there's my two girls, my best girlfriend, and my best friend"! "Where are we going",I just said. "Well to the movies, we're watching a scary movie". He said. Watching scary movies was are thing I thought and I know exactly what they were going to do, cuddle, hold hands,kiss, and etc. The car ride wasn't long but just awkward. When we got all the popcorn. Over course they sit in the back and Emily sat in Cam's side and I just decided to sit in the other side. As the movie started. They scooted closer with each other and it just became even more awkward. As she put her head and on his shoulder I got jealous and as he kissed her. I STORMED out of there and went straight outside for some fresh air. I saw Cam follow. "Why are you following me"? "Cause you've been weird all day and I wanna comfort you and we haven't talked and I really do wanna talk to you". "Ok than it really fun to hangout with you yesterday, I mean I LIKE you but you have a girlfriend and it was...". Then I was cut off with Cam saying,"wait you like me". "Yeah for like 8 years now and seriously you never noticed, I mean everyone knows it too, Nash,Hayes,Matt,Carter, and even Skylynn, but it's stupid cause you like her." After a min of silence he said,"you know I do actually like you, Im dating Emily to make you jealous". "You don't mean that", I said. As he smiled I looked to face him. He started to lean in and so did I, then and there that was the my first kiss! "I love you, Krystal"!☺️ "I love you too, Cam".😊 Then we heard Emily,"Cameron Alexander Dallas, you what"! Then we both stood up and Cam just said
What do you think he'll SAY🙊

#fanfic #macgonfanfic #magconfanfics #nash #lovefanfic #fanfiction #magconedit #magconfanfictions #magconfanfiction #magconimage
#vinefanfic #camerondallas #camerondallasimage #cameronfanfic #cameron
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Chapter 10: Krystal pov
I woke at Nash's house in his room, as I stood up I noticed I was wearing a different shirt. Wait! Did Nash change me! I thought. As I heard someone come through the door I thought it was Nash, but saw Skylynn. She came up to me and asked me,"can you keep a secret"? I awkwardly said,"sure". She motioned her hand to bent down and as I bent down she said,"Nash... We were then disturbed when Nash came through the door. Then Skylynn just ran away. The first thing that came to my mind was,"Nash why are my clothes different from last night"? "I changed it, but don't worry I didn't strip down or anything I just put one of my old t-shirts on you over your bikini". "Ok" I said."Well I gotta get home me and Cam were gonna hangout". He immediately asked,"can I come"?! I shoot back with a no. As I entered the bathroom I saw NAKED HAYES. And screamed at the top of my lungs and immediately said sorry! Hayes quickly grabbed a towel and then Nash came in with panic."Is everyone ok"?! He said. "Yeah, but probably ask Krystal that". Hayes said. Nash then paid attention to me. Then said,"thanks a lot Hayes you probably scarred her for life". I then snapped to back reality. And said okay. I just gave myself a min to breath and then asked everyone to leave. I change to comfortable jeans and a loose crop top and just wore my white converse. As I was about to walk out the door, I noticed I dropped the pics I took with Cam. Then I asked Nash for a ride. As I rang the door bell, Emily actually appeared at the door. As I went inside I thought GREAT IM THE THIRD WHEEL IN THIS.
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Chapter 9: Krystal's pov
I walked over to Cam and helped him up and said Thanx. As I turned around and saw Nash was so close. He said,"well I was also gonna save you". I replied saying,"well if you did you know what your prize would have been, I then wrapped my left arm around his neck and put my other hand on his abs and started walking forward to the pool and at the edge I was about to kiss him, but instead I pushed him in the pool! I giggled as he thought he would actually have a chance. As he surfaced the water he had a puppy dog face and he had his arms open. I then just jump. So did Cameron. Then Nash put me up on his shoulder. As I was slipping a little bit. Nash touched my ass."Nash"! He then said sorry with such a cheesy smile. Hayes went on Cam's shoulder and we had a chicken fight me and Nash totally won. We went out of the water when everyone was around a campfire and Shawn was singing life of the party with his guitar. I was using Cam,Nash, and hayes as a bed my head and shoulder were with Cam, stomach and hand with Nash, and my leg and feet with Hayes. Good thing I shave this morning. As Nash was holding my hand I fell asleep on Cam's chest and I felt Hayes using one of his hoodies on me like a blanket. I as was about to doze off I was thinking if Nash would actually like me, but he's like a brother a cute brother.
Sorry for the wait
my internet was down📡

#fanfic #macgonfanfic #magconfanfics #nash #lovefanfic #fanfiction #magconedit #magconfanfictions #magconfanfiction #magconimage
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Chapter 8: Nash pov
As I was talking to Matt I heard Hayes screaming about Krystal. The next thing you know I took off my shirt and jumped into the pool, I was looking for her until I found out that Cameron all ready did. As we all swam to shore. I helped Cam carry Krystal to the ground. We all watched Cam give Krystal CPR.
Cam pov
I was giving her CPR I didn't know how to do it in so much panic! The next you know I was putting my tongue in her mouth on accident (while giving her CPR). Then she started coughing out water as I stopped.
Krystal pov
As I still had my eyes closed, the person probably didn't see my cough cause that person just started kissing me, then I felt something in my mouth. I then opened my eyes and saw CAMERON as he pulled away. I pulled out what was in my mouth and saw a piece of gum."Cameron you left something in MY MOUTH"! Cam took the gum and just put it back in his mouth and everyone just laughed and went out with what there doing. As Cam helped me up Nash pushed him and immediately asked if I was ok. I giggled and said yah.
Here you go I'll make the next chapter in the next hour

#fanfic #macgonfanfic #magconfanfics #nash #lovefanfic #fanfiction #magconedit #magconfanfictions #magconfanfiction #magconimage
#vinefanfic #camerondallas #camerondallasimage #cameronfanfic #cameron #mybestfriendsboyfriendfanfic #mybestfriendsboyfriend

Chapter 7: CAMERON'S POV
As she was striping drown and change I was gonna peek but I was elbowed in the face,thanks to Nash.
Krystal's pov
As put on my new floral ruffled bikini that I got from American eagle. I both thank them but they were just staring at me. I then broke the bit of silence and thanked Nash again. He was a bit confused and i answered,"I saw you elbowed Cameron". I then started walking to the pool. I was near the edge cause I couldn't swim. I saw Hayes and called him over, I asked,"can you piggyback me around the pool"? He then said sure. I immediately jumped on his back."Swim my trusty sea horse". He then swam around until I felt some pulled my foot down the really deep end. i started to screamed nobody heard me,nobody noticed me, and before I was unconscious I saw a figure swim up but not help me.
Srry its short but,
Who will save her Nash or Cam❣
#fanfic #macgonfanfic #magconfanfics #nash #lovefanfic #fanfiction #magconedit #magconfanfictions #magconfanfiction #magconimage
#vinefanfic #camerondallas #camerondallasimage #cameronfanfic #cameron #mybestfriendsboyfriendfanfic

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