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First classroom since 2006... Oof... #veteranstatus #GIBill #S4clipboard

At work posted up representing the fleet... the World's Greatest Navy ⚓ #VeteranStatus

Doing hood rat things with my hood rat friends .

Today I separated from the Navy after five years of active duty service. Couldn't have done it alone, thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way! #dd214inhand #veteranstatus #nothingbutsmiles #merica🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

The elusive #ripit van has been spotted!
#ripit #veteranstatus @ripitenergy

Missing the Oregon coastline. I got to get back there soon to visit my friends. #retiredlife #1620 #Oregonsonly #Veteranstatus

Missing the Army life 😭🇺🇸 #takemeback #veteranstatus #armylife

Well it's officially been 9 days since this guy completed his 4 years of active duty in the USMC and today he got the keys to a place he can finally call his own. I couldn't be more proud of the things he has accomplished and the man that he's become over the last 4 years! Congratulations, Keeg! I love you! #twins #siblings #veteranstatus 🎉🇺🇸

Coachella Music and Arts Festival • Empire Polo Field • 10/9-10/99 • I hate to say "those were the days," but damn. Everyone there earned their stripes being at the first one. Swipe to see my guide book notes, which I've kept for every year we've gone - 15 and counting. #veteranstatus #beforecellphones


Missing the Oregon coastline. I got to get back there soon to visit my friends. #retiredlife #1620 #Oregonsonly #Veteranstatus

It's Friday! Nothing to do but get high as fuck today and enjoy my medicine and my family #retiredlife #Nectarfam #NectarForTheGods #MammothP #Veteranstatus #Vetsgrow #superdank #Veteranstatus #1620 #IGROWmeds #nyag

That feeling, when I just got pulled over and the cop gives me a warning cause we're both veterans. 😃🤜🏾🤛🏼#beatingrushhour #veteranstatus


OHC Off-Season 2017 continues...3 year OHC veteran Nathan Grosso crushing it!!! 14 weeks of hard work is paying off, 5 weeks out from camp!
#ohchockey #OHC #fitness #fitnessmotivation #desire #commitment #veteranstatus #hockey #2legit2quit

Hiiii Team! We're proud to announce our Kickboxer of the Month Mary Hurley wooooooo!! Mary is one of our veteran members-she's been in the FitFam for 5 years now and is a total bada$$ on and off the mat! She was introduced to Alti and ILKB by her sister and had been doing yoga and Zumba and staying active but knew something was missing in her workouts!

Mary's a devotee of the 5:45AM classes and brings her A-Game literally every time she steps into the studio!

She joined because she was looking to gain strength and stamina and basically so she can look and feel her best-there's no stopping her once that jog starts and she goes hard till that final cool down stretch! When asked her favorite part of class it's definitely the punching and kicking because she says it makes her feel strong and confident! Knowing she's able to defend herself by throwing punches keeps her heart and mind happy in this crazy world and she's willing to put in the work to maintain those gains!

We love having Mary in class because she's so dedicated and always willing to help newer teammates learn the ropes during partner drills! She is so patient and so strong and anyone lucky enough to partner with her can definitely attest to that! She just brought her daughter and son into the #FitFam too and we are pumped to have more Hurleys on the team!!! If you don't know Mary what are you waiting for give her a hi five and fist bump for being July's Kickboxer of the Month in Quincy yayyyyyy!!
#MaryRocks #BeastModeAllDay #FitFam4Life #VeteranStatus #Jabs4July 👊💪🔥💃🥊🍑😻

It is happening, this is a thing now.
#PMC #contractors #veteranstatus #goodtimes

Army veteran's dying wish is to hear from you

PHOENIX — An Army veteran with a terminal illness has a final wish that we can all help with.
It's doesn't require much effort on our part but would make a world of difference to a man who served his country
He wants us, you, to send him text messages or give him a call.
Lee Hernandez, who is under hospice care at his home in New Braunfels, Texas, has continuous strokes that have affected his vision and cognitive abilities. The 47-year-old’s body is deteriorating despite three brain surgeries, according to his wife, Ernestine Hernandez.

Doctors have not been able to pinpoint a cause for Lee’s illness and said there is nothing more they can do but make him comfortable. 'I Guess No One Wants To Talk To Me'

Despite the circumstances, Ernestine discovered a simple but meaningful way to brighten Lee’s day: phone calls and text messages from others.

The request came after Lee asked his wife to hold onto his phone one day “in case someone calls.” After nearly two hours with no calls, Lee told his wife, “I guess no one wants to talk to me.” Lee was wrong. “It broke my heart,” said Ernestine. “(Lee’s) speech is not very well, so many people didn’t take much interest or want to talk to him.” She reached out to “Caregivers of Wounded Warriors” to spread Lee’s request. “They are an excellent support group of wives and ladies who know the struggles of what we go through," Ernestine said.

Lee is an 18½-year Army veteran who served a tour in Iraq.

Prayers, Calls And Cards

Since the Arizona Veterans Forum posted his last wish on Facebook, Lee has received an influx of calls. Many come from veterans and people who want to let him know he is not alone. Ernestine says “a lot of people call to pray with him. It really uplifts him.” She reads text messages and cards to Lee, who is blind, and says he loves to listen to the outpouring of support.

The 47-year-old has been battling health issues for five years but hit “rock bottom” more than a year ago. Ernestine says her husband is a “fighter” and has “beaten the odds and his strong will keeps him going.” If you would like to call, text direct line is 210-632-6778

Yeh i made mac n cheese in a coffee maker. 8 months into deployed n chill

#contractors #smoothoperator #USMC #veteranstatus

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