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A En Vivo con mis #Vetstobe. 😍❤️👯

A little bit nervous because me and cow doesn't get along very well in the past relationships 🙄 (you're my friends if you know what I'm referring to)
this is my unsure face from learning how to handle this cow from the cowboy 😂 @idmnss_
#vetstobe #stillalongwaytogo

Last day! Congreso Adomevan! Muy agradecida de haber tenido la oportunidad de ir! Unos temas super buenos de los cuales aprendí muchísimos! #vetstudents #vetsquad #vetstobe 😍🐶🐱

Last lecture of Vet School 🍾🎉. #szentistvanuniversity #lastlecture #celebration #vetstobe

Co-buddy matching outfit #accident #vetstobe

Time passes by so quickly....
#mybestieisbetterthanyours👯#vetstobe 🐾

Enjoying vet school as 5th and 6th year students #busydays #notimeforbreaks #vetstudent #vetstobe #housemates 📝😅💉 @madeleinebratli


Last day! Congreso Adomevan! Muy agradecida de haber tenido la oportunidad de ir! Unos temas super buenos de los cuales aprendí muchísimos! #vetstudents #vetsquad #vetstobe 😍🐶🐱

We went to see some rescued elephants at @elephantnaturepark
which stands out from other Elephant camps, due to their policy to free elephants from circuses, riding facilities and other cruel tourist attractions. Also, they vow not to breed with their animals to attract more visitors with newborns to maximize their profit. They buy out elephants from their former owners making it possible to see those peaceful giants, that
have been treated badly their whole lives, being happy at last. Unfortunately the practice of "Breaking the spirit" of the elephant is still very common. Infants are separated from their mothers in the wild and already having to endure the worst emotional pain, they are going to be chained up for the "Phajaan", as this practice is called. They are being tortured to obey their mahouts, making them fit to show off tricks to tourists. Not only does this happen before you are able to ride them, but also when trying to make them fit to be fed and washed by a strange person. That's why it is important to do your research before visting an Elephant sanctuary. No matter how often they state that there is no cruelty or riding, as long as elephants are being torn away from their mothers in the wild or being bred to be "cute pets", you can be certain, they had to endure this kind of "training" at some point. "Phajaan" is solely based on fear, making the poor animal afraid of its trainer, who reminds the elephant of the torture by constantly handling them with the hook. It works faster, is cheaper and overall more convinient for the mahouts. If you still like to interact closely with them, try to find a sanctuary with a good reputation, where elephants are rescued, retired and freed from their past. Sanctuaries should not be breeding or capturing them! ↓↓↓ Read on in the comments ↓↓↓

A En Vivo con mis #Vetstobe. 😍❤️👯

Through back na final day party... Die mense wat die meeste sakke sout saam met my geëet het
(marais se voete is darem mooi in op die foto)
#vetstobe #mymense #goeietye #legends #finalday #throughback

Two great weeks with these gals ended. It has been great to be able to help animals as well as communities and be able to learn important things we will need later on in life when being vets.
Thanks to everybody who made these two weeks a special experience. I loved volunteering with the WVS and I'm already planning on joining the next project! 😃🐶💉
. .
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