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...e foto in bianco e nero di giorni pieni di colore💚.
#milano #viafestadelperdono #amore

Capito?🙊#milano #viafestadelperdono

1. Universitas Studiorum Mediolanensis, I spent a few years of my life here.. 2. Main entrance to Yard of Filarete, they were still removing things from the recent #fuorisalone2017 and we could not take pics ( the security agent was like a ninja warrior) 3. Perspective 4. The real entrance, the one students generally use 5. Perspective from the opposite side of 5. Via Festa del Perdono. It was nice to notice that you could understand the course of study of students simply considering their clothing: here there was Italian and Foreign Literature, History and Philosophy, Law. Guess who won the Worst Clothing Competition? #università #university #universitadimilano #viafestadelperdono

Più di 30 anni fa ho scelto la facoltà di Lettere alla Statale di Milano ponendomi questa domanda: da "grande" preferisco piangere in una Rolls Royce o essere felice in bicicletta? Oggi, la risposta che mi sento di dare è ancora la stessa. Essere felice in bicicletta... #universitadeglistudidimilano #facoltadilettere #viafestadelperdono #letteremoderne🎓 #filologiaromanza


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