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lol someone kill me
🎶thundercat- them changes
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My heart melts ❤️
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“actually, can I have 5 more of these little blonde bitches?”

What will be your tender name if you call yourself lovingly?
I have many affectionate nicknames but sunny/sunshine or sunniness in my native language is the most frequent word that any mirror whispers.
A pensive reflection cherished by a soft eye will tell you the things promised that are things done. With love, any dream is a certainty.

I’m gonna keep this short otherwise we’d be here all day but happy birthday @chelseahalfpenny I love you so much💘 thankyou for giving me so much confidence and happiness in life & im so grateful to have you to look up to. Have an incredible day🌟 (this is really messy sorry lol)

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