I personally didn’t like the light is coming. I’m so proud of Ari and everything but I️ really don’t like the song. Idk it could grow on me but I hope the rest of sweetener is good 💗
Q: thoughts on tlic?

And I thought that Architecture class wouldn't help.. 'Won't Tell' by @thephronetic
Full video through link in bio OR stay tuned because I might post the whole thing here!

The Spaces We Live In (1971) pt 5

my little grethan heart is sobbing
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DT; all my grethan babies 💔

congrats on 3 well deserved millions babe!!! @zhaviaward 💞💖💞💕💘💖💞
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I'll be doing a little late night spam before i go to bed and tbh at this point my captions have gotten so dry that idek what im talking about so yea sorry for that but i love you all and Taehyung so much💞

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Low quality picture of a high quality (cute) man.

deserves the world
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for carla and jade💓

- this is so simple and bad I'm so sorry 🙃

“Is it impossible” 💗💓
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