Наверное на ней хорошо ездить #vilnius #oldtown #sogood

Ну что я могу сказать...
Лето началось,значит жизнь в самолете в самом разгаре,и фото только по форме🙄
Меняется только геолокация 😒И то не всегда😑🙈Чхонджу ждёт нас (я точно не уверена правильно ли написала название места назначения)😄 #yakutiaairlines #yakutia #vladivostok #russia #lt #vilnius #stewardess #ssj100 #aero #жизньбортпроводника

Burnout. / I've waited a looong time to actually own this. / I've been on Xbox side with XB1 this console generation for 1,5 years now. Back then I've picked XB1 over PS4 because I wanted a fresh experience since I didn't know much about the Xbox itself. / Although a lot of people would say that Xbox isn't really relevant in this generation. I wouldn't say so. I love backwards compatibility and the way Microsoft handles their OS with numerous useful updates. Maybe Xbox lacks the amount of exclusive games but for the most part the ones that do exist are quite fun. It's a great system. / Anddddd then there's PlayStation 4. The beast of this console generation. The amount of exclusives is insane. / I'm happy that I'm late to the party cause nowadays most of exclusives are dirt cheap. / I've spent almost 5 hours playing God of War via share play feature with my friend today. It felt unreal. / I'm happy with my purchase but the way I bought my system was stressful. I've had to carry it without a bag or anything when I had to come back home so people were not only staring but pointing fingers at me. It was awful. I kept the system as close as possible cause it made me a bit paranoid that someone could actually try to steal it. At my last stop I was noticed by two drunks that were coming for me but I jumped into the closest bus to avoid them. Heck. That was close. / And so yeah. I'm just happy now that I get to have the best of both worlds. // #blog #vilnius #artsy #photography #lietuva #lithuania #playstation #ps4 #happiness #writerscommunity #granturismo #writersofinstagram #consolegaming #goodvibesonly

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