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Metal Heroes

Chapter 7

Meanwhile in the shadows deep in Brutal Lands, Mika saw Lionwhyte returning to her with a dark smirk coming across her face. She had hoped that Bladehenge was now in ruins and the people there were slayed. She turned to Lionwhyte with a sharp look, “Have you killed them all?” Mika commented as she approached a kneeling Lionwhyte. “My queen, I’m afraid they got away and Bladehenge is still standing.” Lionwhyte answered “You were supposed to bring me the Roadie’s blood not let him escape with that hero.” “Don’t worry, I have other plans to take over Brutal Lands and that... other place you mentioned.” Mika chuckled, “Yes, Albion.” She walked over and opened a portal which lead into Albion. It showed a picture of Bowerstone where the people there were shopping, chatting, hanging at the tavern and children playing. “Behold, Bowerstone, the main source of Albion.” Mika Explained, “And very close to Bowerstone is the castle where the Queen of Albion resides, gather your army and send them to take the castle. Once that hero comes to defend her kingdom, bring her blood. Together with the blood of a legendary roadie and the blood of a hero, my immortality will be complete.” She laughed evilly.
Back on the road, it wasn’t long until Eddie and Lionheart began to head towards Pleasure Tower along with everyone else on the tour bus and Kill Master on his bike along with The Baron. Finally arriving on the outskirts after shooting off some enemies with his missile launcher on Deuce, it was dark enough to set up camp for the night once it was safe. “A good time to rest up before heading out to battle.” Eddie commented.

Lionheart hopped out of the car for a moment, “Give me a moment…” She commented before rushing toward the bushes and puking badly.
Ophelia got off the bus and approached Eddie by the side, “How did she like it?” She asked. “She’s a lightweight.” Eddie answered.
(End of Chapter 7)
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Vince, Tommy, Nikki and Mick🤘🏻
Original credit 📷: @motley.crue.pls

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