The normal state of mind constantly fluctuates between distraction and attention, fuelled by internally conditioned patterns and external stimulation. Like a crystal, the mind takes on the character of the objects which it is directed. In normal day to day, we use our mind to perceive our environment so we can function in the world, the flow of energy is toward external.
Through breathing practices and meditation we gradually develop more subtle internalised perception so that the mind becomes established in its true nature and discriminative insight arises.
The ancients used the image of a crystal to symbolise the relationship between the role of the mind, as an instrument of perception, and the character of personality which conditions or distorts perception - our attitudes and beliefs distort our perception. A pure quartz will reflect things as they really are.
We can influence our physical and energy state through intelligent practice of asana and pranayama. So too, we can influence our insight, outlook and personal growth through practice of meditation. Make time to practice everyday x
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Ardo Mukha Svanasana for my 4rth layer, growing outward. In yoga, we have 5 energetic bodies. Because we can't see the layers, I'm adding layers of clothes. Vijnanamaya governs wisdom and intituition. While many of us live in our 3rd kosha, being directed by our senses, vijnanamaya allows you to experience true flow, or a deeper knowing. Think about a yoga practice when you're not anticipating the next move, your thoughts are quiet, and you can really feel the posture.
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Anger can be a poison or a purification. We have a choice in how we respond to being triggered. It was an honor to teach last night at delta groove in Memphis. Look forward to digging deep in this weekend’s Yatri training.
With Reema Datta and guest teacher Lisette Garcia —
March 2nd - 4th ~ Training

30 hours Yoga Alliance registered continuing ed credits may be applied
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A joyous thank you to the beautiful Yogis in class this morning with your heartfelt, embodied and intentioned practice. I 💚💚❤️❤️ teaching this Sunday morning class because I observe your true presence and conscious commitment to the practice. It Inspires me not only as a teacher, but in my studentship which is so important and never ends.
In this way, we both experience more of the fourth layer of the KOSHAS ( from dharma talk today.)
Vijnanmaya Kosha or the Wisdom, Intuitive Sheath which encases the Bliss Body or Anandamaya Kosha.
I discern greater internal wisdom, listening to your body and breath and coming home in your body.
This is the beginning of FREEDOM or MOKSHA. 🦋🦋😍😍🎶🎶🙌

Learning to quieten our noisy minds so we can hear the voice of our intuition is a big part of yoga. I can’t remember ever having thought my way into a solution or a creative idea - they’ve always arrived in my awareness during a walk, or in my sleep, or when I’m gardening, or during meditation, or some other time when I’ve put whatever I’m wrestling with down and stopped thinking about it. Planning, lists, pros and cons, they’re all useful for initially figuring out what’s in front of you, but when you start to feel that you’re getting nowhere, try putting it down. Physically move elsewhere and go and do something else - preferably something not requiring more thinking - altogether. Let yourself be guided by that quiet voice of your inner knowing. You might just find that when you stop thinking about it, the answers will come.

Friends, this will be your last chance to catch my #YogisGuideToTheEnneagram here in #Austin until late spring/early summer 2018!

If you're interested in learning more about your deepest motivations and how you perceive the world, join me for a two day workshop at @practiceyogaaustin.
Using the #Enneagram with the practices of #yoga is the most effective way to experience personal/spiritual transformation. Basically, this is the best way I know to really live your best life.

If you've already been to one of my yoga and Enneagram workshops, sign up for the SECOND DAY of this workshop and let's dive deeper with aligning the Enneagram with other yogic systems and integrated practice!

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#YogisGuideToTheEnneagram! Today's the day! I am beyond excited to be sharing this content with you all today at @sukhayogaaustin!

I'm spending the day taking care of my final prepping stuff and getting centered. My tarot reading this morning was wicked on point, check my insta story. ;) There are still a few spots left, so sign up now to reserve yours! I'll be hanging out after for Sukha's free community vinyasa class, and you should, too!

I'm going to be doing a live video today to share more about this awesome workshop.
I hope to see you guys at Sukha today!

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keeping it loose for another show at The Space at Sway tonight //
watercolor works from my “Subtle Body” series, displayed in a group figurative show at a yoga and dance studio .... perfect combo of yoga+art+dance+community ✨hope to see you there !
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Apparently, the embrace and let go thing resonated with a lot of people and it's still showing up for me today.

My #enneathought of the day asked me what negative qualities am I releasing and what positive qualities am I developing. I started to think about it, and I realized, it's easy to release what's negative. So I shifted my questions for the cards this morning to be more in line with the sentiment I shared yesterday: "What negative aspects of myself can I more fully embrace?" "What positive aspects of myself can I nonidentify with?" These were perfect. An #enneagram8 tends to be very cut off from their emotions, hence queen of swords. When I view this as a problem to overcome, I reject a piece of myself, and that is simply not loving. I cut to the chase, and that can certainly rub a lot of people the wrong way, but this card is asking me to love and accept this part of myself just as it is.

#enneagram 8's are also the people who get things done, they're quick to take action and always full of energy: Knight of Wands. These are wonderful gifts but when I fall into the lie that they're the only gifts I have to offer, I quickly burn myself out. This card was a reminder that I am more than what I do.

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How easy it is to see those around me as love. I have worked hard to cultivate this type of seeing and it has served me well.

What is more difficult, though, is truly seeing myself in this light. No one is perfect, and I have a very long list of my imperfections. We all have our shadows, the parts of us we'd rather not look at or show off.

But this unconditional love does something that may as well be magic: Love brings together BOTH our shadow AND our light. True love sees, holds, accepts, and embraces the whole of who we are, and in that process, we become truly whole.

Having this kind of love and compassion for ourselves is truly the highest work. And believe me, it's work. This is why I love teaching the #Enneagram. I have found no better tool for uncovering, understanding, and accepting my shadow side.
My next #YogisGuideToTheEnneagram workshop is Saturday, November 11th at 2:30 at @sukhayogaaustin. Come explore the depths of who you are with this incredible #sangha, learn who you *really* are so you can love yourself and others to the fullest. Reserve your spot today, link in bio!

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The Vijnanamaya Kosha is the sheath of intellect or knowledge. Chattampi Swamikal defines vijnanamaya as the combination of intellect and the five sense organs. This is the second to last Kosha, not quite at the power of cit (consciousness). It is endowed with the function of knowledge yet still identifies itself with the body, organs etc.
The Vijnanamaya Kosha cannot be the supreme self because it is subject to change, it is insentient, it is limited, and it is not constantly present.

Yoga is not meant merely for physical fitness and agility. If all our lives we only strive to have a healthy and fit body or for our bodies to look a certain way, we would be reducing ourselves to becoming just a healthy and pleasing looking animal. Without exploring the nature of our amazing minds, which sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom, we would have wasted the opportunity of this birth of coming into a human form. The true essence of yoga lies in exploring all the sheaths of our being; the Annamaya Kosha or the physical body, the Pranamaya Kosha or the energy body, the Manomaya Kosha or the mental body which is to do with our thoughts and feelings and the Vijnanamaya Kosha which is to do with the perception and discernment aspect of our minds. By the exploration of all these sheaths we may ultimately reach the Anandmaya Kosha or the bliss body which would give us a glimpse of our true nature. And there in lies the real purpose of Yoga; to discover who we really are. #yoga#body#mind#sheaths#kosha#annamaya#manomaya#pranamaya#vijnanamaya#anandmaya#bliss

Don't just look- observe.

Don't just sleep- dream.

Don't just think - feel.

Don't just exist- live.

Surrender to what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be...
Where ever you go- there you are. Love more, worry less.

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In philosophy, the body, mind and spirit are understood as one continuity, but in fact eastern and western thought were never in agreement with each other. Western philosophy originated from Greece while eastern philosophy originated in India. Greek philosophers in general and western philosophers in particular spoke about the object. Indian philosophers in general and in particular spoke about consciousness, and for many centuries western thinkers could never accept anything beyond object as tangible: here is the object, I can see it, I can touch it, therefore it is.

However, in #yoga and in #Vedanta, object and consciousness are interrelated. In fact, modern science, what you call physics, speaks in exactly the same way as yoga. Both modern physics and ancient yoga move absolutely parallel to each other in explaining the reality of matter and consciousness.

Body, mind and spirit are interconnected, interrelated and interpenetrating. Therefore, a person is a combination of three things: firstly, the gross body, secondly, the subtle or astral body and thirdly, the causal body or unconscious. These three bodies constitute you, me and everyone, but they are gross divisions, broad classifications.

Each body has a dimension and a layer. You can call it a field. Just as you say electromagnetic field or radioactive field, in exactly the same way there are fields in your body. In vedanta, they are known as koshas which means ‘sheaths’. These koshas are five in number: annamaya, pranamaya, manomaya, vijnanamaya and anandamaya, and are further sub-divisions of the three bodies, which represent the three states of your daily experience.

Every day you have three types of experiences. One is the waking experience in which you experience through your senses and mind. The second experience is dream. In dream you do not experience through the senses, but through your subconscious mind. The third experience is sleep in which there is no knowledge of time and space, no knowledge about yourself or about anything in sleep, but when you get up in the morning, you know that you slept well the night before.

5 senses... windows to the world. Our senses perceive and then our mind passes a judgement and/or forms a reaction based on our storehouse of memories and associations. Develop the pause. We don't need to be ruled by our patterned reactions or even by our senses. Yoga offers us the tools to cultivate the awareness that resides in a deeper place of knowing. Move to the heart and allow responses and actions to originate there. Therein lies the "key" to supreme intelligence. Intelligent awareness that rests, even, outside the physical form altogether. Put your senses to use: seek to understand your inner patterns. Put your senses to rest: go within to abide in broadest awareness. Notice your self to see you are not separate. This will give you the eyes to see clearly others, to listen to the truth which underscores all, the nose to smell a rat, the taste to speak love, and a touch of appreciation and gratitude for every. single. thing, and for everything... Pause for it... #svadyaya #explore #manas #citta #buddhi #ahamkara #vijnanamaya #ahimsa #asteya #aparigraha #abhyasa #cittavrittinirodha #yoga #sedonayoga @aumbasesedona @sedonayogafestival

I keep getting this card.
This is the third time in a row. I'm getting a bit worried.

How I lay the cards lately is body-mind-spirit, what I see more as the physical (annamaya kosha) - where your dealings with the outer world are concerned, the vital/energy body (pranamaya kosha) - dealing with emotions and thoughts, and the combination of mind/intellect (manomaya and vijnanamaya koshas) - the knowledge/knowing.This card came in the position of annamaya/physical, twice.
And now I took a single card for guidance about a certain situation. This card again. The Tower.

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🌟Who/what is your #guru? 🌟

TAG your favorite teachers below or leave a comment and tell us what your greatest teacher is in life right now!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

@YogaPsychology Module 1: Day 4. #Vijnanamaya #Kosha ....bowing to the Light of the Inner Teacher. 💡#YogaTherapy #YogaPsychology #ShadowWork #AshleyTurnerYoga

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