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When everyone is using the same snow pun in their captions. It’s *snow* annoying. #campingwithdogs @ellie.bean.jelly.bean

12/10 would not disturb this very content little pupper. #campingwithdogs @trailswith4tails


Winter sunset on the strong vertical lines of Organ Peak back in the Chugach Mountains. I shoot this peak quite often and I always see something new. #Alaska #thegreatoutdoors #landscapephotography #fujifilmx_us #earthpix

Getting the adventure itch? Give yourself a gift and enter our giveaway to win a Sony A7ii and a bunch of cool gear! We've combined forces with @enohammocks and @kleankanteen to make all your winter wonderland dreams come true. (link to enter in bio!)


Thanks for the rad morning @mountaindarlin and @rcormack13 !! 👊🏻🎿

The beautiful @countrygirl6671 took me through the gorgeous hunting backroads in Wells Gray in October. On the drive back, we could tell through the trees that the sunset was worth checking out. She took me to this spot and I'm so thankful to have taken it in with both my eyes and my camera! 📷
#sunset #WellsGray #ClearwaterBC #reflection #skyporn

Thinking of you 🇯🇵

What winter is all about.

New kayaks are awesome!
#OVC #VentureOut #kayaking

Inspired by the frontier in our own backyard, we build minimalist gear for everyday adventures. ⚒ Photo by #Flowfold ambassador @jamesplynch

Join Cairn Crew Conor and Jen, on Facebook Live tomorrow, 12/15, at 1:30 pm PT for our Winter Obsidian Collection unboxing!


What freedom looks like to me.
Add some friends and my dogs and I’m in heaven.

Still chewing the last few bites of toast, we watched this girl pick her way through camp, going tree to tree for her own breakfast.
Following closely, quietly, behind the native fishing guide and dock hand, we traced the moose's path into the woods. As we went, he brought his hands up to his mouth, the muffled groans of a cow moose spilling around his cupped palms.
It slowed and looked back, only for a moment, before disappearing into the trees. //
The last few months have been full and fast, but I'm now finding some time to relive a few of the memories behind the photos.

🍃 tempo de retrospectivas .
O final dos 365 dias se aproxima e com ele aquela olhadinha pra trás para uma geral no ano que está acabando. Muitas vezes caímos no trivial de dizer "ah, ano que vem tem que ser melhor" ou "ah, quero é mais que acabe logo". Temos o costume de desmerecer aquilo ou algo que não nos tratou muito bem, não nos acariciou, não nos colocou no colo, não nos mimou. No entanto, tenho refletido que são aquelas situações difíceis, dolorosas, trabalhosas e intermináveis que mais têm contribuído com o meu crescimento e aprendizado. Porque gostamos de sofrer? Claro que não! Mas porque são estas situações que nos fazem sair do conforto, meditar mais, crer mais, nos conhecer mais, refletir com mais profundidade onde erramos e como podemos fazer ou ser melhores: melhores do que nossa última versão. Que possamos olhar para 2017 com aquele sorriso no rosto, dizer um adeus e agradecer por ele ter contribuído para nossa versão mais atualizada, mais redonda (sem trocadilhos😂) e feliz.
#vibepositivamundo #revistaqualviagem #selfievip_pelomundo #descobrindoobrasil #santacatarina #earthgirlsadventures #ventureOut #vibepositivamundo #apreciadores_natureza #bestplaces_togo #destaquebrazil #pelonossobrasil #brasilBR55 #brvibration #brasilclique #historiasdadi #fotobrasil #brasilviagem #visitbrasil #destinosnacionais #examenoinsta #essemundoenosso
#encantosdomeubrasil #cliquediaadia #brazil_photolovers


John Muir Hut on Muir Pass, 11,955 ft, built by the Sierra Club in 1930. It's the only shelter for at least 2 miles in either direction. This was 3 months ago and I'm pretty sure the snow never melted completely up there.

endless summer 🔆

I've never been into New Year's resolutions but rather pushing myself out of my comfort zone so that I continue to grow.
With that being said I want to climb as many 14ers with my time in Colorado. I set my own bar high so maybe I'll even make it a goal to do them all with @alexiaoc and Rocco🐺❄ #2018 #imreadyforchange

The temple of the many face god (Some people just call it Mt Rushmore ). Mt Rushmore honestly might not make it on my Mt Rushmore of greatest parks in the country. It’s spectacular and a testament to human power, but there’s only so much you can do at the park. Hot take: I think the area around Mount Rushmore is more beautiful that Mt Rushmore.

The sun shines not on us, but in us!
Credits to @daniel_ernst
Share your adventures on #iloveactivetravel

Hazy mornings.

Sweep me off my feet 🎶

Go after the things that light you up and get you moving, that get you up and get you going. Go. Outside.
Ambassador @trail_kat lighting up the playground.

Eagles nest!

Life is an adventure. Plan accordingly ☀️

If you’re in Portland and craving chocolate, The Meadow is the spot. The women who run this place are amazing and they’ll help you find the best flavors for your palate 🍫🍫🍫

Southern California winters 😎

Here's a shot I took last year during my first trip to Yosemite. I drove all night and day from Seattle and made it to the valley just in time to see the last rays of light hitting the walls of El Cap.

Sometimes life's curve balls can be quite a challenge to overcome and can feel overwhelming. I've certainly had my fair share...the most recent of which has left me feeling a bit deterred in the pursuit of my passions.
It's time to take back control and work harder than ever to accomplish my goals!

It snowed today! I am both very happy and very angry about that. Lol. Im happy because that means i can mess with the rc's in the snow. But im also mad that its now offically winter and i hate the cold. Haha
#hpiventure #hpi #scaletrailtrucks #scalemodel #scalerc #rctruck #rc #snow #winter #newengland #rcaddict #rcoverload #hpiracing #winterwonderland @hpiinstagram @venturehpi #venture #ventureout

Cockroach drying his new exoskeleton #macroclique #cockroach #nature #macro_freaks #macrohighlight

The beaches in Cape Town are starting to get super busy as summer heats up! 🐧🐧🐧
📷 cred @jakelamons

Neon Boneyard of Las Vegas with @dustinrdillard ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Ready to take on some more neon with @ebogan17 in New Orleans in 4 days! Let the countdown to my next hangover begin!

Stocking Stuffers under $15! Merry Christmas from Mountain Made Products. Link in bio. —
#explore #ventureout #liveoutside #playoutdoors #getoutside #adventure #stylematters

@destroyer619 knows how to properly fill a cooler. Our best seller, the Outfitter 55 is on sale for 2 more days. Shop the link in our profile.

Beautiful days on the Oregon Coast.

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