Some clips of some of my favourite moments from the weddings, engagements and styled shoots of last year. Should I do another one of these for this year?

“When bae can sense that you need a hand”

Some BTS from a wedding I’m currently working on. Sometimes while changing locations, I see an interaction and sneak in a few shots with the couple before the moment is gone. Always worth it!

New interpretive modeling video ft. @avalonmckenzzie and her lil one!

If you need a videographer for a music video/event/wedding/birthday hit me uupp!! 🎥

Ahh! She was gone for a few days but the heat is back in Toronto! Have a great weekend!

[link in bio] I used to get stuck on thinking of things to post, but now with documenting, I feel like I have more options… especially for more “organic content”. There’s a certain freedom in documenting what’s going on instead of planning and producing a video that might not even do that well. Check out episode 10
Featuring the bomb.com, @jan.jan07

As we go through life, different people come into our story that help to make us better. For some people, they find a person that they want to keep around for the reminder of the journey. -
As you go through your wedding planning or marriage, remember that living and growing together is refining you as people. Enjoy the ride together!

Good times shooting with my peeps this past Saturday. Kudos to us for surviving bitter cold gusts and the late-night 2-hour journey. The good company, breath-taking scenery and yummy eats made it all worth it! 🌬🌳🍗
The life of a wedding professional. 💪🏾
Thanks for the snap, @lucietic

My favourite part of weddings is the super cute couples photo session. So romantic 😍

The eyes are windows to the soul. We keep those in focus 📷. The soul is what we’re after. Everything else will follow.

Honestly, I’m a city boy through and through... but sunsets like this make me appreciate the country life. #nofilter
Loved being able to step out of the reception for a few minutes to capture this amazing sunset.

Dancing at sunset 🌅 I absolutely love that golden hour photo breaks are becoming a trend at weddings.

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