Just my heart outside my body, nbd. 😍😭❤️❤️#brothers #verybigdeal

😆 Sassy.
Yesterday was rough,
today’s amazing.
This too shall pass, ya know?

Ground, ground, ground.
I found some prime nature spots yesterday that I plan to regularly visit... & there’s WATER!!!
Game. Over.
I’m officially at home in Boulder.

So, yesterday I was swept up in confusion & pain. I didn’t have a sense of agency.
I panicked for a hot minute because my support system has completely changed. But then I thought, who has my back... & I reached out to most of my close gfs. Like seriously, I just started texting all the babes.
🤣🤪 Just waited for who would get back to me 1st so I could therapy.
And boom! I recognized that even when I’m in pain I’ll have an AMAZING support system. I have a few close gfs who will always show up for me in whatever emotional state I’m in. That’s all I need.
I know life’s painful but I also know I’ll be alright.
I got stellar human floaties to keep me from drowning.
✊🏼 You know who you are... I love you deeply.

And! One of those gfs immediately made plans to fly out for my bday right after I’m set to move on June 20. She said I’m a priority & she wants to be here w me. Be still my beating heart.
So like any good gf vacation... we’re getting tattoos, naked in nature, painting ourselves in mud, screaming, cry laughing, hot springs, dancing, cuzzi, organizing my new home, ALL THE THINGS.
I’m so loved. I’m kind of invincible with you all at my side. #nbd #VERYbigdeal

Just the view of the sunset from where I've been staying this whole trip, no big deal. #humblebrag #verybigdeal

I’m crying.... I have waited so long to get this. I can’t believe it’s finally happening. I have been stalking the USCIS website waiting for this letter ever since my application got approved. If you know me you’ll know this is a very big deal for me. I should have filed when I was 18 years old a long time ago when I first became eligible instead of 27 years late.
#verybigdeal #myquestforaUSpassport #hubbycantmakenomoredeportationjokes

OMG. I love you, @sandi.kronick!! Keep sending me your #birdhorseinthewild pics, everyone!! Loving that y'all are buying the album and loving it! (Check out my stories for more) 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 #thebirdhorse
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Just #roadtripping with my fam, listening to my bff's new album. #nbd----> #justkidding ----> #VERYbigdeal #albumrelease ********* CHECK IT: @thebirdhorse ^^^^^^^^^ #putitoutthere #piot #creativerevolution #bravery #womenlead #supportlocalart

Just #roadtripping with my fam, listening to my bff’s new album. #nbd ————> #justkidding ————-> #VERYbigdeal #albumrelease ********* CHECK IT: @thebirdhorse #thebirdhorse ^^^^^^^^^ #putitoutthere #piot #creativerevolution #bravery #womenlead #supportlocalart

Last night was A LEGENDARY experience for me .. I got to meet one of the greats , the Queen @lilkimthequeenbee ‼️🔥🔥🎥 That’s when you know life is changing for you .. you start partying w. The legends .. #Spicy #VeryBigDeal Last night was super lit tho ‼️shout out my boy @hellojamesr for signing to the team too 💪🏼🔥💯💰 Catch us all Performing tonight in the Bronx 🎤🎬 #TME
@takemoneyempirellc @just1keyzz @jv_ny @prettyboi_green @mattytosca @veto_corli @therealbig.o @clantony1 @anthonyclanton1193 @hellojamesr @trakbeats @the1_gunn @ronbrowz @djself

Checking out Saskatoon weather for Thursday... cause I’m going to see Michelle Obama speak tomorrow. That’s all. No big deal. #verybigdeal #soexcited #exclamationpoint #! Thank you @pinkwarrior.yxe. Can’t wait!

Kaash; #verybigdeal #lifesucks 😖

邊吃邊哭到噴泡泡鼻涕 真的好可憐好慘 麻麻都快要跟著哭了啦 就只是因為餅乾很快就要沒有了😹😹😹😹
#很嚴重 #演很大
Dropping tears running nose eating snacks all at the same time..Mommy feels heart broken..while the cookie is almost gone......

just standing in the basement of our future house, nbd #eeeee #verybigdeal #itshappening #ericksonabode

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