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Beginning tomorrow, March 29, we offer a new onsite theme for the month ahead... In honor of our first ever Birth of Tragedy variant release (BoT: Kochere, released tomorrow) we offer vintage bottles of Birth of Tragedy... And in honor of Easter ahead, we offer vintages of E.
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Another beautiful Vermont barn, and this was isn't red for a change! (📸: @aspoulio)
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Red barns and blue skies 👌🏻

Husbands is making a REALLY COOL standing lamp right now in @messinadesignercraftsman class. This is the base. I'm swooning.

Todd Reed rings ready for #Vermont . Join us @vonbargens Thursday in #stowe Friday in #hanovernh and Saturday in #burlingtonvt . #alternativebridal #toddreed #RawElegance

Ok, it's time for a pop of color here in the #GreenMountainState . Thanks @tabtic for kicking it off. #GoVermont

Trimming and drilling one of the berry strainers I posted a couple days ago after I'd thrown them. Berry season is coming!

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#chasinghammer off to a new home, in #vermont . All grown up and moving out, and we couldn't be more proud! God speed little doodle! #metalsmith #goldsmith


James Hope (1818-1892) painted Clarendon Springs, Vermont circa 1853. The oil on mattress ticking, 26¼" x 36¼" , sold on the phone for $87,500 (est. $30,000/50,000), underbid on the phone. It has an impressive trade provenance that includes Alexander Acevedo, Peter Tillou, and David Wheatcroft.

Orphaned as teenager, James Hope purportedly walked from the family farm in Montreal, Quebec, to Fairhaven, Vermont, to begin an apprenticeship as a wagon maker, and later he enrolled in the Castleton Seminary. He cultivated an interest in painting, particularly during a short period while he was recuperating from an injury. He often painted multiple copies of the same view, and in time his work became more academic. During the summers of 1848, 1849, and 1850, Frederic Church (1826-1900) painted in the Clarendon Springs region. It was there that Hope befriended Church. He described Church in a letter as “famous through color power.” The catalog points out that Hope’s style is more linear and stylized than Church’s and suggests that the bold red clouds in the Clarendon Springs painting may be a nod to Church, whose depictions of sunset skies often include vibrant reds and oranges. In 1853 Hope went to New York City to become a more academic painter. His family remained in Vermont, and he returned there in the summers.
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Концерт ГИО ПИКА #glkomi #vermont #гиопика

This view never gets old #vermont #vermontsunset #vermontliving

Lonely tree love.❤ Rupert, Vermont

Today marks 8 trips around the sun with this stellar man who rocks it every single day. Happy Birthday Oliver Selby ❤🤘🏼🙏🏼 #thisisanadventure #birthday #btv #vermont

Former Obama aide and Hillary Clinton booster Jim Messina sent out a tweet soliciting donations for a former Obama staffer who is currently facing a serious health issue, and potential bankruptcy under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Why is that ironic, you ask?

Well, Messina, a former aide to Montana Senator Max Baucus, served as Deputy White House Chief of Staff for Operations under President Obama where he became the unofficial enforcer for the neoliberal elements within the administration. He was a key player in ensuring the Affordable Care Act included neither a single-payer plan or even a public option.

As The Nation reported back in 2011, Messina used his influence to place his old boss at the center of the health care debate, helping to secure his “gang of six” senators to write the legislation which would eventually become the #AffordableCareAct . In retrospect, this move was widely viewed as a misstep as it slowed the process down, and opened it up to the influence of industry. And yet, while this was going on, Messina took on the role of bully-boy to shield Baucus from #progressive #critics and scuttle efforts to reform the bill by groups like #HealthCare for America Now (HCAN). As the article explains, “When they were negotiating special deals with industry, Messina and Baucus chief of staff Jon Selib were also pushing major healthcare companies and trade associations to pour millions of dollars into TV ads defending the bill.” Messina’s work against government-funded health care did not stop after he left the #WhiteHouse in 2011. During the 2016 Democratic primary, he actively worked for former Secretary of State #HillaryClinton against her opponent Senator Bernie Sanders. One of the issues he targeted the #Vermont upstart on was his plan for single-payer health care, telling Amy Lynn Smith of Electablog the following:

#BernieSanders is doing a very interesting political play, trying to run against Barack #Obama . He’s out there taking shots at Obamacare and saying we need a single-payer system, when a huge number of #Democrats — and especially in Michigan — fought so very hard to pass #Obamacare .👇 #ACA #MedicareForAll #DonaldTrump #Insurance #NY

Rise and shine #vermont

Really enjoyed the chat with @brookjordanvt of @twiddlemusic. Good guy. Link in bio. #twiddlemusic #jambands #vermont

Hey Calais! Join @vermontlandtrust this Friday at Maple Corners Community Center in Calais to save the Armstrong Farm and help @tamarackhollowfarm buy this land! 6-9:30 pm with live auction, live music, free food and cash bar.

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