Just discovered this account.....so fascinating and educational as well as inspirational...like this woman here... Who would have known there was a Chinese godmother of Reggae??? #Repost @17.21women (@get_repost)
“Reggae isn’t watered down. It’s not machine-made. It’s like organic food, you know, food for the spirit and the soul. It has so many elements to express so many different moods. Reggae is a music you just never get tired of listening to. You can’t hold onto it, though. It’s like love. You pass it on, and you pass it on, and someone else passes it on.”
—Miss Pat Chin, 80-year-old godmother of reggae

Patricia Chin, Chinese-Indian Jamaican co-founder of VP Records in Queens, NY—the largest publisher and distributor of reggae and dancehall in the world with satellite offices in Johannesburg, Kingston, Rio de Janeiro, London, Tokyo, and Toronto/alongside her late husband Vincent “Randy” Chin, opened Randy’s Record Mart in 1958 in Kingston, Jamaica/opened Studio 17, a production studio, where artists including Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Fats Domino, Toots and the Maytals, the Skatalites, the Heptones, and Bunny Wailer recorded/the Chins were instrumental in shaping the careers of these now legendary artists/Miss Pat continued to nurture the careers of new artists like Foxy Brown, Shaggy, Sean Paul, and Augustus Pablo/she remains the matriarch of VP Records, her work in music now going on 60 years

With Vincent “Randy” Chin, 1980; photo courtesy of VP Records▫️In Studio 17, #Kingston, late 60s; photo courtesy of VP Records▫️Randy in Studio 17, 1971; photo, unknown▫️Randy with #FatsDomino; photo, unknown▫️Randy’s Record Mart, Kingston, 1975; photo by Ted Bafaloukos▫️Randy’s, late 70s; photo, unknown▫️With #SnoopLion, 2013; photo by Jeff Bachner▫️Photo, unknown▫️VP Records in Jamaica, Queens; photo, unknown▫️Randy’s record
#patriciachin #misspat #reggaepioneer #sheo #vincentchin #randychin #vprecords #randysrecordmart #studio17 #jamaica #queens #ska #reggae #dancehall #bobmarley #petertosh #bunnywailer

Happy Birthday to this talented and amazing human being, @anthonyma. 🎂🎁🎊🎉 Cheers🥂 to your big birthday! Thank you for being you. Thank you for the love and support you give to all of the people you care for. You make me a better person. And i am so excited about all the things we are working on together. #vincentchin #miniseries #untitled #comedythriller #queens... let’s keep inspiring each other to make the stories we want to make... oh... and “oh shoot!” 😂☺️💗// still from our #shortfilm shot in #longisland - #ourwayhome // #femaleproducers #team @ash__monique @rebeccaloush @philosophie #cinematography @enrunz #costumedesign @amyjeannefox

♀From March 18, 2017 — with new images and research added today
“There is a drill that nearly all Asians in America have experienced more times than they can count. Total strangers will interrupt with the absurdly existential question “What are you?” Or the equally common inquiry “Where are you from?” The queries are generally well intentioned, made in the same detached manner that you might use to inquire about a pooch’s breed.”

“Feminism is not a racist ideology. If someone claims to be a feminist but exhibits exclusionary behavior and is reluctant to change — we all have prejudices, so I'm not holding feminists to a higher level — I expect them to change. What I say to women of color and other young feminists or womanists is this: there is no Women’s Movement, capital W, capital M. There are women's movements, plural.”
Helen Zia, queer Chinese American writer, journalist, and scholar/activist icon for Asian, women’s, and LGBTQIA rights/a member of Princeton University’s first graduating class of women in the early 70s/co-founder of the Asian American Students Association/active in movements creating cross racial unity among low income people of color/played a crucial role in bringing federal civil rights charges against the perpetrators of Vincent Chin’s murder through her journalism and advocacy work/her investigation of date rape at the University of Michigan led to campus demonstrations and an overhaul of its policies/traveled to Beijing for the United Nations Fourth World Congress on Women as part of a journalists of color delegation (1995)/former executive editor of Ms. magazine (1989–1992)/she and her partner Lia Shigemura were one of the first same-sex couples to legally marry in the state of California (2008)
NYC's Chinatown, 1992 at an event for the 10th anniversary of #VincentChin's death; photo by Corky Lee▫️Photo unknown, 1983▫️Photo by An Rong Xu▫️Getting married, San Francisco City Hall, June 17, 2008; photo by Justin Sullivan
#helenzia #qpoc #intersectionalfeminism #civilrightsactivist #queerrightsactivist #lesbian #pride

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On this day in 1982 Vincent Chin died in Detroit Michigan after being beaten with a baseball bat by white man enraged by auto layoffs due to Japanese imports, they thought Vincent, Chinese American was from Japan and took out all their rage on him, he died four days after the beating. This case predated hate crime laws and the defendants got off at every trial for one reason or another. This tragedy helped support a growing pan Asian American consciousness and later helped influence future hate crime legislation. I highly recommend the film Who Is Vincent Chin? #vincentchin #hatecrime #asianamericanhistory #contentmatters #communityfirst #hellafamous

36 years ago today, Vincent Chin was beaten with a baseball bat by 2 white men because they thought he was Japanese. It didn't matter that he was a Chinese American; he was just a chink in these racists' eyes. They served no jail time, were given three years probation. #vincentchin

‪Uncle Sam Goddam:‬ #VincentChin

True af I understand the Asian divide back in Asian countries but we should not have any Asian divide in America if anything it shouldn’t matter if your Chinese Filipino Cambodian Lao Vietnamese Japanese korean Hmong etc cause in a racist eyes we are all the same if a racist wants to harm an Asian cause he’s North Korean or Chinese do you think he’s going to care if your a Vietnamese from San Jose you think they going to differentiate a South Korean from a North Korean no they won’t Asians East Asian south East Asians & Pacific Islanders need to stick together and come together ... #asianmeme #asianmemes #asiansbelike #asianpeoplebelike #asianandproud #asianpride #vincentchin #racism #fuckracism #immigration #socialissues

#ICYMI | On June 19, 1982, Vincent Chin, a Chinese American, was beaten to death in a hate crime in Detroit, Michigan by laid off auto workers who blamed Chin for their unemployment. •

#RiseUpAsOne #EndHate #EndRacism #EndRaceBasedViolence #VincentChin #StandStrong #StrongerTogether #KnowYourHistory #SoYouDontRepeatIt

On June 19th in 1982, 27-year-old Vincent Chin was celebrating his bachelor party 2 days before his wedding in Detroit, MI when he was severely beaten by two white autoworkers, Ronald Ebens and Michael Nitz. Chin died from his injuries 4 days later. Ebens and Nitz were convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 3 years probation. Neither served any jail time for Chin's murder.

The murder of Vincent Chin was a catalyst that brought Asian Americans together to organize for civil rights and to create conversations surrounding race that included Asian Americans in order to address anti-Asian bias.This pivotal moment in Asian American history launched the Pan-Asian American civil rights movement and is a reminder that we must work together and stand in solidarity to end racial violence, not just for APIDAs, but all marginalized communities.

#vincentchin #apidahistory

Today marks the 36th anniversary of the murder of Vincent Chin. Its eery to think just 36 years ago, someone was bludgeoned to death for no reason than his skin color alone. The murderers served no jail time and was sentenced to 3 years probation. This was a pivotal moment in Asian American history and serves as a reminder that the fight for equality, justice and basic human rights should never come at the cost of an innocent life #vincentchin #asian #asianamerican #racism

36 years ago today Vincent Chin was killed by two autoworkers upset with the rise of the Japanese auto industry. His assailants never served prison time, leading to the emergence of a pan-ethnic Asian American & Pacific Islander movement. Together we must stand up #againsthate and end #racialviolence.
#communitiesagainsthate #vincentchin #aapi #hatecrimes #hatecrime #stophate #civilrights #humanrights #asianamerican

Just two days before his wedding, #VincentChin was harassed and murdered by two former auto workers who mistook Vincent as Japanese when he was actually of Chinese ancestry. The #hatecrime came about when a mass layoff of auto workers in Detroit were suddenly replaced and displaced by Japanese automakers and this had frustrated many of them to focus their hatred on anyone with an “oriental” appearance. The two murderers never served jail time and instead were given 3 years of probation. This angered the Asian American community and thus began the Pan-Asian American civil rights movement. 💛💛💛 #rememberingvincentchin #asianamericanheritagemonth #asianamerican

“Maybe it’s just because we’re known as the ‘model minority’ and we sweep a lot of things under the rug”
I recently watched a video from @nbcasianamerica about Vincent Chin. In 1982, he was beat to the brink of death, in short, for being Chinese. He was 27 years old.
Two men tracked him down from a club, where he was out celebrating his bachelor party, and beat him with a baseball bat. In a coma, Vincent died 4 days later due to injuries to his head. Legal ramifications at the time meant that the men who committed the crime, were only given (basically) a slap on the wrist.
They had mistakenly thought Vincent was Japanese, and blamed him for the auto industry layoffs of Detroit’s greater metro area.
Watching this video and hearing his story, made me angry. But it also made me afraid. Afraid for my friends and my family who sometimes speak their native languages out in public. Afraid for my fellow brothers and sisters of color who share my black hair and almond eyes. Afraid for my nephew, who’s still learning about the world and seeing it with fresh eyes and a happy heart. Who has no idea his neighbors might look at him differently.
It’s 2018. I didn’t need this video to remind me that still, in 2018, being black, Muslim, Hispanic, gay, etc, you name it-just about anything other than “traditional” American, can mean a target on your back. I am American, born and raised, tried and true.
But I’m not even sure what that means anymore. When did America stop being a country of immigrants? When did we stop appreciating the beauty in diversity? When did we stop “[holding] these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” America, I might not look exactly like you, I speak more than one language and I am proud of all the aspects that make up who I am. I am equally proud to be Chinese as I am to to be American. We are still a melting pot. We are still stronger united. Embrace our differences. We’re all in this together.
#asianpacificislander #heritagemonth #vincentchin #unitedwestand #america

Knowledge is a privilege. Do not attack folx but rather share the knowledge that you are privileged to know. May is Asian Heritage Month. @jubileemedia #asianheritagemonth #VincentChin

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