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Day 21 of VHSeptember: This House is a Warner Home Video. Here is a picture of my house and the only Warner clam I have left. Call me crazy, but I traded them all away. I really only like slips. #vhseptember #policeacademy #warnerclam #warnerhomevideo

She guilty AF, fam. She sold the whole crew out for a chance to be a solo star.
#PsaltyPsucks #JesusIsWatchingYouBish #VHSeptember #JesusIsMyHomeVideo

Witches are Bitches - Home Entertainment - 1996 - This one is interesting to say the least... Some guy gets the craziest curse ever in a movie put on him by two witches. Comedy ensues? Excellent use of a fog machine and dish sponge. #vhseptember #occultswim #vhs #vhscollection #vhscollector

#vhseptember 29 #OccultSwim
Traci's Fantasies (1986)

VHSeptember day 21: This House is a Warner Home Video #vhseptember #vhs #horror

I know this was yesterday's theme for #vhseptember but I missed it and really wanted to do it. This days theme was "None More Black and White". I have a TON of b+w films so I just picked out my favorite covers 💀 #vhseptember #vhs #horror #feedyourvcr

Fell behind a day so this is Day Twenty One of #vhseptember and it's #thishouseisawarnerhomevideo Creepshow and Black Christmas are my pics not only because they are both excellent movies but I found them both in the wild for under a dollar which makes them both very memorable, I even found Black Christmas on Christmas Eve and had been almost buying it online for months but held out. Sometimes life works out. #creepshow #blackchristmas

More recycled Mac stupidity for #VHSeptember Altered Tapes. Something about seeing this creepy bastard hit that corner full Tokyo Drift style makes me crack up. Who funded this fucking movie, guys? Oh wait. It was McDonalds.


Quando se estuda em um lugar muito bonitinho e não se consegue parar de tirar foto de cada lugarzinho❣🌳🌱

#salemmassachusetts is #litAF with the #druidunderground #filmfestival >>>> thanx #cinemasalem ^ check the linkinourbio‼️‼️‼️ for more tour dates : druidundergroundfilmfestival.com +++ #filmfest #diy #halloweekend #duff #horrorlife #vhseptember #FTW

#vhseptember came to a close what feels like so long ago and i forgot to post so many so i figured i would put in another post in regret of missing so many days lmao (but then again isn't every day vhs september ? i think SO) #bebop #receespiecesallgone

I WON #vhseptember !!!!!!!! So much awesome tape swag coming my way! Huge thanks to @thewallofvhs and @thebetamaxrundown for making such a fun challenge!!!! you all made it an awesome month!!!

Check out these super rad "toys" I won from @deathbytoys for the #vhseptember contest. Thanks so much! Also thanks to @thebetamaxrundown and @thewallofvhs for being excellent. I think I'll have me a double feature with #maniac and #pieces tonight.
#vhs #horrorvhs #horrormovies #grindhouse #slasher #80shorror #culthorror #deathbytoys

My radical @studiohousedesigns #showmeyourstack prize pack came today!!!! So much VHS horror radness in one little box. Thanks again guys for picking me as your winner 💚💀💚 #horrorcult #horrorfan #vhseptember #vhsordie

We have a Grand Prize winner for #VHSeptember!!! Give it a watch to see if you're taking home a metric ton of prizes from @everythingisterrible666, @frightrags, @sxsshop/@scumbagsandsuperstarsnyc, @thebetamaxrundown and yours truly. (And don't go spoiling the winner in the comments unless the winner doesn't see this in like two days, then I'll do the spoiling via DM.) Thank you guys for another super fun month! Billy and I came up with the themes but you guys brought them to life. Thank you for turning me on to a bunch of new slabs I now must find, thank you for digging deep into your collections and getting creative with your posts, and thank you for making some of the days I was nervous about into my absolute favorites. Most importantly, thank you for making Instagram an amazing place to be a tapehead. The community on here is truly something special and watching it grow over the last few years has been incredible. You guys rule! Happy hunting and happy watching! Can't wait for next year! ✊📼✊

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