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"When a man argues for victory and not for truth, he is sure of just one ally that is the devil. Not the defeat of the intellect, but the acceptance of the heart is the only true object in fighting with the sword of the spirit."
—George Macdonald
Anyone out there been guilty of this? I know I have argued for the sake of “victory” (aka my pride). When I choose to not argue and instead love & serve, I find that the Holy Spirit does a lot more work within the heart of another than my words will ever do. .
Has there been a time where you have tried to win a battle or a debate and argued for the sake of victory? What did that look like compared with a time when you chose to lay your pride down & let the Holy Spirit do the work?

What if the measure of a man’s life, in the end, isn’t how many hours he’d logged in pews on Sundays? What if it isn’t how many times he’d read through the Gospels? What if the measure is, rather, only how he’d treated people around him? What if it’s how well he’d noticed and met the needs of people who came into close proximity? Well, brother, if those aren’t the only things measured, they’ll certainly be among the most consequential.
Our King, Jesus Christ, teaches that our lives will indeed be measured—and he tells us how. By doing that, ahead of time, before we’re actually gathered before him, he gives us a decision framework, one we can use during our lifetimes. On that day, he won’t ask for a church attendance record. He will ask how much we’ve used our lives for other people, especially those in need (Matthew 25:34-40).
Throughout your day, today, imagine a circle—one with a 2-meter radius, you at the center. Notice who comes into that circle. Log their names. Notice and write down their needs—friendship, mercy, love, tough love, hope—and how you might help meet them.
(There’s nothing special about 2m. What matters is increasing intentionality. And, truly, a man could spend his entire lifetime just trying to meet the needs of people who’d come into his 2m circle—so, it’s a good place to start.)

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Each episode offers a prophetic message of wisdom and fresh perspective and a contemplative exercise that will galvanize your relationship with God.
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"Whenever you hear something negative about someone, be the end of that conversation.” - @erwinmcmanus
Have you found yourself caught gossip this week? Maybe it was just a little comment made at work, at church, with your family, in a community of brothers. Take time to think on this, confess, and choose to be the end of negative conversation.

Ask questions & study the Bible for yourself. People are fallible, God is not. 🚪 🚪 🚪 “For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few. "Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.”- Matthew‬ ‭7:14-15‬ ‭
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