Pineapple smoothie and yellow hibiscus, Hawaii’s state flower 💛

Escape the rush of the holidays and come relax with us.

Caught unko Kel in a drainer down best side’ 🍵 morning light made this one a gem

Let’s take a minute to reflect on how we got to this place in our lives and how great it is to be alive🌊 (and how beautiful the ocean is 😍)

Spending the day out here canoe surfing the mokuluas. Life is better paddling 😉 #paddlewithkoa

Well Hawaii, it’s been real 🤙🏽 I’ll be back again soon. You feel like home to me more than any other place on this planet. In the spirit of departing, I thought I’d share some of my favourite moments, shared with my best friend @brirex_ 🌈 unedited, all taken in the moment on my iPhone, this place truely makes me the happiest person alive. thank you Hawaii 🌟

We think it's okay if you chase waterfalls 😉
#waterfall #hawaiiunchained #naturalhawaii #venturehawaii #alohaoutdoors

These two are so amusing to watch! 😂😂😂♥️

Taking Tuesday on - one stroke at a time - just like our favorite friend here 🐢👆🏽... and reminding our guests not to forget to use their Coconut Condos discount for snorkel + beach rental gear at the incredible @thesnorkelstore ! #tipoftheday #turtletuesday #tuesdaytidbit

Morning runs in Hawaii. 🌿🌍
Video by: @micahphoto_ & @randomrob_

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