Pregnancy feels a lot different this time around.
My secret? I'm much more selfish now 💁
Listen, I've watched WAY too many of us push ourselves out of our own focus once we become mothers. We let our health deteriorate, and we start to feel guilty for taking ANY time at all for ourselves.
Then, before we know it, we don't even recognize our reflections, we're unhappy with our selves, and we're modeling a bad example of self care to our littles.
Our babies deserve our very best. This means they need mamas who are healthy + truly happy.
I'm begging you mama, BE SELFISH 🙏
I'm not saying be an asshole, I'm saying make it your mission to be the happiest damn mama bear you can possibly be!
Your happiness is YOUR CHOICE and I want you to give yourself a REAL chance this time.
I swear to you it's so worth it.
I promise, I KNOW what it's like to smile at your babies, but nothing else.
To feel pride towards them, but not at all towards yourself.
To avoid social situations because you're so uncomfortable.
To feel like you're drowning in anxiety + depression, and like your marriage is failing- because you CAN'T properly love your spouse when you don't have any love for yourself.
If you're stuck and ready to make a change, I WANT TO HELP.
And the time is NOW!
Click the link in my bio and fill out the application to join my wellness support group.
It's so much more than a workout program and a meal plan.
It's changing your life so you can be who your family needs you to be. And who your future self needs you to be.

Had to share this photo from @bsynclife!! Isn't nature beautiful??!! 😳 Everything we need is in NATURE. I hope you're juicing today 😉 #wholeheartedwellness #healthylifestyle #onelifeliveit #beyourbestself

Look in my soul and you’ll find gold ⚖️💎 #vibewithme

She'll touch the most sensitive places of your body, stimulate your mind in ways you've only dreamed, and make you crave the euphoria she brought, right after she leaves.

Minds as strong as super man the minds of stupid man cannot control us - still at it link in my bio #teejytheprofit #perform #music #condolence #rip #vibewithme #vegan #rapper #hiphop

Here's a bit closer up, this will get framed and be at art walk in downtown fort Myers next weekend!
This is a string technique I was playing around with using different color acrylics and different layering styles and designs
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😄 When The BEAT Catches You. #VibeWithMe #WhenBoredomStrikes #Drake #NiceForWhat

Stay sunny. Stay warm. Stay tatted. #vibewithme

"Being honest like a superpower these days". "Being yourself is like a superpower these days". Meechy knowwwsss. Too many people wanting to be somebody rather then themselves. Why? Cause you let this generation tear down your confidence cause they made you feel lesser that what you are? If they're not building you up why are you letting them tarnish who you are? Don't settle for less in this life even if that means you end up being a lone for years. The right people for you are out there but the more you let these snakes in the harder it's going to be to find them. Happy humpday everyone, enjoy the day, crush your goals, don't settle for anything less than you think you deserve.

July cannot come soon enough! So stoked, girls night madness is on the books!!! .
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Here's a reminder if your heart is sinking low like mine is today.
Im in a difficult place and I fear that what needs to happen and what I'm doing might not align.
And even though I'm in a rough spot... I know everything happens for a reason. And right now might seem like the fucking pits... but the best days of your life have not even happened yet.
The worries you have now will mean nothing in time.
Take a deep breath...
And be kind to yourself today.
It's okay to have needs.
It's okay to defend yourself.
It's okay to say sorry.
It's okay not to.
Because life will do the dirty work
And you will come out knowing that it was all for a reason. .
I hope you know that I love you so fucking much.

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