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Nurse Charisma to the rescue πŸ’‹πŸ’‰ Check me out at the @420fest curing Hangovers all day! Drink up and come see us at @govidaflo mobile suite!! #Drinkresponsibly #Hydrationclinic #vidaflo #420love #Sweetwaterfest

Rejuvenation is a must! #vidaflo

Bring on Monday! Vitamins, fluids & glutathione straight on in!
#vidaflo #blastlife

Weekend prepping. 😎 Come see me at Vida-Flo Kennesaw until 7! #ivhydration #vidaflo #vidaflokennesaw #ksu #kennesawstate @vidaflokennesaw @govidaflo

Been in the studio for three weeks, long hours, little tired voice. Solution: hydration therapy from @vidaflo615 . So much better than Throat Coat ;)

Getting some hydration to help me feel better. #vidaflo #hydrationperfected

@vidaflo615 #vidaflo #vidaflonashville set me up good today! Now I can have a cocktail on my day off !


🐢 Mama is getting her IV, working on being as heathy as she can so she can take good care of us all!
#lymedisease #lyme #vidaflo #healthyself #hoomanmama #vitamins #iv

We love our military so we are having some specials for Memorial Day Weekend! β €
25% off for ALL military Active & Veteransβ €
$10 B12 Shots for Everyone!β €
β €
Book using the link in our bio!β €

Mega dosing intravenous Glutathione, Vitamin C and Zinc to combat all the traveling I've been doing lately. A little biohacking goes a long way... #clovisculture

Rejuvenation is a must! #vidaflo

Love it πŸ’§πŸ˜‚ Stay Hydrated everyone!

One of our RNs checking vitals and prepping a patient for a ReEnergizing IV! Need a boost for the week ahead stop on in for an IV or B12 shot!

Friday night fun = Saturday Hydration & Recovery πŸ‘πŸŽ‰πŸ’§πŸ’ͺ

Our body is made up of so much water it screams to us for proper hydration. IV hydration is the ultimate way to satisfy the body's need for hydration quickly & effectively. ReCovery. ReEnergize. ReVitalize. β €
β €
Treat migraines, athletic recovery, hangovers, health & beauty & more in 30 minutes or less. Use the link in the bio to learn more. β €

If you're looking for a place to watch the @predsnhl game tonight, swing by @tinroofnashville on #demonbreun for their watch party with @1075theriver @1059therock @98wsix. They will be giving away 2 free #IVhydration drip treatments from #VidaFlo!
#VidaFloNashville #VidaFlo615 #Nashville #predators #nhl #stanleycup

Great time meeting with @topgolf Alpharetta. Perfect day for a couple swings while we were there. Stop in and get hydrated and reenergized for the rest of your week!

Hey #MtJuliet! Check out our friend @christenjacksoncpt rocking her custom #VidaFlo leggings at @burnbootcampmtjuliet! We love her gym and community they have created. They have a #FREE to public coed class every Saturday at 9am. Go sweat with them this weekend!
#VidaFlo615 #VidaFloNashville #demonbreunhill #hydratetodominate #MusicRow #MusicCity #Nashville #ivhydration #bootcamp #bootcampworkout #demonbreun

It was great having one of the @atlantablazemll stars stop by this weekend for a little IV Hydration! If you haven't make sure to check out one of their games this season! Go Blaze!

Great to have our Medical Director in the house speaking about patient safety!

Kicking off a fun employee appreciation night @drycountybrewco

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