Happy 6mo. veganversary to me and the animals I love so dearly :D <3 This lifestyle has filled me with love and respect for life, and I'm so inspired by all of my friends fighting to make change in a world where these innocent babes are so easily dismissed as something to be used and abused, not someone with a family, friends, and feelings <3 Celebrating today with a beautiful Rainbow Buddha Bowl with Cashew Tahini Sauce and for dessert some strawberries <3
And here's a link to the recipe if anyone wants to try it! I left out the beets and added avocado slices (:
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Vegan life ! I can’t believe it’s almost been an ENTIRE YEAR since I went vegan ! I can’t wait til my anniversary so I can share about my experience from how I started into the lifestyle and more. Very happy that I changed my perspective and relationship with food.
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👍🏽😋 Vegan Brownies: Passed! 😝🙌🏽.
Treat time! Celebrating my 3rd month of this #plantbasedlifestyle #veganlife ! Vegan brownies straight outta the oven! First time making em. Tweaked a vegan recipe and made my own flaxseed egg substitute instead of cornstarch. Glad to report that I passed the test on the first attempt 😜.
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Learn to connect with #nature and #healthyself ✊🏾 #oneness #stealness #peace so much. #veganversary#10days #celebratinglife 🌿✅⛲️⛲️

- 10 MESES - siendo #vegana 🌱
Estoy muy orgullosa de haber tomado esta decisión y me siento más feliz de poder compartir este proceso con todos ustedes 🤗 #proudvegan
#veganversary #10monthsvegan #vrendaintegral

I’m celebrating #life all month. From #acidic to #alkaline 😩. I can’t describe this felling.
It’s almost my 2 year #veganversary...#veganlife becoming one with #self 😩🙌🏿🌿🌱 it began the journey of who I’m becoming. #tbt

✊🏾🌞🙅🏾‍♂️✊🏾💛. Sometimes saying Nothing... speaks louder. #slience #veganversary

Happy One Year Veganversary to Me! 🎉🎁🎂
One year ago today I started this incredible journey.
It hasn’t been easy nor has it been perfect but I’m thankful for each lesson learned and the incredible people that I have met along the way!
A special thank you to my #vegan mentors as I couldn’t have done it without you. #gratitude #veganversary #phatgirlzthive #healthylifestyle

Approaching my 1 year #veganversary and reveling in my culinary growth. Shredded bbq sandwiches with avocado coleslaw. 👅 #veganfood #whatveganseat #veganfoodporn #yumm

It's my Vegan-versary. 1 year meat, egg and dairy free. 😄
I have seen not only a huge transformation over my physical appearance but my emotional and metal well being have been up lifted. 💆‍♀️
You are with yourself 24/7 from day 1 to day end. If you are not happy with you than find a way to fix it. I did by eating healthy, finding fitness, setting goals and smashing them. 💪

It hasn't been easy to get to where I am today. I have a super slow metabolism so I have to set my macros and train twice a day. AM. Cardio & PM. Strength.🏋️‍♀️ I meal prep and eat for me rather than for others. Making separate meals doesn't make life easier but it want I have to do in order to meet my fitness and health goals.
It's taken me a long time to find what works but after 3 years of fitness I have finally found what works for me. And that's the key. You can follow different programs and fad diets but the only thing that works is being consistent and putting in the work everyday. Diet plays a huge role in my training and I enjoy the challenge of following a vegan keto style of eating. Thank goodness for meal planning. It has changed my life.
So Happy Vegan birthday to me. Living a vegan lifestyle has been as natural as motherhood for me.
Peace & Love your Plants, VeggieVannie ✌💖🌱
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I’m posting ALL MONTH‼️. He was; depressed, fat , ugly, sad lonely etc. this dude was biggggggg #veganjourney #histransformation #veganversary coming🌿🙌🏿🌱🔥 #2

1.5 years ago today, I made the decision to go vegan over night. I was gaining weight like crazy, I felt so shitty all the time and I wanted to put my health first. So I knew the ONLY way I was going to make the transition and have it stick was to watch some documentaries. I couldn’t just tell myself to stop eating animal products, because at the end of the day all I saw was a burger on my plate, not a cow. I had to mentally and physically flip the switch in my head and the only way that was going to happen, was to watch some heartbreaking eye-opening documentaries. •
I knew once I forced myself to see the realities of what farm animals go through everyday and how horrific they are being treated, I would then want to never touch another piece of flesh, egg, or dairy product ever again. To some people, watching Earthlings doesn’t give them enough reason to give up bacon and go vegan overnight, but for a lot of people like myself, you can’t not. The documentary will literally crush you and break you down to pieces, but that is when you will FINALLY wake up and realize you have the power to help the animals and the planet.

The proof is out there that we no longer need to consume animal products to stay alive and thrive. We are no longer trying to survive. There are millions of options when you go to the supermarket. Don’t have a lot of money? That’s okay because a plant-based diet contains some of the most affordable products on the planet. Potatoes, rice, beans, lentils, greens, seasonal fruits and veg. Worry about protein? People are often consuming way more protein than a human actually needs to thrive. Also, one of the lowest protein sources on a plant-based diet comes from brown rice and it STILL is a high amount. It’s so unbelievably easy to get enough protein, iron, fiber, carbs and all the nutrients you need to thrive on a vegan diet.

The animals need you, the planet is crying out for you, and your health will never be the same once going plant-based. Make the change. Make the connection. Go vegan. •

Today is my 6 year #veganversary 🌱 [give me half a reason to buy plants]. My only regret about going vegan is that I didn’t do it sooner 🐮🐷❤️ #plantsmakepeoplehappy

It’s official! Today is my one year #veganversary!
My skin is popping, my weight is pretty consistent, I’m not lethargic and I’m happy! Long story short. All is well here. ~“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”~

Today is 2 years since I turned vegan ✌️🌱 I am honestly horrified that I didn’t do it sooner, I was looking back through photos on my old Facebook the other day.
There was so many posts of meat dinners that I’d cooked, I then would mutilate the bodies and place them in buns, with chips, in sauces, and act as if this was something to be proud of.
But out of all the photos this one here is the one I’m most ashamed of, I actually brought this lobster as a “treat” for my (I think) 23rd birthday.
I brought him and sat him on the side and before I mutilated his body I took a photo of him and put it on social media with the words “hey peeps my names Gregory ”.
I can’t believe the disconnect that I once had from these animals, I so wish I had made that connection sooner.
Today marks the first 2 years of being vegan, but I will be vegan for the rest of my life.
This is also a reminder that anyone can change✌️

June 11th, today marks one year since me and Patrick went VEGAN!! One of the best and easiest choices we made to save the animals, the planet and our HEALTH! Vegans for life! Happy veganversary! 🌱🌿🐰🐷🐮🐔🐣💗🌎💚💙#vegan #vegancouple #loveanimals #love #peace #veganism #veganversary #normalizeveganism #veganfamily #veganpregnancy #happiness

I've been vegan for two years today guys! Feels good 💚 Had some mushies and spinach, a Frys schnitzel and some veggies tonight 😊 About to head out and find some dessert to celebrate 🍰
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Do you mango? No, seriously. • It’s been just over a year since I’ve went vegan and I’m pretty proud. There were a plethora of health benefits, but for me, being vegan meant putting others before me, merely said. It wasn’t just the food I ate, it’s also the products I used, people I encountered and resources/footprints I minimized that made this journey so special. It became a religion.
It’s inspiring to receive the feedback/support I’ve got over the last 13 months, but more importantly, I’m proud of various other friends who made lifestyle changes because they saw me changing. Honestly, I didn’t think I could sustain myself when I began my journey, but the more open I became in letting compassion embrace me, the more I wanted to improve (not just pertain to a vegan diet, but also only use vegan products like my clothes or shampoo). My point of inception was becoming vegetarian last February, and I’ll never forget the process and transition. I broke my chain twice as a vegetarian before becoming vegan. It was two steps forward, one step back, but I persisted and turned my failures into lessons. From my best friend, Harsha, yelling in the shower at me in a heated debate, about why just eating meat once in a blue moon (I craved meat and had to have it once upon a vegetarian time) either made or broke the journey, to learning about dogs being eaten and realizing they’re no different than a cow, to saving those creepy spiders on the wall, to trading in my dream car for a gas-efficient Honda, being vegan has truly taught me so much more about myself and the greater sense of love and community in our world. To say it made me step out of my comfort zone is more than just an understatement.
I still have so much space for improvement, and I’m more than ever impelled to become the best version of myself. Each one of us has to find what’s right for us, and it’ll always be different from one person to the next.
For me, the purpose of life is to help others, and this is my journey for fulfilling that.
#ivegot99problemsandproteinaintone #veganversary

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