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#vincentnroxxy all up on #netflix n shit. Just sayin 🤷🏽‍♀️. @thehirsch ❤️

Scott at the premiere of his movie Vincent n Roxxy, go watch it now!! #KidCudi #VincentnRoxxy

Some of the coolest moments I spent last year was having the good fortune of working on the #VincentNRoxxy score. Just saw the premiere. Friggin MIND BLOWN. thanks you all @vincentnroxxy can't wait for the world to see this.

So proud to hear my song 'Born Again' in Vincent N Roxxy 🖤🎶
#singer #songwriter #artist #vincentnroxxy #music

#zavan #vincentnroxxy film festival.
Photo in HQ ♡

Dear @zoeisabellakravitz , your performance in #vincentnroxxy is perfection ✨#zoekravitz


#ロキシー #VincentNRoxxy #japaneseillustration #movieillustration #ZoëKravitz #EmileHirsch #EmoryCohen

原題は『 Vincent N Roxxy(ヴィンセントとロキシー)』だったのを、邦題では『ロキシー』にしてヒロイン映画としたのもよくわかる。ロキシーがかっこいいし、悲しいんだもん。

ていうかゾーイ・グラヴィッツってもう売れっ子なのか。『ファンタスティック・ビーストと魔法使いの旅』とか『マッドマックス 怒りのデス・ロード』出てんのね。

あとはヴィンセントの兄を演じたエモリー・コーエンも良かった。オスカー候補の『ブルックリン』の人。子犬系俳優の1人だと思うんですが、今回はヒゲ面のヤバい兄貴。こういう人が悪い役をやってくれると悲しみが追加されるので映画に奥行きが出ますね。 *** 舞台は、アメリカの都市と穀倉地帯。世界情勢から切り捨てられてような土地で2人はひっそりと平和に暮らすことを望んでいるけど、連鎖する〝暴力〟からは逃れられない。


最近『二十日鼠と人間』を見返したんですが、ああいう衝撃が再び。。『アウ●レイジ 最●章』がちょっと物足りなかった方にはちょうどいいのでは。 *** 「アメリカン・ニューシネマの進化形!」とのことですが、この埃っぽさと鉄分の多さは確かにそう。



Vincent n Roxxy (2016)

Imdb Rate: 5.5
Rotten Tomatoes: 44%
Metacritic: 43
Movie Rated: 👌


Beautiful tracking shot when we introduce JC with the dead weather playing behind it. Great scene. JC is an asshole, but a lovable asshole. His raspy voice and tough guy demeener ia a whole lotta fun to watch.
Zoe Kravits is a heartbreaker, there's so much goin on in her eyes. Pain, secrets, she's always so good in every role Ive seen her play.
Emile Hirsch really touched my heart with his  performance. Kinda stoic, mysterious all the while endeering. Also totally batahit crazy when he needs to be. Which is pretty evident from the first scene.
Character development is strong here, the writing is pretty sharp, no moments seem to drag or feel outta place. I really enjoyed the period of peace, partially played through a nicely paced montage. Your general "shits good right now" montage with a catchy indie rock song behind it. Of course the shit hits the fan, inevitably. Unfortunately after the montage  it does take a minute for that shit to hit that fan. Fortunately in that time ww have Hirsch and Kravits playing off each other so well. The chemistry is definitely there. They're so cute together.
Let's talk about Daryl, this piece of shit. Deserves all the shit that comes his way. What a fucker.
When the movie hits that hour mark, it gets rough, then we get a breather, a heart to heart between brothers, lovers coming to an agreement.
Favorite line of the movie Roxxy: It's everywhere, it's who you are, its in your blood.
Vincent: What's that?
Roxxy: Violence.

I like how the tension builds, questions form in your mind, just like the characters you're just  along for the ride until it all reveals itself. Whooooo, remember that breath I was talking about? Yeah you don't get one when this kicks off. I legit got nauseas from the tension. This is  definitely in my wheelhouse. If I were ever hired to write a romance, this is what I'd write.
Tonal shifts may throw people off, I had a giid grasp on what was trying to be said.  The nihilist and even more so, heartbreaking style of this film might turn folks off completely.
I dug the hell out of it.
It's not perfect, but it is effective.
I'll go a solid 8.5/10
#vincentnroxxy #channelyourinnerroxxy

Nah. But it'll be fun. A few years ago I used to give the middle finger to #romance #movies. Still do to ones like #fiftyshadesofgrey. But then there's #likecrazy, #vincentnroxxy, and #twoloversandabear. Then I have faith. #screenwriting #lovestory #loneliness #fantasy

This little movie ain't so bad. The third act is a bit much, but I love the blossoming love. I'm getting that #sundayfeeling. #vincentnroxxy #indie #cinema #drama #romance #crime #netflix

Vincent N Roxxy premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival last year, had a limited theatrical release earlier this year, and was released nationwide over the summer. It is now available to watch at Netflix, and we just published an interview with director Gary Michael Schultz.
The film stars @emilehirsch (Vincent), @zoeisabellakravitz (Roxxy), @zoeydeutch, Emory Cohen, and Scott "@kidcudi" Mescudi.
#vincentnroxxy #garymichaelschultz #emilehirsch #zoekravitz #zoeydeutch #kidcudi #indiefilm #tribecafilmfestival #netflix

Vincent n Roxxy a movie I didn't expect much from but I came away pleasantly surprised. It's a love story turned revenge flick. All the acting was pretty decent but Emile Hirsch didn't work for me. He just didn't portray the loner badass type. He played the nice guy very well but wasn't believable as the tough guy. I did however think Zoe Kravitz was fantastic. The story was pretty basic, it did have a few little twist that were nice and gave the story a little more meat to it's bones! I also enjoyed the music in the film, it played very well with the chemistry between the two leads which was the driving force for the first half of the film. Now the last half of the film turned very violent and things happened that I wasn't expecting to happen which I enjoyed to say the least. It was nice to be surprised because normally I know how films are going to play out. Now for the finale it had dare I say a Taxi Driver feel with the reckless abandonment and violence. It was great!! Overall V n R is a violent love story that I definitely recommend. ---(B)--- (Fun Fact) Anton Yelchin was set to play Vincent but backed out do to scheduling conflict. I think that would have been cool. #vincentnroxxy #zoekravitz #emilehirsch #movies #moviebuff #moviereview #funfact #antonyelchin #movieday #follow #followme

Vincent N Roxxy is satisfying and intense! A real splendid Leo N Gemini lovechild. Makes sense. Catch it on Netflix 📽#vincentnroxxy

#vincentnroxxy Wow! Amazing! Loved It!

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