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I manage to catch up with Bulma haha! Vegeta out here training somewhere!😎😎

Im going to be all sentimental so you have been warned 😆! In Januari 2016 i decided to upload a random drawing i made and it was the best decision ever. It was my personal page with my name and some pics of mine. Days go by and 10 likes, 20 likes more, 1 follower per week. Thats great! I didn't upload my drawings for the likes but to show my family and friends (about 180 at that time) a piece of my personality and my passion, which is drawing. A month later i uploaded another drawing but this time it was a Dragonball piece because i love db. Alot of my relatives dont know dragonball (generation gap i guess) so i didnt received that much support of them and i dont mind really but i recieved support from a different corner, the instagram community itself which shocked me! I never knew that there was a huge dragonball community active!! I was stoked when i realised that it excisted! Instagram was back then a little hobby profile of mine where i once in a while placed a drawing without much thought behind it. But now with all the support i receive every day, commissions and big pages that notice me i suddenly realised "well,, they really like this"! So i changed my name into kev66_drawing, deleted all my personal pictures and started to draw and upload frequently. Again, not with the thought to become big or anything like that, cause i really thought that i would never reach to this point. I still think 10.000 is MINDBLOWING. No, i just love to share a bit of my personality and make friends who are also crazy about Dragonball as much as i do. I can really express myself here and the love i have towards anime. Anyway 1,5 year later and here we are. instagram is a big part in my life now instead of little. You are my biggest motivation to keep going and be a better drawer and push myself further everytime i take place behind my drawing desk. Im 10.000 more friends richer and i really don't have the words to describe my graditude. Im thankfull to all of you and i hope we keep continue this journey together. My friends that are here with me from the beginning and friends that are here since today.. Thankyou! ❤️ #vegeta #vegetacosplay #vegetaswife #dbzcosplay

This is not one of my favourites pictures but I haven't any more to public so...hope you like it ^^

#vegeta #veggie #lisgeta #husband #mylove #vegetaswife #dragonballz

Ya me faltaba tener algo con mi Veggie por aquí, solo miren lo bien que nos vemos juntos, aunque mi cara sea de susto.🙊😂
No olvides que te amo mucho mi Lis, TE AMO💜💜
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Another late night by myself. So I play with my black eyeshadow I have been neglecting. Thank you @creativeboss for getting me back into this look I could never pull off in high school but am ROCKING at 12:24am. #missblackeyeliner #vegetaswife #lolbluehairproblems

Literally my favorite #gymshirt of all time! I really need to get a new one in a different color 🙌


's edit⠀⠀⠀⠀ ━━━━━━━━━━✰━━━━━━━━━⠀⠀⠀⠀ Thank you all so much for 7k!😁

#Qotd Teen or Adult Bulma?
#Aotd Adult Bulma xD
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Holaaaaaa. 💞
Quería presentarme como es debido, quería que me conozcan mediante algo y decidí que sería mejor en una foto y pues aquí estoy soy la segunda admin de esta cuenta ya sabrán que aunque Yoselin no este aquí siempre se conservará su lugar en esta cuenta la cual se esforzó en llegar a esta altura.
Tal vez no pueda reemplazarla de la mejor manera como es debido pero hago lo que puedo esmero en demasía en poder conocer a muchos que aún no conozco, que formaron parte de la vida de Yoselin en verdad me llena de alegría saber que la apoyaban en todo. .
Entonces Vamo a conocernos un poco más con un 5 cosas sobre mi y otras de ustedes ¿vale?.
1: ¿Cómo te llamas? Y ¿Cómo te suelen llamar por un apodo?. Me llamo Scarlet la mayoría suele llamarme por mi apodo "Mini".
2: ¿Qué tipo de género del anime te gusta?.
Me gusta el yaoi (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). A ustedes ¿no?.
3: ¿Qué personaje amas? O ¿Cuáles personajes amas?.
Amo a vegeta y Chūya Nakahara. 💞
4: ¿Qué te apasiona?
Me apasiona comer, la verdad me apasiona leer y más si estoy acompañada de la música, siento que todo a mi alrededor desaparece y también cantar un poco.
5: ¿Color favorito?.
Morado y negro.

Se fijaron que la última pregunta no fue algo que sobresalga la verdad es que no se me ocurrió alguna cosa. 😂💞
#admin #dbz #dbsuper #vegetaswife #vegelet #chuuyaxscarlet


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