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American Citizens for Justice (ACJ)/Asian American Center for Justice is one of the board of directors I humbly sit on.
I’d like to extend a thank you towards Roland Hwang, ACJ foundee, for showing the film “Vincent Who” in our Filipino Youth Initiative class.
Learning about what it means being Filipino American isn’t the only thing we talk about in Filipino Youth Initiative. It is crucial for the empowerment of the future of youth to understand also what unites us as Asians and Asian Americans, and why we must stand our ground for a better America, for a better world. Although the past is in the past, we must use it for our present and future. “We are the leaders we have been looking for” - Grace Lee Boggs”

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North Parade/Downtown area, chief producer #VincentChin

The legend herself #christinechoy holding our director of programming hostage on stage #aaaff17 #aaaff #Austin #atx #afs #afscinema #whokilledvincentchin #vincentchin

Delroy Wilson
Straight From The Heart (Nicole Unknown 🇺🇸)
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Most of y'all don't know who #vincentchin is because people don't give a fuck about chinks in this country. Mr Chin was bludgeoned to death by a disgruntled white autoworker who assumed Chin was Japanese but he probably didn't care. He just wanted to bash a chinaman's skull in and smear his brains on the sidewalk. That's exactly what he did, with a Louisville Slugger, exactly like what happened to #glennrhee in TWD. This country hates me and everyone that looks like me.

With Helen Zia, Pradeep Kaleka, and Ryan Yokota after a discussion of the murder #VincentChin and contemporary hate crimes in the US, and how individuals and communities organize around them. If you're in Chicago, I highly recommend seeing the They Came for Me exhibit today or this Sunday before it leaves the #alphawoodgallery.

Don't miss this important panel, tomorrow at 1pm with renowned Asian American and LGBTQ activist and author Helen Zia, #serve2unite @pardeepkaleka, whose father was killed in an attack by a white supremacist on his community's Sikh Gurdwara in Oak Creek, Wisconsin in 2012, and @stoppolicecrimes Organizing Committee chairperson Frank Chapman of Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression (CAARPR), who will speak on the impacts of police violence on the African American community.

“Reggae isn’t watered down. It’s not machine-made. It’s like organic food, you know, food for the spirit and the soul. It has so many elements to express so many different moods. Reggae is a music you just never get tired of listening to. You can’t hold onto it, though. It’s like love. You pass it on, and you pass it on, and someone else passes it on.”
—Miss Pat Chin, 80-year-old godmother of reggae

Patricia Chin, Chinese-Indian Jamaican co-founder of VP Records in Queens, NY—the largest publisher and distributor of reggae and dancehall in the world with satellite offices in Johannesburg, Kingston, Rio de Janeiro, London, Tokyo, and Toronto/alongside her late husband Vincent “Randy” Chin, opened Randy’s Record Mart in 1958 in Kingston, Jamaica/opened Studio 17, a production studio, where artists including Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Fats Domino, Toots and the Maytals, the Skatalites, the Heptones, and Bunny Wailer recorded/the Chins were instrumental in shaping the careers of these now legendary artists/Miss Pat continued to nurture the careers of new artists like Foxy Brown, Shaggy, Sean Paul, and Augustus Pablo/she remains the matriarch of VP Records, her work in music now going on 60 years

With Vincent “Randy” Chin, 1980; photo courtesy of VP Records▫️In Studio 17, #Kingston, late 60s; photo courtesy of VP Records▫️Randy in Studio 17, 1971; photo, unknown▫️Randy with #FatsDomino; photo, unknown▫️Randy’s Record Mart, Kingston, 1975; photo by Ted Bafaloukos▫️Randy’s, late 70s; photo, unknown▫️With #SnoopLion, 2013; photo by Jeff Bachner▫️Photo, unknown▫️VP Records in Jamaica, Queens; photo, unknown▫️Randy’s record
#patriciachin #misspat #reggaepioneer #sheo #vincentchin #randychin #vprecords #randysrecordmart #studio17 #jamaica #queens #ska #reggae #dancehall #bobmarley #petertosh #bunnywailer

I’m always on the lookout for literature that may speak to my Chinese/white settler experience, so Peter Ho Davies’ The Fortunes was an obvious draw. It’s a multi-generational novel with four distinct characters in four distinct time periods (some based on real historical figures): Ah Ling was a laundryman who “rose” to become the manservant of railroad tycoon Charles Crocker; Anna May Wong was “the world’s most beautiful Chinese girl,” but couldn’t get any of the roles she wanted in Hollywood because of miscegenation laws and general racism; Vincent Chin was a young Chinese-American man whose murder by two white men became notorious because of the lack of justice; and John Smith is a (fictional) mixed-race Chinese-American man who goes to China to adopt a baby girl. However, while Ho Davies is clearly a gifted prose stylist, I felt distant from the characters for the most-part, and had to push myself to finish the book. There is something cold and immaculate about his writing; I admired the scenes from a distance but couldn’t get inside them the way I wanted to. There is also, despite a focus on racial injustice, a boringly liberal bent to the book, particularly in the most contemporary section, as well as a general attitude towards sex workers that I find a little patronizing. I do, however, find myself interested to read more about Anna May Wong. Anyone know of a collection of her own writing, or a good biography?
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Remember #vincentchin

Vincent Chin - His story always makes me sad but hopeful that because of his story future generations can be different. #StayWoke #VincentChin #BeTheChange

For our full discussion of #VincentChin impact on the #AsianAmerican identity, check out our full #podcast interview with Frank Wu here: bit.ly/MMP__029

Charlottesville only proves what non-white Americans have known all along. Racism is alive and well, it only took a white activist to die and a publicly inflammatory president to bring it to everyone else's attention. None of what's happening is shocking to me. I only hope now things will slowly become better as more people wake up. #charlottesville #america2017 #vincentchin #emmetttill #heatherheyer

I'm an artist who dwells in emotion, in love and in hope. I don't believe progress is a straight line and I do, wholeheartedly, believe that love always wins. However, it can only win when we band together to wipe out hate, dishonesty and intolerance. Yesterday was another awful hurt that we should all feel- and one that we have to acknowledge. I am not going silently into the night- I will continue to speak up, broach difficult conversations and learn from our mistakes. We can no longer ignore the inequities of our society. From public housing, to property tax based public education, to the origins of tipping and law enforcement, to the hidden, continued AIDS epidemic, our system is inherently biased. Oh, and let's not forget, Internment Camps and slavery. There are NO confederate heroes. They lost and they will lose again. #blacklivesmatter #vincentchin #heatherheyer #keepshowingup #daringdiscussions art by @katemadeira

Honored to have Frank Wu, distinguished professor at UC Hastings and author of "Yellow: Race in America Beyond Black and White," shed light on #VincentChin, #AAPI identity and teaching at Howard University. Episode > bit.ly/ModelMajorityPodcast

((or "R.I.P VINCENT CHIN" or "the white male murders didnt know he was a chinese american "stealing" their jobs, not a japanese american "stealing" their jobs" or "guess #asians and #asianamericans have it tough too" or "damn daddy" or "#philosophical lol")) 👲🏼👲🏻👲🏽☠️👲🏾👲🏿👲🏼

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