I'm not sure if it is that Venus stationed direct last Saturday or that we are now in spring, the season of being twitterpated, but almost every conversation I'm having these days is about love, relationships, sex. The other day went to a yoga class taught by one of my favourite teachers here in Toronto and in the class he talked about quality time spent; unhurried (love that word), not checking your phone, attentive, listening. It made me think of the 5 love languages and how to relate that back to how I treat and love myself. If you've never heard of it before, Google love languages and you can take a quiz to find out the way you give love and what makes you feel loved. ❤️🌹😘 A healer once said to me, Krista you always love others the way that you want to be loved yet what you end up calling in is people who love you the way you love yourself. That really took me aback and upon reflection realized it as true. Not just in romantic connections, but also friendships, work relationships, etc, what we put into our energetic field is how people know to respond to us. From how we speak to ourselves, the time we spend with ourselves, how we self pleasure, the care we take with our bodies and hearts. With that: homework. Know your love language and respond to yourself with that knowledge. Spend time giving yourself pleasure, unhurried, without desperation, with joy. Write down what your needs are as a human, emotional needs, physical needs...and then fill them. Become whole as you are. So when you interact with another person it is as one whole person connecting with another, not an attempt to fill a void that can never be filled. I've been doing that work for the past little while, and I have to say that I'm currently in a place where I can't remember being happier. More fulfilled. It's magic, truly. ❤️🌿❤️🌿❤️🌿❤️🌿❤️🌿❤️🌿
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Back home in Mendocino with a basket-full of bright medicines collected in the desert and other southern dreamscapes: globe mallow, yerba santa, black sage, creosote & pink peppercorn - I've got a busy day of medicine making tomorrow! #bestsmellingbasket #venusstationsdirect

#Saturday 4/15/17 #Empress
#Numerology: 2(0)
The #Empress is the card of the goddess. She is the #FeminineDivine. She is #Venus, #Aphrodite, #Ishtar, #Isis, #Ianna. Each of these goddesses journeyed to the Underworld in a away and were reborn anew. Venus stations direct at 3:17 AM PST, marking the end of this Venus Retrograde. Looking back, who or what came back into your life from the past? What scores were settled and what still needs to be done? For some of you, this is the only the beginning in a deep journey to the center of your soul. Welcome the opportunity for this transformation. Moon square #Neptune at 6:15 AM PST brings foggy perception and illusions. Venus’ role as a trickster goddess isn’t emphasized enough. She sometimes likes to make people fall in love that don’t belong together for her own amusement. If you began a relationship during #VenusRetrograde, things could start to fall apart from here on out. Any permanent changes you made may seem less than lackluster now that Venus is stationing direct. But there is beauty in decay. Moon sextile #Jupiter at 2:15 PM PST will none the less bring happy, jolly energy to your evening. The Moon is still in the grand sign of Jupiter so don’t take things to heart during this shift. The number of the day is 2, a number of balance.
#Mantra: Everything is always changing yet something eternal remains. 🔮 to read the full tarot forecast or book a tarot reading or enroll in my class, please visit ✨www.magdalenatarotinc.com✨
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...happy friday! below is the in-depth astrology for friday through sunday. some big astrology is brewing!

VENUS STATIONS DIRECT tomorrow (saturday) and she does so in conjunction with CHIRON and square SATURN. this is heavy but also potentially amazing for healing, self mastery and dealing with reality. learning how to deal with relationships and finances from a place with good boundaries, attendance to reality and being present and showing up to do the work is key.

luckily over the weekend both VENUS and MARS (the Divine Lovers) harmoniously link and they both dance with chiron as well. DEEP HEALING IS POSSIBLE RIGHT NOW! in relationships, in finances, self worth and self Love. we can only heal what we truly feel so this is a weekend to be willing to go deep and get to the root and core of matters.

read on below for the detail interpretations for the weekend and be sure to read the WEEKLY HOROSCOPES for your sun sign and rising sign. i offer a free 2 week trial for new members and i also have a sliding scale donation amount so you can choose an amount that both honors my work and the value it has in your life and also honors your financial reality. click the link in my bio for more info.
blessings... ~dh

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#Friday 4/14/17 #TheHierophant
#Numerology: #1
#MoonInSagittarius 3:27 AM PST
The Heriophant appears when it’s time to seek out the help of someone that has more knowledge than you – a teacher, a mentor, a spiritual counselor – whoever it is will be happy to help. It’s interesting that this card was pulled for Good Friday when many people will be turning to church to “mourn” the death of Christ and rethink their lives. It’s also interesting that #VenusStationsDirect tomorrow, which also goes along with the whole “resurrection” theme. We must remember that we don’t die once, but many, many times, not only in others lives, but in this life as well. The true meaning of death is the ultimate sacrifice and a metaphorical death involves the you that is in the here and now becoming a you of the past. What can you do to evolve as a human being? The #Moon is in the sign of #Sagattraius, ruled by #Jupiter, the King of the Gods. Pay homage to what is dear to you today by recognizing that nothing is forever.
#Mantra: “Do you realize that everyone you know someday will die”—“Do You Realize” – Flaming Lips 🔮 to read the full tarot forecast or book a tarot reading or enroll in my class, please visit ✨www.magdalenatarotinc.com✨
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...happy monday and happy FULL MOON IN LIBRA exact later tonight! this is a pretty intense full moon and if you have not seen the LUNAR INSIGHT i wrote about it you can find that by click on the link in my bio. once on my site scroll down to click on 'return to divine harmony.org'. the blog is pinned to the front page of the site.
this week's astrology includes the FULL MOON, SUN conjunct URANUS ERIS, VENUS STATIONARY DIRECT conjunct CHIRON and the VENUS/MARS/CHIRON healing over the weekend! for more info click the link to the blog below.

with a venus ruled lunation and venus stationing at the end of the week the spotlight is on relationships, values, finances and self worth. with LIBRA and PISCES in focus we need to address boundaries, see reality, and focus on our own inner work and healing as much if not more than we are focusing on helping/healing/saving others without.

blessings... ~dh

p.s. be sure to read the in the comments below for today's in-depth astrology write up!

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When was the last time I was here? Reflection and writing today. #venusstationsdirect #coffee #coffeeshop #stl #stlouis #stlgram #ig_stl #writing #reflection #journal

Looked up from my notebook and found this guy approaching. #writingretreat #venusstationsdirect #acupuncturistsdayoff

Xolotl have mercy on my Yollotl! #Xolotl #Yollotl #Venus #VenusRetrograde #VenusStationsDirect


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